August 31, 2011

Top Ten Favorites of the Month

With the August month coming to an end and me recently finding some gems, I figured it would be just the perfect thing to do a favorites blog post. I also thought it would be nice to make it a Top Ten rather than me blabbering on and on about a gazillion products.

1) MAC 109 Brush

This is my very first MAC brush and thank you to a dear friend of mine who got it for me from US. (You know who you are, thank you so much!) I originally intended to use this to contour, but instead, nowadays you would spot me using this to apply my liquid foundation. For some reason it gives me just the right coverage and the superblendability capability of the way this brush is designed just made it the more right. (Haha, great English there… “more right”). For extra information, I like to spritz some Fix+ on to the brush or on to my face before applying the liquid foundation. Or Mario Badescu Rosewater Facial Spray, which also deserves the honour to be mentioned…

2) Mario Badescu Rosewater Facial Spray

To me, Fix+ helped with foundation blending and lowering the risk of having your makeup looking cakey. However, this rosewater scented facial spray actually does help with setting my makeup, especially the base makeup such as your foundation. Even my sister loves it. I’ve been using it every single day ever since I got it, it is also refreshing and calming. The rosewater scent is gentle and not offensive. You can find them at Kit Cosmetics (AUD$22.95) or at

3) Mario Badescu Enzyme Cleansing Gel

While on Mario Badescu, I thought I would mention the star product. This was my very first Mario Badescu and I must say I was skeptical about it at first, but you wouldn’t believe how much I fell in love with it, and now got my sister to fall in love with it. It does not dry out your skin nor does it aggravate the skin. It does not leave the skin sore or red, no tingly feeling and it actually does melt your makeup. I use this to remove my face makeup too, using damp warm face cloth. Oh! And have I mentioned this smells so good…? It smells so fresh – seriously. Definitely will repurchase. Available at Kit Cosmetics (AUD$35.95) or at

4) Models Prefer Liquid Foundation in Medium Beige

This foundation had me fearing the worst when I purchased it. However, I was so pleasantly surprised I could not believe that it only costs $14.99 and that it is perfect for my current day to day wear. I must say its oil control is not too bad either. It could have been around 5 or 6 or so hours till I think I should touch up or powder up, but apart from that the makeup still stayed and looked flawless. It has a medium buildable coverage. No fragrance and comes with a nice pump that dispenses just the right amount. I sometimes use a pump and a half or two if I feel like an extra coverage. On the other hand, in photographs it doesn’t look that great and looks a little flat. That’s alright though, I could probably try out different foundation that works better with photography settings. In the meantime, this is perfectly fine and wallet-friendly so it’s a keeper. You can find Models Prefer at Priceline stores.

5) Inglot Eyeshadows

It took me long enough to hold myself back from buying the Inglot Freedom Palette. But when they had a 30% sale on the 5 round palette and 3 round palettes, I thought it was just meant to be. You wanna know why? Because almost all the colours I picked were the lucky last ones or the second last, mostly were the last ones! They are pigmented, such nice color payoffs, soft, smooth, blendable, and the price is nice. Will I consider getting more colors? Oh yes I sure do!

6) Tapered Tulip Shaped Face Brush for Contouring and Applying Bronzer

I have seriously been loving using this brush to apply bronzer to contour my face. It just applies at the right area, right size and blends automatically without it looking patchy. Definitely be looking into getting 1 or 2 more from IMATS! I would love to use this to apply highlighter and blush too. Versatile, for sure.

7) Face of Australia Eye Definer Pencils in Brown and Black

These are LOVELY! I mean it, I’ve tried many eyeliners and many have smudged and smeared and gave me a panda eyes. These do not. They are also at a great price range that I would definitely recommend them if you’re interested in getting a nice pencil eyeliner. Soft and doesn’t tug or pull your skin. It’s nice. What else can I say. I like it.

8) Illamasqua Concealer

This does what it claims to do and looks like my skin when I have it on. It covers yet look natural without looking cakey. Loves the little mirror inside the packaging, so it is super handy to carry around everywhere. Slip it in my pocket and I’m ready to hit the town all night long. Hah!

