October 31, 2009

Yayy!! Growing number of followers!! & MISSHA in Brisbane

First thing first, thank you for all the followers ^^ when it first had the a number (1) in the list, I was "OMG!! I have 1 follower! Yay!!" and then it grew.. and stopped at around 8 or something, and I thought.. "Awww.. I have to be patient.." and then it reached 10, I was "Yayyy!! 10!!!" and now it's 12!! Thanks guys!! You've all made my day/night.. hehehehe =] I know it may not seem much, compared to some blogs with hundreds or thousands followers... but yeah, anyway...

Secondly, I went to the MISSHA Outlet again today, yes I feel so lucky that we have 1 in my city, even if it's a small one.

Gorgeous Cosmetics Haul (30% Off Today Only)

Gorgeous Cosmetics had a 30% off sale today only. Excited, excited... I felt like I wanted to get more than I ended up getting, but no I had to stop myself. Hahaha... And I'm sure they will have some other in store promotions happening in near future, not the 30% off but some other package deals, hopefully. The 30% off sale only happens ONCE every 6 months!! What luck!! My friend, Kylie and I of course were sooo happy that we knew about it.

We did a makeover (redeemable on products...)

October 30, 2009

Kesalan Patharan

This is one of the reasons why oh why I love or just more interested in overseas products, outside Australia, since there are way too many that are Unavailable in Australia. I am a big softie on products I cannot find in Australia. One of the many brands that I will soon be talking about in this blog is

Guerlain Spring Collection 2010: Cherry Blossom

Dear Guerlain,

So I've never woken up to such things I wanted to grab and touch out of the computer screen before. But this morning, I read Make Me Blushhh and Musings of a Muse and you've just made me want to hate you but you know I love you!! *Touches screen* I think I just knocked myself in the head.
These are KA-BOOM!! Hit me right in the head. So gorgeous, so beautiful, it's just heavenly!
So excited, if they're even going to be released in Australia... Ohhh, wish wish.
And Natalia Vodianova looks gorgeous with these colours and the fan, ahh...

October 29, 2009

I Have To Mention This Makeup Artist

She is amazing. She's done so many different kinds of looks, flawless, and very into the characters that she created using her face as the canvas. Her name is KANDEE JOHNSON,

Lush Flying Fox

I went to Lush for the first time the other day, and I got so curious at almost everything! For the first time in my life I was really 'curious to smell and try' Lush products!
Anyway, there are few items I have in mind that I want to get eventually, but if I have to pick just one kind of smell that really left an impression within me, lingers as I exited the store, and until this time I want to go back and pick it up because I just want to sniff it again and again because it gives me some sort of therapeutic, soothing feeling, and it gives me a relief somehow. Hahaha, that's a first!! It is called...


October 27, 2009

Be Gorgeous...

Since I (and my friends) now know my first and last MAC makeover turned rather disasterous, I must say that I am very pleased with the complimentary makeup application I had today with... no other than...

October 26, 2009

As Promised - MAC Haul & Eye Makeup

So here are some photos of the eye makeup of the night. At first I think it's ok, and in these close up photos, they look ok, ...
BUT!!! I'm serious.... in all the photos on that night, the makeup looked overdone, the eyebrows came out too strong, and my face looked wayyyy too bronze and too shiny, so I'm not too pleased about that, to be honest. Ahh well, there's always going to be this little hiccup along the way anyway, like one of my close friends said, I shall find the balance one day, I shall find it myself, and it will be a natural look. But here they are...

October 25, 2009

What's To Come

I'm still here!! I've been so busy the past few days I can't really get to upload and write much, so I'm just updating that there will be more to come, and here are the list of what's coming up:
- my first MAC 1 on 1 session
- another eye makeup experiment
- happy moments
- and more

So yeah, stay tuned, don't go away... till next time!

Have a blushfull day!

October 24, 2009

I'm NW25!!

Just bought my first MAC foundation and thought I share it here, before I run off to my friend's 21st party (yes, that's you Michelle!!)

Guess what! Remember all these while I've been saying I'm an NC30? Well, I tried on an NW25 today!! It was the MSF (Mineralized Satinfinish Liquid Foundation). The MA (Makeup Artist) was really nice, her name is Sanaz by the way, and she said I have a warmer undertone than a cool one, and I like the result of the makeup!! I shall post up photos later tonight, hopefully.
But for now, there we go... you just never know, but I'm liking this finish she gave me and the eye makeup she did for me is so so nice, I'm loving the colours and the shape, the eyebrow, all of it! =D

Ok, ok, I better go, talk to you all soon!!
Oh wait, before I go, yes, I did end up hauling some MAC and finally decided whether it was the Studio Sculpt or the Mineralized Satinfinish, and whether to get NC30 or NW25...
I'll post up the photos later, but here's the list of what I got today:
Have you guessed what I got already?

