February 25, 2011

31 New Hair Ideas for 2011: allure.com

31 New Hair Ideas for 2011: allure.com

February 20, 2011

Review: My Scheming Grape Seed Extract Mask

It was the super fast weekend and I tested out my 2nd My Scheming mask. This time in Grape Seed Extract. I wasn't sure what to expect but I wasn't disappointed at the end. Another success, could this be a face sheet mask brand I could always rely on? I'll probably test another some other time - to decide.

So on to the review...

- Description -
Oligomenic Proanthocyanidins, the main ingredient of grape seed extract possesses good effects on preventing and smoothening wrinkles, and restraining aging. Grape seed extract is a good anti-oxidant and stabilizes collagen. Natural plant extracts are added in the mask to enhance and supplement skin moisture which may be lost in the day.

- Ingredient -

Collagen, Polyphenols, Xantham Gum, 1,3-Butylene Glycol, Grape Seed Extract, Monopropylene Glycol, Propylene Glycol, Cucumber extract, Glycerine, Disodium Edta, Methyl paraben, Sorbeth-30, Methylisothiazolinone, Water

- Direction of use -
After cleansing, remove pearl paper and place the mask over your face. Press it lightly onto your face. Leave on for about 15-20 minutes. Remove the mask. Pat and leave for essence to absorb.

Made in Taiwan.

What did I do?

1) Open the sachet
Expect to see something like this

2) Gently take out the pearl paper or sheet mask or whatever you want to call it
It will come out folded as shown in the picture. Just beware, it really IS soaking dripping wet in essence.

3) Gently unfold it ...
4) Place the mask over your face... pressing it gently and massaging the essence on your skin. You can leave this on for 15-20 minutes as the direction states, but, being me I like to leave this sort of mask on for about an hour. So that's what I did! I left it on for 1 whole hour! And I can't believe I'm about to share with all of you what I look like for that 1 whole hour...

Yeah, creepy, I know... anyway moving on...

Unfortunately, I had no idea what went wrong with my camera but I did take photos of my skin after the mask. But it was not saved somehow! I could not find it anywhere! Gone! Zilch! So I'm sorry but I don't have an after photo... yet I can tell you my thoughts on it... read on...

Verdict: 4.5/5

Skin felt soft and smoothened after use of the mask. The essence would get absorbed into your skin pretty fast (maybe because I left it on for 1 hour) after you remove the mask. In an instant, you felt that your skin was brightened and much plumper. You feel like pinching and feeling your cheeks because it felt like baby's bottoms. One note that gives this mask a slightly different experience compared to the Caviar extract, that with this one my skin felt as though it needed moisturiser to seal in the essence that has absorbed into the skin. While the Caviar extract felt like you did not need moisturiser. However, when I applied moisturiser after this Grape Seed extract, my moisturiser seemed to take longer to absorb into my skin compared to after using the Caviar extract. - Gosh, did that explanation even make sense at all?

This stuff smells good too, by the way. It is not sticky either.

So maybe you're wondering, what on earth is Oligomeric Proanthocyanidins that is supposed to be in this mask, right? Well, let me tell you a bit about it.

OP, let's just call it OP, saves us from trying to spell this amazingly long scientific antioxidant name all the time. Yes, as I've just mentioned, it is an antioxidant - a potent one at that. It is usually extracted from Grape Seed (hence this mask is named after), Red Wine or Pine bark. It is bioavailable - meaning that it is readily absorbed into the body.

It is a water-soluble bioflavanoids - complex organic plant compounds that are found mostly in fruits, vegetables and certain tree barks. They are powerful antioxidants and assist in influencing the body immune system to fight all the bad stuff such as infection, allergies, and inflammation.

Now, OP is considered to be the most potent antioxidant of them all! Other benefits of OP include supporting the production of collagen and elastin. And we all know by now that collagen and elastin helps with maintaining the goodness and elasticity of our skin. Very beneficial indeed!!

An interesting fact: OP can also prevent heart disease by maintaining capillary health! (Of course this is related to those "if" they take OP as supplements) - we are talking about face masks here.

Alrighty, enough of the science talk - I shall let you all continue with your what it is you are meant to do right now... be it sleeping, waking up, eating lunch or dinner or what not... or doing homeworks! Do your homeworks, peeps! Hahaha...

Hope this review is useful and all products mentioned were purchased by me, none were sponsored in any way.

Hope you all have a good week ahead!

x to the o to the x to o,

February 19, 2011

TAG: What is...

If I were to rename my blog, or maybe even name something along the line of describing my own life... it might be along the words of milk tea, soy mocha, rain, raining, kites and well... many things!

Ok so that was random... maybe I could just rename it all randombilia ... or randomsom... haha!

So I came across this TAG from http://www.pinklavenders.com/ and liked it - so I figured I do one here!! Something fun for the weekend, why not? =)

Let's get to it, shall we?

1) Why did you create this blog?

To record. Simply that. So that I can keep track of products I have initially liked then disliked or disliked then liked...

But I think this has developed to something a little bit more than merely keeping track of things I have tried. This is also about sharing my experiences and helping people of similar skin types along the way, being a beauty blog and all.