9) OPI RapiDry Top Coat

Nice alternative to Seche Vite (which I might say, can get goopey and clumpey at halfway mark, so it’s annoying). This RapiDry Top Coat actually does dry your nails pretty fast and makes them smooth and glossy looking. It’s nice.

10) Castle Dew Lip Glosses

You’ve heard this raved on before from a couple other bloggers from Brisbane, namely Yolly from Shopping Intervention and Anni from Haute & Stylish. That’s because these lipglosses are indeed nice. Costing at only AUD$6.50 they are such a bargain at such quality. I can wear them every single day and not worried of them kissing my teeth or smearing. They last quite a decent period of time too, after eating and drinking. It has a slip but not overly sticky, which I probably would hate anyway. It has a nice sort of jelly lollies scent, nothing offensive and I am usually not too big of a fan of too scented lip products because I would literally get headache and feel nauseous. This does not make me feel so. They come in a huge range of colours too.

What are your top ten?

Have a good week everyone


August 30, 2011

30 Days Blogging Challenge

Hi guys,

I was thinking of doing a 30 days blogging challenge this upcoming September month, for it seems that it will be one kind of a hectic month with plenty of events and things almost every weekend, if not, every weekend. What do you guys think? Some days I might not be blogging anything about makeup, though, or maybe I might insert a little snippets of look of the day or outfit of the day or picture of the day – those sorts of things… Would you be interested in reading a blog post like that? I’m wondering…

Anyway, let me know… in the comment below. Tomorrow is already the last day of August. Where has the month gone…


August 29, 2011

Glosscars Best in Beauty Awards for 2011

Beautyheaven recently announced the winners for Glosscars Best in Beauty awards and I thought it would be interesting to share with you the products mentioned. I would be very interested to see your point of view as to whether they do work as they claim, or they’re gimmicks or whatnot…


Best Eyeshadow
Revlon ColorStay 12 Hour Eye Shadow
Best Eyeliner
Maybelline New York Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Liner
Best Mascaras
Maybelline New York Volum’ Express FALSIES

Best Lipliner
Australis Lip Pencil in Tickled Pink
Best Lipgloss
Estée Lauder Pure Color Gloss
Best Lip Plumper
Mirenesse Velvet Lip Lift Moisture Shine
Best Lip Balm
Maybelline New York Baby Lips Balm
Best Lipstick
Revlon Colorburst Lipstick

Best Blush
Napoleon Perdis Blush Patrol
Best Bronzer
Benefit Hoola
Best Illuminator
Benefit High Beam
Best Concealer
M.A.C. Studio Finish Concealer
Best Foundation
Revlon ColorStay Makeup
Best Primer
Napoleon Perdis Auto Pilot Pre Foundation Primer
Best Lashes
Manicare glameyes Lashes in Jessica

And in the skincare category…

Best Exfoliant
Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant
Best Face Mask
Clean & Clear In-Shower Facial
Best Moisturiser
Elizabeth Arden Prevage Day Ultra Protection Anti-Aging Moisturizer
Best Night Moisturiser
Palmer's Cocoa Buter Formula Night Renewal Cream
Best Age Management Product
Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Recovery Complex
Best Spot Treatment
Dermalogica MediBac Clearing Concealing Spot Treatment
Best Eye treatment
Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair Eye Synchronized Recovery Complex
Best Wash/Cleanser
ASAP Daily Facial Cleanser
Best Toner
Clean & Clear Essentials Oil-Control Toner
Best Treatment Product
Estée Lauder Idealist Even Skintone Illuminator
Best Skin Care Device
Stop & Pose STOP


Best Male Skin Care Product
Dove Men+Care Deep Clean Body and Face Wash
Best Male Grooming Product
VS Sassoon VS for Men i-Trim Precise Stubble Trimmer

Now, I noticed Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant has won and Maybelline Baby Lips is there too… Maybelline Falsies deserves it, but does the Baby Lips deserve it too? I’d be interested to know what you think of this list of winners – =)