- Mineralized Satinfinish in NW25!!!
- Bronzing Powder in Golden
- Volcanic Ash Thermal Mask

Have a blushfull night!

Just did my nails

I used Bourjois 1 seconde nail polish in No. 9 (it's the dark deep purple shimmer) and I put some nail art stickers and that's about it, really.

Below: A shot of my left hand (I purposely squashed up my fingers like this so that I didn't have to take a special shot just for the thumb, if I didn't do this weird awkward way you wouldn't be able to see my thumb nail)
I knowww the qualities aren't that great, I had to resort to using my iphone camera again... my sister had to use the camera for a concert tonight.

Well, that's pretty much it. Nothing special, really. Just felt like posting this up.

Have a blushfull day~

Make Me Blushhh 1 Year Anniversary Giveaway

I just thought I share this with you all~
Make Me Blushhh is currently running a 1 Year Anniversary Celebration Giveaway, and anyone can enter and win!

What are the prizes? Here they are:
Aren't they lovely? I like her photos of makeup, it just looks so... temptatious, if that's even a word.
Here's taken from her BLOG:

The Prize:
  • OPI Nail Polish
  • LUSH Snowcake Soap
  • Dior DiorShow Mascara sample
How To Enter/Win:
  • Leave a comment telling me kind of makeup/cosmetics products interests you the most (i.e color makeup, nail polish, skin care products etc)
  • Your comment will count as 1 entry
Extra Entries
  • Being a follower earns you a extra entry
  • Mentioning this giveaway on your blog (include the link on your comment)
In total you can earn up to 3 entries by doing all of the above. I will randomly choose a winner among all the entries. Giveaway ends October 26, 2009 at 12:00AM

Good Luck!


So there you have it! Go check out her videos in YOUTUBE and have a blushfull day! =)


October 23, 2009

MAC Update - Travel Kit

Let's MAC it! =)
So I purchased this from David Jones Queens Plaza a couple of weeks ago, because the SA told me that this is a limited edition and I checked in Myer and Myer doesn't have it!! Only DJ does!! So I went back and got it!

What is it, you ask? I'm not sure if this is actually a new Limited Edition collection but I think it has been going on in America for a while now, but I just don't see it in the Australian MAC website, and it's not even in the official normal website...
and considering that it is not available from all MAC counters just show that this is not really as ... what's the word ... not as big as it is in US where they have some other 'sets' you can pick from, and if only there was this other set around, I would definitely have bought it as well!!

And if you know me well, I'm a sucker to things travel size. I like it, it's convenient, easy to carry around, and I just think somehow they are a bit more special when compared to their bigger sizes versions. Anyway, the collection is called UPSTARTS and guess who will be coming with me whenever I go travelling now? Yes! This kit called

"Upstarts: Well Prepared"

taken with my good ol' iphone camera (hence the poor quality)

Here's what's in the kit~
- Prep + Prime Skin (Regular Full size)
- Prep + Prime Transparent Finishing Powder (Travel size)
- Cleanse Off Oil (Travel Size; 30ml)
- Fix+ (Travel Size; 30ml)
- Transparent, zip around, black rim, makeup pouch

I like it!! So ideal for travelling! =D

Anyway, here's the other kit I'm talking about which I don't think is available in Australia =( *sad* it's called...

"Upstarts: Flawless"
This includes:
Full sizes of the Mineralized face products (Foundation in your choice of shade); Mineralized SkinFinish in Soft & Gentle; Cleanse Off Oil Tranquil; Charged Water in Revitalising Energy (both in travel promotional sizes)

So you see why I'm sad... why isn't this available in Australia? Or was it available and I missed out? And I just found out about this, so am I late? Ah, I'll ask tomorrow at the MAC counter, see what I can find. Hahaha... I doubt there's anything...

Anyway, thought I let you in the not-so-latest of MAC, hahaha... and the more reason to like or love MAC. This is my 2nd purchase from MAC. Told you, my MAC collection is growing... slowly.

Have a MACnificent day!!

