October 25, 2011

Weekend in Photos: 2nd last week of October

The weekend went by so fast I barely had time to catch my breath…

First… I trimmed my dog… well, he’s shedding and so… that’s a bag full of his hair and he stillll looks fluffy.


And for those who’ve been following me on twitter, you know I recently bought a 30 pack Roti Paratha aka Roti Prata aka Roti Canai and been craving them… and fact that they’re so damn easy to cook doesn’t help… cause I’d be wanting them every night!! BOOYEAH!

(Warning: Photos Heavy)

October 24, 2011

Ella Bache Myer Brisbane City Opening

Something about a new store, a launch, a new beginning that always excites me and this rush of little bubbles of excitement came over me when I took my mum to Ella Bache new store in Myer Brisbane City for their new salon opening on Tuesday 18th October.

And yes, if you’re wondering, the girl in the photos is indeed Jessica Watson.


I’m sure each and everyone of you have heard of the name, Ella Bache. However for those who are not aware…

“Because no two skins are alike” – Ella Bache

October 21, 2011

Random Snippets of the Recent Weeks

I’m back in Brisbane… and Dear Gods of Thunder and Rain and the Sun, could you tell me what’s up with the weather here?

I’ve been battling sore throats in the morning and feeling hot and cold at other times of the day. I can feel my body is holding up trying not to fall sick!

Weekend is coming up fast again and I thought I might just share a little snippets of some of the random things in my life as of recent weeks.




And as you could see… I’ve had a haircut and ended up with the full bangs. It’s a long bangs so at times I can also push them to the side and have side bangs. For some reason my hair has a mind of its own and moves to different directions throughout the day. The bangs grow pretty fast, as well, so I might have to wear it only sideway pretty soon until I get them trimmed again.

Hope you all been well.