And in the body category…

Best Body Moisturiser:
Vaseline Cocoa Butter Deep Conditioning Body Lotion

Best Body Exfoliant:
ASAP Revitalising Bodyscrub

Best Bath Product:
Dove Nourishing Triple Moisturising Body Wash

Best Hair Removal Product:
Waxaway Precision Wax Wand

Best Body Device:

Manicare Cellulite Bristle Brush

Best Body Treatment:

Caron Laboratories Bump eRaiser Medi Paste

Best Deodorant:

Dove Original Anti-Perspirant Aerosol


Best Sunscreen:

Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Lotion SPF 30+

Best Self-Tanning Product:

Dove Summer Glow Body Lotion

And there you have it… Let me know what you think… In the comment section below


It sure has been a long while I last wrote something, really write something, when I used to do that quite often. That often that I documented it in a separate blog and that was actually how I began blogging in the first place, though that was more personal and nothing too public.

However as time goes by and incidents happen, I thought it would be simply appropriate to share with you what I had written before. It’s a little bit funny that I find writing to be therapeutic in a way, just like putting makeup on in the morning. So here’s a little something I wrote in December 16th, 2008 called Twisted.

The sun sunk below the horizon
Shouldn’t let sorrow drowned me further
But my stomach twisted in discomfort
As my mouth tasted bitter

The night sky holds the silver moon
Shining all through the night
But would you bring a moon to my sky soon?
There’s nothing but darkness in sight

I can’t sleep maybe I don’t want to
Thoughts running through my head
And things I don’t care to do
Adventures far away I long for instead.

I best be off… eyes… are… closing…

PS: Prayers and thoughts are in remembrance of a good friend who recently passed away. May he now rests in peace. Words cannot express… how much we all miss you…

August 27, 2011

Speechless Heart


Tears that wet her rosy cheeks…

Arms around her
Her eyes wander
She gasps for air
While everybody stare

My heart is silent
Not knowing what to say
The world is violent
I’m lost along the way

Nothing is making any sense
What if I had a sixth sense?

Embracing the shattered heart… speechless
As one heart has stopped beating…
His heart stopped beating…

What is there to do, what is there to say, when you just lost someone without knowing why or how… Questions run, yet answers are nowhere to be found… Shattered dreams, crumbling walls…

Stay strong.

August 25, 2011

OOTD: White and Brown

It's a nice cool day today at Brisbane.. And thought I'd share what I'm wearing today.. Several things to do and this just seem appropriate for all occasions and just have a easy chill feel to it.. I love the colors too.. As you could probably tell!

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August 22, 2011

International Makeup Artist Trade Show Coming Soon

It’s exactly a month’s time to the biggest event ever for us Australian beauty bloggers… and if you have not followed our conversation in twitter or what’s been like a fever around the blogs… if you’ve guessed IMATS then you are totally right!


The International Makeup Artists Trade Show aka IMATS is yet to set another mark in our land of down under here in heart of Sydney this coming September on the 24th and 25th. It will be even bigger and better. For those who went last year and might have been a little disappointed, do come to this year’s, apart from more brands and stands the beauty bloggers of Australia will be there – I’m serious, there are probably around 80+ of us!

What’s more is that once you’re in, you can attend seminars and talks and demonstrations of some of the leading makeup artists in the world including Napoleon Perdis, Donna Mee, Rae Morris and Tami Lane (who’s responsible for the makeup for Lord of The Rings, Narnia and The Hobbit). MAC, ACMUSE and Royal and Langnickel would also be holding educational seminars which you can sit and learn.

Some Q&A’s

What’s the theme for the students’ competition?

The makeup competition is themed tribal beauty and the prosthetics competition is themed mythological creatures.



Will MAC be having a stand? What about Inglot?

Yes and Yes =)

Any US youtubers/bloggers who will make an appearance?

Yes, Elessa from pursebuzz

What’s the price for entry?

$30 for 1 day
$50 for both 2 days

Where is IMATS?

Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre, Darling Harbour

What time does it open and close?