Sexy Nude Lips

Omg, I have to, have to, have to mention this. I'm one of those who luuooovveee nude lips, and those who manage to get the "nude" lips look always somehow wins a little place in my heart. Hahaha, ok anyway, here's a nude lips look I just saw and thought I'd share it here:-
Oh, before I show you the photo, you have to check out this awesome makeup artist's blog MARIO DEDIVANOVIC because that's where I got this photo from, and now I want the lipsticks used. Hah!

Yeah! Would you look at that sexy nude lips!
Mario said he used these to create that nude lips:
- Ravishing Lipstick by MAC
- Florabundance Lip Glass by MAC

So, maybe off I go to the MAC counter tomorrow... and I shall check these out and see if they work for me. Hehehe, and I will let you know!!

Finding my MAC Shade Story & First Buy

Yes, I am a newbie when it comes to MAC collection, especially compared to all of youse out there in the world with MAC collection looking like the entire store. =) It's a compliment, by the way. So yeah, after finding that a lot of reviews and references to MAC Foundation Shades, and because I didn't know what shade I was, I did something I never did before. I came up to the MA (Makeup Artist) and just stupidly asked, "I have no idea what is my shade... can you help me?" Hahahaha! I did that (#>_<#)

But I was indeed really clueless back then, seriously, you asked about face primer, I would be thinking, what is that? You asked about MAC, I knew nothing about MAC, except for their amazing collection in store in my local department stores, Myer and David Jones. If you say lipglass, I would think you're retarded and say, "it's lip gloss, not lip glass.." haha not really, I won't think you're retarded. And I would have no clue what to do with a paint pot other than just slab it on my lids. Oh, and I would probably say I did not need Fix+.

Anyway, so the MA was really nice, and for the first time, I tried Select in NC30 and I must say, it was a really good match, though at first I thought it was too light, but it actually sort of, what's the word, the colour blends or just calmed down after in about an hour or less, I think.

So weeks passed, and I passed the MAC counter again, and I thought, I'd give it another try and see if NC30 truly is my match, this time, I tried Studio Sculpt. And Yes! NC30 again! =D

So I've concluded now, that I am NC30 ^^ and I'm actually still wondering whether I will get the Studio Sculpt or the Mineralized Satinfinish Liquid Foundation... Should I just go for the Studio Sculpt? Ah, you'll find out, tomorrow... hahaha

Alright, moving on... enough about my finding my MAC shade story
I finally made my first MAC purchase few months back, and it was... *drum roll*

Yeap! It's the Prep + Prime. I wish Australia would sell the Prep + Prime SPF50, but due to our "maximum of SPF50 law" I definitely will have to get it from overseas next time.

So far, I like it. I haven't had any break outs or skin allergies to it. It gives a nice finish, and I feel that my foundation doesn't sink into my pores when I wear this. Do let me know if you want a more detailed review on this, as I will just briefly review it here.
The product itself is very very smooth, white pearl in colour with some sort of pearl shimmers in the mixture but it doesn't leave your face shiny, d'uh, I think this what makes it light reflecting sort of glow.
This primer is surprisingly much cheaper than Too Faced or Stila or Utowa or any other primers I know, apart from, say, Revlon and Inglot, you know...

Anyway, I like it so far, and would like to try the one with SPF50, and I will post more MAC products I purchased and what I think of them.

Cheers to my first MAC collection!! =P

First Ever Smokey Kinda Eye

Dark Teal Blue Bronze Smokey Eye
Omg omg omg omg I just felt like playing around with some of the new colours I just bought or just had recently and for the first time, it came out looking quite smokey and I like it!! (let's just hope I can redo it again next week in time for a friend's 21st) ><><

Two Eyes Shot (please try to ignore the flashiness, I had to use flash.. =(

And, face shot (*blushes*)

OMG!! Ignore the uneven eyes, what the... they look uneven.. ahh well..
And another note, my eyelashes are a bit droopy/not wow at the moment because I didn't exactly curled them properly due to previous mascara application. And when I put my mascara on this morning I didn't really wanna curl them too much just because I wanted a more subtle look during the day. But anyway, I'll try and make more Eye Makeup in the future and I'll get better =)

What's on my eyes...

- Elizabeth Arden Advanced Eye-Fix Primer
- Bourjois Ombre Stretch Eyeshadow in 01 Intense Black
- Bourjois Ombre Stretch Eyeshadow in 10 Bleu Elasthane
- L'elan Vital ExtremeWear Gel Eyeliner (Black)
- Stila eyeshadow in Golightly
- Stila eyeshadow in Wheat (as brow highlighter and the inner corner of the eyes)
- Missha The Style Eyeliner Pencil (Black)
- CoverGirl LashBlast Waterproof Mascara

Doesn't seem too much, does it...