2) What kind of blogs do you follow?

Beauty, fashion, and life randomness ...

3) Favorite makeup brand?

Maybelline, MAC, Guerlain, Hourglass, Dior...
NYX (only for their slim pencil eyeliners and color makeup, not base makeup)
Asian brands such as The Face Shop, Coffret D'Or...

4) Favorite clothing brand?

Uhm, I'm not too fussed about a particular brand, really... I look more into the style, material, quality and price when I purchase them. But if I could I'd get my clothes from:

Cheap Monday, Alexander Wang, Lanvin for H&M, Levi Strauss, J Brand, Witchery, Stella McCartney, Acne, Forever 21... list goes on!

5) Your indispensable makeup product?

Nothing is indispensable! hahaha! Wait, wait, lemme think...
The honor might have to go to concealer. I can't think of any other products that, if I were to just grab 1 product what would it be? ... Yeah, it would most likely be either my Hourglass concealer or Maybelline Mineral Powder concealer. Both are multifunctional, to me.

6) Your favorite color?

Camel Beige, neutrals (white, vanilla, taupe, caramel colors, grey) but I also like yellow and periwinkle blue or lilac or baby pinks hahaha... apricot/peach colors too. and red. hahaha... I like many colors, depends on what.

7) Your perfume?

Versace Woman, Kate Moss, Kenzo Flower, YSL Paris, Davidoff Cool Water,
and this Kenzo I don't know what it's called...
And this Chloe... in original.
8) Your favorite film?

I like smart witty movies that leaves me guessing until the end as I've seen quite a number of movies a lot of storylines have become quite predictable. I like action movies, add sprinkles of romance wouldn't hurt either. Though sometimes I'd just lay back and watch some easygoing chick flick such as "I hate love storys". Then there would be times where I'd watch movies such as "Once upon a time in Mumbai" (Bollywood), "The Kite Runner", "Inception", "X-Men: Wolverine", "Ip Man" (Hong Kong), "The Classic" (Korean), "Tazza" (Korean), "Ajuhssi" (Korean), "Ajuhssi" (Korean), "Dororo" (Japanese), "Yuuki" (Japanese), "Dealova" (Indonesian), "Ada Apa Dengan Cinta" (Indonesian), "The Italian Job", "Salt"...

9) What country would you like to visit and why.

Greece, Japan, Thailand, Malaysia, Germany, Italy, England, US, Canada, China, India, France...
and I'd definitely revisit Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, New Zealand...
Why? I really like to immerse myself in cultures and languages and to see the wonders of the world...

10) Make up the last question and answer.

What book are you currently reading?
A Thousand Splendid Suns.
My friend lent this to me and I just recently started reading it. I'm not even a quarter into the entire book and so much have happened, I'm absorbing all of it with a thirst for more. Really liking it so far =) It's about this 15-year-old girl named Mariam, had no choice and was married off, and sent to Kabul.
Note: Kabul is the capital and largest city of Afghanistan, located in Kabul province. Kabul is over 3,500 years old!

And there you have it...

I tag anyone who wants to do this and let me know in the comment below if I have interest you to take part in doing this tag.

Have a splendid weekend. Till next blog post...


NOTW: I Like to Mauve It

I like to Mauve it, Mauve it... We like to... Mauve it!!

If I would to name a nail polish of such colour - this would be it.

How's everyone's Friday or Saturday been? The weekend is here and it is bright and sunny sunshine over here in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. I swear... I sweat merely from breathing and sitting. Ugh.
Apart from that, I guess it's perfect time for those who wants a natural tans but me? Oh goodness, I think it took me too long to finally get back to my natural skin color. Back then I used to be way tanner, like, seriously.
Anyway, enough of me rambling... here's what I have on my nails - I just did them last night.

So this is a Korean nail polish, a random find at a Korean boutique in the city. It was inexpensive so I got it because I was just attracted to the color so much I could not resist. However, mind you, I purchased this many months ago. I just never really use it much... not as much as my MAC In The Buff ... and MAC Brown Bag, some of you out there who knows me personally would know what I mean. Hence I figured I gave it a chance and it's not bad! I've only had this for a day, so we'll see how long this will last.

What I did:

1 - Apply OPI Natural Nail Base Coat

2 - Apply Diana in 1302 Dark Violet (literal meaning of the Korean words there)
(1 coat may be enough for some people, but I wanted it slightly darker or more opaque so I applied 2 coats.

3 - Let it set/dry

4 - Apply Missha nail polish in BE01 - just 1 coat is enough. - I only applied to my ring finger.

5 - Let it set/dry

6 - Apply Seche Vite Top Coat

and you're DONE!

What I think of it...:

- super inexpensive
- may be hard to find
- applies smoothly
- color shows up even with just 1 coat though if a truer color is desired, a 2nd coat may be applied
- brush is easy to manouver
- not streaky
- no funky smell

Liking it so far, I mean, can't beat the fact that this cost way less than a fraction of 1 OPI nail polish here in Australia! And still produce result like such.

SO here's a last look - this time taken outside under the sun and no flash.