8.30am – 5pm Saturday
10am – 5pm Sunday

There will be over 100 brands there, who are they…?

To name some…


MAC Logo





Hope to see you there!


Images and information are provided courtesy of Polkadot PR

August 18, 2011

You Got Tagged! IMATS Time

I came across this IMATS Tag at these two lovely Australian blogger ladies (emmabovarybeauty and the beautifool blog) just few seconds ago and I am beyond excitement (or is it excited) for IMATS and cannot think of a better thing to do right of this moment (well there are things to do but anyhoo!) than do this quick short and sweet tag.

Before I forget I shall tag…

Yolanda from Shopping Intervention
Annica from Haute and Stylish
Sarah from Hip and Haute
Jennise from Pink Ribbons
Juliana from Sunglasses After Dark
and for all you out there who will be attending IMATS in a month’s time!

So here are the questions!

1. Which IMATS are you attending?

Sydney and it won’t just be an IMATS, it will also be ABBW (Australian Beauty Bloggers Weekend) – crazy to fit them all in 2 days but it’s happening yeow!!

2. Have you ever been to IMATS Before?

Hahaha – yes I did, last year I went… so this will be my 2nd time and I have a feeling that this time will be better!

3. How are you getting there?

Flying down – a bunch of us Brisbane bloggers will be flying down together or in separate flights

4. Are you bringing anyone along?

Other Brisbane bloggers – LOL!

5. Is there anything else in the IMATS city that you want to see?

I just miss Sydney the CBD area itself and definitely laze at Darling Harbour just chillaxing… aah…

6.What days will you be in the city for IMATS?

Friday night through to Sunday night – short trip

7. Who do you want to meet?

The other beauty bloggers – you all know how we all been tweeting and commenting on each other’s blogs but never met in person…

8. What companies are you excited to see?

Inglot, MAC (if it’s there?), Make Up For Ever, Ben Nye, Crown, Royal & Langnickel, Gorgeous Cosmetics, Graftobian, … wish Illamasqua would be there… doubt it.

9. What products are you looking for?

Brushes, Inglot palettes, Brush Cleaner (Ben Nye or Parian Water or ?)

10. How much do you plan to spend?

Haha… let’s just say I have a budget and I already have a mental list of what I need (yes, need…)

11. What do you want to get out of IMATS?

Definitely the experience and meeting everybody! Oh and yes of course the products you can’t normally get on a regular basis or in common stores. Also checking out the awesome artwork and special effects and such…

Hope to see y’all there
Don’t be shy to just say hi Winking smile- I swear I don’t bite… rawwrrr!


August 16, 2011

New! MAC Matchmaster Foundation SPF 15 for Fall 2011

I would just like to share what I heard yesterday in regards to MAC’s new foundation (a SA of a MAC counter mentioned it to me). Surprise, surprise, Temptalia has posted about it today so I’d like to share…

A foundation that won’t oxidize? I’m super duper curious to try ‘em out when it’s released next month or the month after here in Australia!

For now I’ll leave you with the images to speak for themselves…






All images credit to Temptalia

August 15, 2011

Mani Monday: Color Thy Nails

Taking the concept of color blocking and inspired by the vintage era... And the kinds of colors I'm enjoying at the moment, here's a quick shot of the nails of this week!

Rimmel Lasting Finish in 050 Tangerine Queen
OPI Teal the Cows Come Home (teal blue metallic)
OPI That's Hot! Pink (hot pink)
Rimmel Pro Finish in 365 Beige Style (beige)

Have a lovely week everyone!

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August 11, 2011

New Code of Seduction–Armani Sport Code

For the man in your life or just for those who like masculine scent – I know I do (I really like the smell of Armani Code for Men)

Fragrance is one of those tricky things that either you like it or you don’t and there are those in between. There’s something in the Armani Code that makes me want to sniff it again and again. Could be its sensual sense of scent… could be its masculinity that gives me a warm fuzzy feeling… we all react to scents individually.

Armani calls this new Sport Code as A New Code of Seduction and I shall let you in what they have to say about this particular fragrance.