Ok, take care... I have to go remove all these off my eyes, using
Missha The Style Lip & Eye Makeup Remover (Alcohol Free)
I will talk briefly about this makeup remover sometime later, look out for it! =)
Have a blushfull day~

October 22, 2009

Oh! Check This Out! It's Agnes B!


OMG I just found this, and thought I'd share... CLICK HERE

Here's what the BLOG says:

Please read carefully
1. Payment is via paypal only
2. Shipping is $7USD worldwide regardless of how much you buy
3. Orders and payment must be made by 25th October 2009. She will ship the goods to me in a week's time and i will ship it out to you. So please take note of this timeframe!!!
4. Prices are in USD and includes the paypal fees, shipping from her to me and her commission fee.

Items available
1. Agnes B Cherry Blossom makeup pouch = SOLD OUT =
[Brushes and makeup in picture not included. This is only for the pouch]
Price: $25 + shipping
Quantities are limited for this item so please email me fast!
This item might only be sold in Japan as well!!

2.Agnes B Beaute 6Hour Lipgloss = SOLD OUT =
Price: $19 + shipping
NOTE! These go for over $29usd on ebay and the Recommended Retail price in Japan is 2600yen [about usd$27] so don't miss this bargain!

To Buy, go to her site TEZAIKU and scroll down and there should be a link that says Email me here ^^

Have fun, guys!

The Eye Profile Photo

Ok, it's late at night, more like early dawn, and I thought, I'll just do a short post on the reason or the story behind the "eye" in my profile photo.

If you're not sure or don't even know what I mean, I mean this picture:

It's just a picture of an eye. Then why is it there? Well, first I didn't really want to put up a photo taken from somewhere else, just in case the owner disagrees or the copyright or anything like that, I don't want to get sued! Hahaha...
And secondly, I drew it. More like sketched it, say around May this year. Wow, quite a while ago huh. Yeah, that's about it, really... There's still room for improvement, but that's that, the story behind the eye profile photo. Hahaha...

Have a good one~

October 21, 2009

Let's talk about Lash, baby!

Alright, this post is going to be my first review (with photos, yeap! photos! of me *blushes*) on a mascara I recently finally gave in and tried, the COVERGIRL LASH BLAST WATERPROOF.

On the package, it says:
The biggest brush EVER from CoverGirl, for a blast of lush, volumized lashes! lashblast's volume-boosting formula and patented brush technology are designed to max out each and every lash leaving you with the ultimate big lash look.
- Ophthalmologically Tested
- Hypoallergenic & suitable for contact lens wearers

Here's a look of what it's like: (it sure is one fat brush)

Well, the brush does not have the usual 'brush hairs' like other mascaras, this one sort of more like bristles, if that's even the right term. =_= There are tons of them, and well, they actually do NOT clump on me!

Here's a shot I took around midday, just after I applied the mascara:

And another shot, (omg, this is my first time doing this...)

Anyway, so those were midday shots, and I went out, in the sun, had dinner and everything... and came back home at around 9.30pm, and here's the result:

Another try at photographing my own eyes using just my iphone =_=

OMG!! They're still CURLED!!!!! For once, YES YES YES!!! =D I like!!!!
Wait till I get a new SD card for my camera, I'll get better quality photos then. Sorry for the bad quality for the time being. I'm trying to make do with what I have in my hand.

Well, in my opinion, this mascara (waterproof) is good. I like it. It holds the curl well, it doesn't lengthen so much if you're after lengthening, and I'm ok with that, as I want a natural curl luscious lash kind of look, I guess... Volume, yes, it does give volume ^^ but it's not over the top that you look like you're overdoing it, so I think I will be using this the most in the meantime, until my Coffret D'Or Mascara arrives or any other mascaras that I'd like to try hehehe

Well done LashBlast!! You've made me like you!!
Till next time~

Chapped Lips?? No Worries

Now you can get a 100% natural, 100% handmade lip balms. And her choices are so yummy! Imagine: Almond Biscotti, Buttery Toffee, Summer Peach, Raspberry and Cream, there are 7 flavours out at the moment ^^. Check her out HERE, like, seriously, check it out~

It's merely US$3. Shipping around US is currently FREE and for those outside US, like myself, the shipping is now 50% OFF!!

