September 2, 2011

Models Prefer Liquid Foundation

To be honest I’m not a big fan of the name of this brand. “Models Prefer” just sounds too “try hard” but despite that, I am quite pleasantly surprised at their nice products. I think if IMATS fails in providing me with a good array of brushes, look out for a brush haul from Models Prefer for me, though I am holding up quite well recently in resisting the urge to purchase their brushes.

Models Prefer is available in all Priceline stores, though varying in some of the items they carry. They stock almost everything you need in terms of cosmetics ranging from cream concealer, liquid concealer, pressed powder, highlighter, bronzer, blush, eyeshadows, and their brushes, have you not seen their range of brushes? Anyway they even have coloured sponges, tweezers, etcetera!

I came in to Priceline the other day wanting to get rid of my unwanted and unliked products to be exchanged for a 25% off Revlon – and being in need of a new foundation I thought I was going to pick up a Revlon foundation, either Colorstay or Photoready, yeah you know, the usual. However one thing I have with Revlon foundation is that I find their colours turn out to be too warm aka too pink toned for my face. The idea of putting pink on my easily flushed pink face was very out of the question so I kept wondering around and testing every possible shades available.

Then I did something I never did before, I asked one of the Priceline SA for opinions. She told me the foundation she had on was “a Priceline one” and I was confused, wondering, “Huh? Priceline has their own foundation?” She actually meant the Models Prefer brand! Hahaha!

Anyway, to cut the story short I tested the shades and was down to 2 shades: Medium Beige and Golden Beige. I was surprised that the shades were pretty good in providing coverage for us more of golden base, or for those looking for a yellow toned foundation instead of pink tone ones like you see in most other brands. Then I asked the SA, we then tested them side by side on my neck to see which one blended better. The Medium Beige seemed like a pretty darn good match – done!

RRP Price: AUD$14.99
NET: 30ml

Comes in a pump frosted glass bottle I personally don’t mind the packaging. The cap is very badly designed though, it doesn’t actually stick, no I mean it doesn’t click shut to the bottle, it just sits there. Warning – do not pick it up by the lid, seriously the bottle will fall off your hand and shatter everywhere. You don’t want that!







So far I am impressed with its coverage and finish and it lasts on me for around 6 or so hours before I have to touch up, at least today it was. It leaves a natural matte finish, not drying nor is it dewy or shiny.


A little FOTD featuring the liquid foundation

For a price like that, the packaging (apart from the cap) and the quality of the product – I am surprisingly impressed. We’ll see if I change my mind… I hope not!

Have you tried any Models Prefer products? I’m intrigued to try more!

Cheers to day 2 of the 30 Day Blogging Challenge ;p


Disclaimer: Product mentioned was purchased by me. I am in no way affiliated with the brand or company. No compensation was provided for this review mention. It was worth the mention because I said so … teehee


Suzanne said...

I'm with you on the brand name! I always think: "urrr - they know models have no say whatsoever what goes on their face, right?"

I have a stack of the Models Prefer brushes! Their smudge brush is the most used brush I have! Totally work checking out!

SilhouetteScreams said...

The name mostly shits me because it's so close to Models Own and a couple of other brands, and I always end up calling it Models Own by mistake >___> it does sound a bit pretentious though.

Anyway, I may have to check their foundation out when I run out of Colourstay and Fit Me :) I have 2 of their concealers and a powder and they're wonderfully yellow-toned.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this review! Are you still using this foundation? I think you mentioned in another post you changed your shade to golden beige?

.blushfully. said...

@Anonymous: Hi there, with the change of weather and change of my skin I've recently changed to different foundation (MAC Face & Body), so I'm not really using this foundation much these days. I now have both and sometimes mix the shades, because I find that the shades are a tad too dark under sunlight.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the reply, I picked it up in golden beige and I'm around NC30-35. So far I really like it, especially the finish.

.blushfully. said...

@Anonymous: Glad you're liking it! =) Surprisingly good for such reasonable price for foundation :) :)