The Next Episode of the Armani Code Saga

Code Sport is set amidst the unsettling chiaroscuro of Los Angeles nights. Seduction flirts with the danger of losing control through a spirited and sensual game, embodied by a fragrance displaying unexpected contrasts. The freshness of a swimming pool lit only by the moon, the heat of expectant bodies. A game of power that is tempting to lose, perhaps for an instant. The power of a body. Sport as a code of seduction.

Now before I continue… if you’re like me and English is not your first language, you would probably not have heard or seen the word “chiaroscuro” – I haven’t, until now. So what is that exactly? I looked it up. In art, it is the strong contrast between light and dark, a technical term usually used by artists and art historians for using contrasts of lights to achieve a kind of three dimensional image of the drawings or paintings (such as the human body) (source: Wikipedia)

Let’s continue on as to what else Armani is saying about this new Sport Code and this following paragraph I really have to share…

Seduction is His Mode of Operation

His elegance is as sharp as a knife, the kind that you hide in the pocket of a tuxedo. His gaze is hypnotic and his presence magnetic. The Code man has earned his place in the scented pantheon of great seducers. For Code Sport he bares all, yet is never vulnerable, such is the perfection of his body, a weapon in itself. It allows him to be seduced without ever losing his own power. He can abandon control for an instant, only to better regain it later. 

So what’s in this fragrance? We have…

Mint – Spearmint, peppermint and wild mint
Sicilian mandarin
Citrus fruits
Vetiver – also known as Chrysopogon zizanioides or khus, a perennial grass native to India
Ambrox – definitely fascinating (source: Perfume Shrine)

And I’m suddenly hit with a poetic bee and came up with the following little… you know what…

Perhaps it’s the ambrox or the vetiver
Perhaps the way it makes me quiver
Inhalation leads to intoxication
Seduction without
(written by me, do not copy without permission, inspired by Armani Code)



30ml  RRP $84
50ml  RRP $115
75ml  RRP $140

Available NOW


All images and information were courtesy of L’Oreal PR

August 7, 2011

Jurlique Wintergarden BBBE

What went down in the town last Tuesday evening…




This was good – the black metal looking bowl is actually crackers! Now, eat y’all!!





More snacks…


The star of the show (see above photo)


Anni from Haute & Stylish getting a hand treatment massage … *big grinny smile*



I enjoy the setting of the store Smile



The consultation area


Group shot!


Sarah from Hip and Haute & you know who

I think it’s a nice store with its own personality, being natural and innovative and actually grow their own ingredients at the Jurlique Farm! Fascinating… I’m all about the scientific aspect of it… at times…

What was this event about?
It was for their new Purely Age-Defying range which stars the Ultra Firm and Lift Cream – which claims to be a breakthrough in skin care innovation in its triple action high performance formula combined with the power of plant botanicals to firm, lift and strengthen the skin. (source: Jurlique)

For further information on any treatments, facials, massages, aromatherapy services, you can contact the store directly at (07) 3210 6808


It was a nice night catching up and chatting over skincare and new products with the other beauty bloggers.
Thank you to Jurlique for holding the event~


August 6, 2011

Kit Cosmetics Viva La Color

Thursday afternoon I was booked. To where? Kit Cosmetics at Myer Brisbane City was having a Makeover Makeup Event! From 12 - 7pm and I was kindly being invited to have a complimentary session at 2pm to check out their new range of Viva La Color cosmetics.




I was greeted by Sophia who was a Kit Make Up Artist from Sydney who would be doing the makeover on me. However, first we must cleanse and prep the skin. After all, what's a painting without a clean canvas?

For your information, I came in bare faced.

Mario Badescu was a clear choice for the skincare preparation since I myself am a fan of his products and wanted to try more of the range. Samantha was the skincare expert (she told me she was a beauty therapist before she worked with Kit!) and she used:



- Mario Badescu Enzyme Cleansing Gel
Which contains Papaya Extracts and Alpha Hydroxy Acids
- Mario Badescu Flower & Tonic Mask
Which contains Gardenia Flower Extract
- Mario Badescu Alpha Grapefruit Cleansing Lotion (Toner)
Which contains Aloe, Seaweed and Citrus Extracts
- Mario Badescu Buttermilk Moisturiser
Which contains Lactic Acid and Carnation Oil

My skin was left feeling hydrated, nourished and refreshed! I likey!