Here's a sneak peek of they look like: (I shall let the photos speak for themselves. Photos taken from her etsy website)

SO yeah, check it out guys!! =D
Here's also the link to her website LIP GLOSSERIE

Coffret D'Or by Kanebo

I have to somehow, somewhat squeeze this brand in here and I can't wait... I tried to look for a review on their mascara but none really came up so I hope I'll do a review on it when I get the mascara end of the year or so...

Here's their website COFFRET D'OR Kanebo and I just love its packaging, its design, its quality...

More about it later when I finally get the products, definitely be mascaras and eyeshadow. Don't think I'll be getting any of the foundation due to unmatching shade, since we don't have Kanebo here in Australia (it's only available in Asia *cries* ).

Briefly about the brand, it's fairly new, not new new, but new. It's the next thing after Kanebo discontinued T'estimo. Its packaging is luxurious and the line has a wide variety ranging from base makeup to the point makeup such as eyeshadows, oh they're beautiful. Lipsticks, mascara base, makeup base, all sorts...

Brand message "How brightly will you shine?" hehe... very brightly! with coffret d'or!! beautiful name.. I'm pretty sure it means Golden Box in French. d'or - golden.

Here's a sneakpeek:
The Eyeshadow Base (I want!)

Eyeshadow TD Eyes in 03 Khaki-Green Tones (I want!!)

LP Veil UV
- Formulated with Change Block Fixer
- Formulated with Poreless Powder

Hides shadows of pores for elegant skin with sheer translucency. This makeup base spreads on lightly for a perfect fit, improving the hold of foundation.

