September 23, 2011

Thursday 22nd: All of the Lights

If you have not heard, Brisbane has been having free event every single day for about 3 weeks now and it is about to end tomorrow, the 24th September. It is to mark the Brisbane Festival that began with the Riverfire back in beginning of September. Now we were going to go tonight but well, if you are following me on twitter you would know that I will be flying off to Sydney tonight! Yes, tonight! IMATS is tomorrow – Oh My Gosh!

So what to do… we went yesterday.

The best place to view it – is to sit or to stand at South Bank where QPAC is. They have a few stalls selling food as well, including Malaysian and Indonesian food. I cannot tell you how they are, ‘cause I didn’t try them.

The lights show plays at 7pm and 8pm – that’s the one that I went to. I only managed to take several shots from my blackberry so unfortunately the quality is not that great. I really just went to enjoy it and see it through my eyes instead of through the lenses.

Let the Gotham Brisbane City Lights Show begin… *duunnn duunnn duunnnn (Batman soundtrack playing in the background)





Duuhdduunn duhduuhunnn duunnnnnnnn……
Is Batman going to appear now?



Aaww, he didn’t…


The last picture is a view of the QPAC building with a painting right in the middle of it held by some sort of net material.

It’s a start. It’s a start or a greater Brisbane. It really shows you a different perspective of Brisbane and otherwise you might just think Brisbane as the boring city – as you all very well know, compared to Sydney and Melbourne. But hey, we do have the skyscrapers and if they would have to put screens of moving images or lights every night then maybe it would create a whole new atmosphere altogether like bringing New York to Brisbane. Thank God we have the Brisbane River… cause without that river the show perhaps would not look as good… Was it amazing? Uhm, it could be better… but for now, I’m happy for Brisbane to have at least started something like this.


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