Moving onto the makeup - Sophia wanted to try a pop of colour on my lips and just something natural yet different on the eyes. I did mention that I like the contoured cheeks (LOL! You know me..)
Starting with Kit Mineral liquid foundation in Medium - this foundation has an interesting texture of mousse and cream that finishes to a powder! Its coverage is medium, I'd say, and is buildable to a full coverage.

Here’s a look of what happened…

IMG-20110804-00724The table where all the “makeover chairs” are…


The work table…

So here's a list of the products used:
- Kit Cosmetics New mineral liquid powder foundation in Medium
- Kit Cosmetics mineral powder (a tiny bit to set Tzone area)
- Kit Cosmetics New Limited Edition Mineral Matte Bronzer
- Kit Cosmetics mineral blush in Peachy Keen
- Kit Cosmetics lipstick in Freedom Fighter
- Kit Cosmetics lipgloss in Got It Going On

- Kit Cosmetics Limited Edition Long Live Colour Makeup Palette (shades #2 Orange & #1 Brown)
- Smashbox Waterproof Gel Eyeliner in Midnight Black (pretty good, stayed put till the night I had to remove)
- Kit Cosmetics Eyelash Curler
- Mascara (which I really didn't like, I might add because it did not hold my curl and made my lashes clumped together so it looked like I got patchy eyelashes – but it could be due to its nonwaterproof formula - and it did smear and smudge – gah! )

And what’s me gotta do but to love these brushes… I want them all! The colours…! Ah!


I even managed to take a quick swatch of the lipsticks…


From L-R: Show Stopper (Viva La Pink), Freedom Fighter (Viva La Coral), Viva La Rose, Viva La Berry

Sadly the lipstick shade that I wanted was out of stock (the one put on my lips during the makeover – Freedom Fighter the Viva La Coral) so I got the next closest shade – Show Stopper (which was a hot pink rather than a hot coral however the coral turned out to be on the pink side on my lips anyway)

Quick snap before the sun goes down… me wearing Freedom Fighter (which somehow looked hot pink rather than coral that it's meant to be - I blame my pigmented lips but whatevs)


I think I quite like the liquid foundation finish and might consider it next time, however I came home with these two - which I know I will use in my kit! (Pun intended)


Kit Cosmetics Mineral Blush in Peachy Keen (Made in Australia)
Kit Cosmetics Lipstick in Show Stopper (Made in USA)

At the moment, they’re having a Limited Edition set of the lipstick and the lipgloss for only $29.95. The lipstick itself costs $24.95 so if you think about it, that set is very reasonable and a nice one! However, I am in no need of another lipgloss so I gave that a miss. However, if you’re looking for an idea for gift or even for yourself, I’d recommend checking this out…


Overall I enjoyed the makeover and I liked how I didn't come out with thick bushy brows and tanned face - believe me, it's happened before – total failure. The highlight in this collection to me personally would be the brushes and the palette. If you would to get just one thing, probably check out the palette, as it is a handy one. Lips, blushes, eyeshadows all in one! The nail polishes look nice too but I didn’t get a chance to play around with them.
Lipglosses – ... unless you’re in need of a new lipgloss
Lipsticks - well... They are nice colours but I think they're dupeable...
Hopefully this gives you an insight into what Kit Cosmetics makeup range has to offer. I must say it was the first time I had tried the makeup products and I'm pleasantly surprised.

I really like how Kit Cosmetics has its area lit with these candles… gives it a warm, relaxing sort of atmosphere…

Have you tried any of Kit Cosmetics?

Any thoughts?



All images were taken with my own trusty Blackberry – no images are to be used without permission.

The makeover service and products were provided courtesy of Kit Cosmetics, I am not affiliated to the brand and not paid to review. All opinions are 100% my own.