Hides shadows of pores for silkier skin, leading to an even finish with beautiful translucency.
Increases the adhesion of foundation, preventing makeup deterioration caused by sweat and sebum.

~~~ I'm curious now, maybe I should try this too... just look at the packaging ahhh

There are more, but do check out the range in their website HERE

Can't wait to get my hands on this range!

October 20, 2009

Oh Gorgeous!

NOTE: This will be a start of just showing some of the girls that I find gorgeous, beautiful or just attractive or simply caught my eye, or looks that I can get inspired from.

I came across this photo just few minutes ago and I just thought to myself, "WOW! GORGEOUS!" She's got the long loose wave black hair with piercing blue eyes and defined cheekbones, she just looks divine in that photo.. stunning. Who am I talking about?? No, it's not Megan Fox (ugh, no.) No, it's not Jessica Alba (she's gorgeous, but I'm not talking about her..) she's a new singer/songwriter called (do correct me if I'm wrong)

But hang on, I see her youtube is spelled as JADYN.. =S JadynMariaTV

I think it's JADYN. Haha..
Oh, Ne-Yo signed her up!

I first saw her in one of the blogs I follow, check her out @ lollipop26 and it links to a pro make up artist Mario Dedivanovic's BLOG

She even made a blog after they've done her makeup, check it out HERE

Thought I share it with you. I just simply adore the photo and the make up finish of it even though I know it's nowhere ever going to be a look I can pull of, but who knows? =D

So yeah! Thought I'd share...

Almost forgot... here's a photo of another gorgeous girl I recently encountered:


Isn't she gorgeous? I think so.

Oh and I think I'd like this hairstyle:


ULTIMA II Wonderwear Longwearing

I found it today! OMG! I never really searched for it before, cause I thought it's just not available here in Brisbane. Where? At Myer, Queens St, Brisbane City. I went "OMG!!". You wanna know why? 'cause I used to use this years ago back in high school, but I bought it (it's the Wonderwear Longwearing Liquid Foundation) from Indonesia, when I was back there years years ago. But after that, that's it, I never came across Ultima II in years, and I thought I'd just never find it here in Australia. And I found it! Today! At Myer! The liquid foundation itself looks very much the same like the one I used to have. It costs AU$47. I'm still thinking whether I should give it a go again... I think I will.

Guess what, though? It's being DISCONTINUED. Yup, no more. Easy come, easy go! Gee...

Sadly, I didn't take a photo of it. But it comes in a nice bottle, sort of has a frosty/foggy look to the glass, with black cap, and oh it's so hard to try to explain in words, but it has some bumps, like raised dots on the top of the bottle that gives it a distinguished look. It's ok, when I finally get it I'll edit this, and show you what I mean... I'm sure I'm not the only one who's heard of Ultima II? Tell me if you have, or haven't... and if you have, what you think of it.

If interested, here's a brief review from MUA

63 reviews
Average Rating. 4.4
Would buy this product again. 87%
Package Quality 3.1
Price 3.1

Not bad, won't you agree?

Till next time!

EDIT Oh I found it, here's a photo of what the bottle looks like, I quite like it, it has a nice grip, nice look to it.

October 19, 2009

Beauty Treats Face Wipes

So, just a quick review about one of the products that I now always have, and when I run out, as I did before, I quickly want to go and buy another one, is this Makeup Remover Cleansing Tissues or Face Wipes (as I like to call them)... and this particular one has the label Beauty Treats. They are only sold at GROOVE, as far as I know, and they cost only AU$4.99, that's only AU$5!! Cheap!

They come in a range of, what should I say, scent? Yeah, scent... There's Aloe, Cucumber, Collagen, and Green Tea. The website listed Rose but Groove doesn't sell the Rose, so maybe only in America.

If you're interested, I've been using the Green Tea one, and I'm on my 2nd. I know!! I finished the 1st one awhile ago!! And when this 2nd one finishes I will buy a 3rd! And then 4th! Hahaha...

Here's what "Green Tea" looks like, alongside its sister, "Cucumber",

What I Really Like About It:
1) Soft, soft, soft
2) Lost of moisture
3) Cleanse nicely, I play around with makeup on my hand and I like to use my fingers to shade or blend with charcoal and soft pencils, so I use this wipes to clean them off
4) Quick, Easy, Convenient
5) Smells Great! Smells really nice and refreshing and soothing, I just love the smell and the feeling it has on my face.
6) Sometimes, I just have it on my face, maybe cut a hole in the middle for my nose, and just leave it on my face for few minutes, sort of give my face a refreshing feel. Hahaha...
7) It's Green Tea, a great source of antioxidant and I love green tea, doubt this one would have much antioxidant effect but it's still nice no doubt.
8) Did I say I love the smell? Hahaha...
9) Did I say how soft it is? and how moist it is or refreshing it is...
Ok, I shall stop now...
I've used other wipes in the past and I liked them, but at the moment, this is one I really like, and as a student, you know, this is not expensive when compared to something like, say, MAC wipes... *cries* it's freaky, just the normal size one would cost AU$28... that's a lot for something that I would be using quite abundantly, you know? Ok, anyway, maybe when the time comes, I will try MAC wipes, but for now, I'm loving this!

Have a good one~

10 NYX Lipsticks Up For Grab

I came across this blog tonight and thought I share it with you all...
It's called Every Girl's Little Addiction and she's having a contest, and the winner will get 10 NYX Lipsticks, yes, 10! And the great thing about it is that it is international, too. So anyone can enter.

Here's the RULE:
1. Must be a follower of my blog. Sorry guys!
2. Must mention this giveaway on your PERSONAL blog.(doesn't matter how small!)
