About Me

February 2014 - Hair cut credit to Bill Tsiknaris of Tsiknaris Hair

A freelance creative individual who has a penchant for anything eclectic, and other times, classic. An undivided love for beauty and writing have brought this blog to life. Aspects of lifestyle mentioned in the blog only come ever so naturally. Long list of love, including dogs, guinea pigs, and horses - languages, culture, art and design - tea, coffee, iced latte and spiced chai tea. To travel the world. Also in tune about raising awareness concerning body image and health issues. Her wishlist includes such as a polaroid of her own - and a place to call home - so that she may decorate it in however and whatever treasures she fancies. She sees wonders along this winding road, and that she may one day, help grow a greater community in this place called Earth. 

To inspire and be inspired...

My name is Cendana, pronounced Chan-dah-na. The name itself is Sanskrit by origin and literally means "Sandalwood". It's a fragrant tree. You can just call me Dana (Dah-na) for short, if you like. A third culture kid; originally from Indonesia, partially grew up in Singapore, now living in Brisbane, Australia. Spending my days pondering on life and dreaming, while bettering myself is always part of the picture. This blog is where my thoughts are recorded whereby my memory fails me someday, I can always look at this and smile. :)