3. Must list ONE of your favourite makeup/beauty products ever, and list it in a comment to this post.
4. Must leave your email in the post if you don't have a blog.
5. Must be minimum of 14 years of age to enter, if you're younger, please consult a parent first!

More Information:

1. The winner will be contacted through email once it has been decided.
2. The winner will be chosen through random.com.
3. There must be more than 25 entries for the contest to go on!
4. This contest is available internationally.
5. This contest will end on November 5th, 2009.

Enter & Enjoy!
Good night guys~

October 18, 2009

Skin Diagnosis by La Roche-Posay

I came across this name in MUA (makeupalley.com), and was curious about it, so I checked it out and I came across this on the website which I find very interesting.

CLICK HERE for your personal diagnosis on whether your skin is sensitive, or slightly sensitive or not sensitive at all! Click on the "Sensitive Skin Profile Diagnosis" to start. Have fun!
If it's correct, and I think it is, my skin is slightly sensitive... slightly though, not overly sensitive ^^

The page also has Skincare Diagnosis and Suncare Diagnosis... Go check it out and learn more about your skin!

Spreading Love - "Ecotools Brushes"

Brushes? What, painting brushes? No no, makeup brushes of course. If you're thinking, OMG MAC brushes cost like freakishly over the top, you're not alone. I do feel the need of NOT TO BUY the MAC brushes because just for 1 brush would cost ranging from AU$20-$100 etc... errrr, $85 for 1 brush!? WHAT! That burns =_= anyway, that's why there are other brushes, and here where ecotools (and other brushes, but I'll talk about them later) comes.

So I've been meaning to write about these brushes for some time, even before I made this blog. I came across them in Priceline and back then I didn't own any brushes so I thought I would just give this a go.
Anyway, first thing first, what they look like-
Oh I truly love what they look like, it's different than most brushes, these have bamboo handles, silver frost neck (called ferrule) made from recycled aluminium, and caramel-and-cheese colour brushes on most... hehehe. The bristles are taklon, they're synthetic, 100% NOT Animal Hairs.

I find all these brushes are SUPER DUPER SOFT. They feel really nice on your skin, they look classy (well I love them, full stop.) And if they have more range, say, they're missing a duo fibre stippling brush (something similar to MAC187 or Sigma SS187), then it's COMPLETE, perfect!! Oh, and the eye fluff brush, and the angled brush... I would get the whole range and not bother with getting other brushes..hahaha..
This is the Duo Fibre Stippling Brush (aka MAC 187 or Sigma SS187) brush I'm talking about:-

So, anyway, back to ecotools...
Where To Find Them:- (I'm in Australia, so I'll be talking about Australian stores)


Yes, priceline is currently the only store I know that stock the complete range of this ecotools brushes. Whether you're looking for a Face Powder Brush, Blush Brush, Eyeshadow brushes (whether it's long or short), Angled Eye Brush, Retractable Kabuki, Foundation Brush... Priceline has them all!
Here's what they look like

The Face Powder Brush

Here's what they look like in store (with the reuseable/resealable pouch):

The Blush Brush looks exactly like the Powder Brush except a tad smaller~

Moving on to the Foundation Brush

The brush is a medium-sized filbert cut. Here is what it looks like:

I'm actually going to skip the lash & brow groomer brush, and the eyeshadow or the angled eye brush, because if I don't, this will be the longest ever post...
Moving on to the packs, these are the available packs (which I think is worth getting):

6-Piece Brush Set

This one comes either with a brush roll, like this

Or a bamboo cup brush holder, like this

It costs around $27.95 in Priceline, but you know, they're always on sale from time to time, so if you're not in a rush, wait for the sale.
In PRICE ATTACK however, I'm pretty sure the one with the brush roll is only $23.95 or so, correct me if I'm wrong.

Then you have the travel kit, like this

This kit is really handy, the baby kabuki is perfect for anything, really... then the concealer brush, then the blending brush, and you get the mini blush brush. Handy right! For a really reasonable price too.

Then there's the mini eye brushes which I find really really cute...

And then there's the Brow Grooming Kit, which I think will be in my Next To Buy List

The mirror has those suction cups that you can stick the mirror onto a big mirror haha.. you get tweezers and since I want another angled eye brush, this is perfect.

Let's see... what else is there... Oh the retractable kabuki
Here's what it looks like

The rest of their collection are normal things such as sponge, nail filers, yeah, so I hope I've covered everything there is to know... if there's anything, feel free to comment... I'm sorry this has been such a long post, but I couldn't really do it any other way. Well then, till next time!


No! No! No! No! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!
Ok, so that's what's going through my mind right now. "No" is for the fact that somehow my face has switched to being combination/DRY instead of the old combination/OILY. Been seeing gunks or dead skins build up slightly on my now-smooth face.
My face is officially "dehydrated"... *sobs* =(

And "Yes" is for me to now hunt for skincare range for my new face skin type. Hmm... that's where my mind is, right now. I can't go through without skincare, now, can I? And the ones I have at home at the moment are not hydrating enough. Even St Ives Scrub may, possibly be, could most likely, be too harsh or too drying for my skin now. Amazing!

I'm thinking whether to go back to Natio or Clean & Clear, but I wonder if I should just jump straight to H20+... or Skinfood... or Missha... or Kanebo... or Biore... or ROC... =( I don't know!! *sobs* which one!! All I've used in the past were to Control Oil or Mattifying. And now I'm in need of superduper hydrating action and gentle exfoliator that actually does remove the yuckiness ...

Sure I checked today that Guerlain has a really nice luxurious range, but oh my, AU$200 for the Serum Cream is definitely out of the picture.

Or do I need to visit the dermatologist? Or should I just rock up at Priceline or Chemist Warehouse tomorrow and check out what I could find. Oh, I'm tempted to try H20+, but always out of stock, bummer...

Alrighty, love me or hate me, let me know what you think.
Have a really good night~ Sweet dreams.

October 17, 2009

1st StrawberryNET Haul

Finally made a decision to buy some items from strawberrynet.com mainly because they were having a Bonus Packs Special Sale Limited Time Only - until the 18th October 2009. And Free Shipping also makes a difference.

I ended up with these:



This one ends up to be a present for a friend~

For 1st Timers Customers, strawberrynet.com will also give you a bonus free gift of Stila product, you can choose 1 item out of their selections. And I chose
Stila Mineral Matte Eyeshadow in "Tolima"

For 3 items or more, you get 5% off. And for your future orders, you'll get further discounts too. Yay!! ^^

Oh, I found out today that the eyeshadow aluminium compact pot only costs $2!! If you don't know what I mean, CLICK HERE!
I shall get some next time... since now I have a few of the Stila eyeshadow pans, they look naked. Hahaha...

Alright, I should go to sleep now anyway... was just excited about my first Stila products =D Happy about them so far~

October 15, 2009

Face Sunscreens Edition 1

So, in relation to the other post UVA UVB SPF and PA, I shall talk about sunscreens, specifically for the Face.

I know there are a lot of products now, specially moisturisers that have SPF incorporated in it. But I still think it doesn't beat pure sunscreen. It may be a personal preference, but from my experience of tanning ever too quickly, I now rather put on sunscreen on top of my moisturiser. I may not be wearing any foundation, but I shall have to wear sunscreen. Oh, and since I think putting sunscreen on my face is most important than other parts of my body, I tend to go for sunscreens that are higher than SPF30. But guess what! Australia only sells up to SPF30 MAX!! *cries!* But no worries, thanks to online shopping, we all can now have spf35, 42, 50, or even 130.. oh and thanks to Japanese sunscreens =)

Alright, I shall split this into 2 blog entries. Edition 1 will begin by listing just some of the ones I currently have, and edition 2 will be some of the ones that I'm thinking of getting or think are recommendable. Oh, and I'll tell you where you can get them and how much they cost.

1) KOSE Coen Rich Q10 White UV Protector SPF50+ PA++ (Smooth Touch)
sasa.com: A$6.90 (I find that it's cheaper at sasa, and plus if you buy a lot of other products, it's worth getting from sasa.com)

What I think:
I love this sunscreen!! Not only it protects your skin, it actually feels sooo smooth! It has a moisturising feel to it, not greasy at all! It's super blendable and another note on this product is that it smells nice, not like those glue-like-smell of the normal sunscreens. Oh I love its smell.. ^^ If I try to describe it, it'd have to be... floral, fresh flowers.
Oh! mine is running low, I think in my next round of sasa order, I will have to buy another tube. =)

It comes out white (as expected)

And glides on/goes on clear.. very smoooooothhhhh like satin:

2) MENTHOLATUM ACNES UV Tinted Milk SPF50 PA++ (30g)
Again, you can get this at sasa.com for around AU$6.20.

Here's a comparison of its size (it's tiny, but travel-friendly):

What I think:
This is the runniest sunscreen I have. It's very watery, but because it is so watery, it glides and blends into your skin effortlessly! It is tinted, but it somehow blends in with your face. Oh and an extra note, it actually goes to a MATTE finish!!

See how runny it is? It's sliding off my hand! But that means, it's super blendable, feels light as feather on your face!

3) Skinfood Broccoli Sunscreen SPF42 PA+++ (50ml)
I bought this from an ebay seller ohmyalice, free shipping, I recommend her! =)
Here's just a link of the product in a Singaporean website CLICK HERE! It's cheaper to get it off ebay.

What I think: Texture is the thickest out of the three, but it is still very blendable and feels like moisturising cream. If you're worried about the smell, my friends were all like.. "urgh! broccoli!! what's that smell like!! must be gross!!" noooooooooo common perception, but it doesn't really have any strong smell. I can smell it, very faintly, a very nice refreshing, soothing smell of freshness. Nothing gross!! I like broccoli!! And, they have awesome properties that are anti carcinogenic. =) Yes, that's right.. Broccoli fights cancer... as preventative measures, though!!

4) Garnier Ambre Solaire Very High SPF30+ (50ml)
I bought this at Priceline for AU$3.99, and this was the first sunscreen I used before I got any of those listed above. It was okay, but now I prefer to use this one on other areas than my face. It only says SPF30+, then what about the UVA protection? =S But apart from that, I think this one is a nice little bottle you can carry around. It doesn't go on as greasy as those other sunscreens, it feels like a thicker moisturiser with spf, but not so thick that leaves a white cast. No it doesn't. It glides on smooth, and I think it's quite a handy one if you just want to get one from the local stores rather than online. This is okay, but I still would rather use other sunscreens that are meant for the face, just because the texture and the blendability are different.

Alright, what a post... I should stop here, for now... if not, this would be way too long! Don't want to strain your eyes.... So I'll do another post on Face Sunscreens Edition 2 on the products I think are good and why. =) Till next time, goodnight!