Soon to be: 100 Followers Giveaway


EDIT: Oh my!! 101 now!! Wow!! You guys made my day!!! Big time!!

How's everybody been?? Wellll I notice my followers list is slowly growing and I thought I'd do a giveaway when it reaches 100! To thank you all for supporting and visiting and commenting and just following my blog!

So stay tune and follow my blog to get the latest news on this upcoming giveaway!

Till then, keep smiling and sweet dreams!

Big things don't just happen with no dreams =)

February 16, 2011

I Want... my nails dipped in...

Sometimes it's hard just naming nail polishes, so I thought I share what nail polishes I have in mind... lately and as of this moment. There are more but hmmm... in terms of nail polishes, I am after...
China Glaze "Channelesque" - dusty mauve grey
Essie "Lapis of Luxury"
- a dreamy ocean blue, but I rather call it periwinkle blue or forget-me-nots blue
OPI Samoan Sand
- it's like a nude beige leaning towards yellow but beige nude.
As you can see, the ones with pink dots are the ones I want! Hahaha...

OPI Katy Perry
- Black Shatter
- Teenage Dream
OPI Texas
San Tan-tonio
honey caramel colour

OPI Burlesque

So yeah... oh wait! There are 2 more:

- MAC Soiree (from the Cham Pale collection)
- Mecca Cosmetica Helen (pastel yellow but oh so yummy kind of color)

Yeaapppp... that's it for now...
What are you wearing on your nails right now? What color are you after? Let me know, down below.

signing out,

Review: My Scheming Caviar Extract Mask

How was everyone's Valentine's? How's everyone's week been anyway? I woke up with a really aching right shoulder/back, where my shoulder blade should be and I guessed the muscle had somehow tensed up and it's aching pretty badly that I cannot turn my head to my right! Argh!

Putting that aside, I purchased sheet masks for the first time yesterday and tried it last night and was surprised by the after face! So which mask did I try?

Brand: My Scheming
Type: Caviar Extract

"Caviar extract regard as "Ocean Diamond" is an excellent anti-oxidant, which contains rich phospholipid, phosphoprotein, human-needed DNA, vitamins and amino acids, enable to activate and renew skin. It gives your skin with moisture and firming by repairing damaged skin and reviving skin function. The mask additionally adds fagus sylvatica extract and vitamin E, which improve normal function of the skin and its activity. Your skin can be mild and tender as infant."

Caviar, Vitamin E, Sodium Hyaluronate, Lecithin, Fagus sylvatica extract, Xanthan gum, 1,3-Butylene glycol, cucumber extract, Hydroxyethyl urea, Biosaccharide gum, Scleroglucan, Polyquaternium-39, Triethanolamine, Ethoxydiglycol, Disodium Edta, Water

Direction of use
After cleansing, remove pearl paper and place the mask over your face. Press it lightly onto your face. Leave on for about 15-20 minutes. Remove the mask. Pat and leave for essence to absorb.

Made in Taiwan.

So what exactly did I do? Hahaha I actually didn't read the directions and just use it, well it's no rocket science, really...

1) Open the sachet
2) Gently take out the essence-soaked mask sheet paper - be gentle and careful, as you do not want to tear it. It will come out folded as seen in the following picture...
3) Carefully unfold it to reveal the face of a ghost... hah, no, really, look at it
One thing about this mask is that, the pearl paper sheet is actually held by a plastic sheet like this...
So when you remove the mask, you actually are slowly peeling it off this "template". Pretty neat, I'd say. This should prevent it from sticking together and tearing to pieces before it travels to your face. I like this little extra care they put in the mask.

Next, place it over your face... this may be tricky, cause it is soaking wet and the shape is almost never ever suit your face hahaha... but this one was not so bad considering it reaches my entire face. But!! but!! There's always a but, isn't there... but the nose past was not long/large enough to cover my... well... nose. And the section under the nose and above your lips (also called the philtrum) - the sheet is too large that even after folding it it still covers my entire upper lip! Was it even meant to go all the way over my lips? But if I nudge it upwards, I would not be able to breathe! Hah!

Yeah, look at that sexy face, kind of creepy, don't you think? Saggy cheeks and missing upper lip... Ghastly ghost, indeed!

So I just read that you're supposed to leave that on for 15-20 minutes? Hahaha stuff that, I left it on pretty long so to ensure all the essence got soaked into my skin, I'd hate throwing the stuff out when it's still soaking wet! So I ended up leaving it on for 1 hour. Yeah I was walking around in the house with that on... My dog even had his eyes on me wondering "Oh is that a new ghost in the house" look...

After 1 hour... I removed the mask and I was blinded by my own face. No, literally... it was... bright. I couldn't believe it, my face was lighter than my body, wth! Can you see it...? It was more prominent last night, in person, straight after the mask was removed.

Verdict: 4.5/5
Surprisingly I enjoyed my experience with this mask. It smells nice even though this is going to be pretty difficult describing the scent - it was relaxing and refreshing at the same time, if that makes sense. It smells good, something luxurious sort of. The essence was not sticky at all! It was in fact, silky! My skin felt smooth and plump and brightened after use. The essence are absorbed nicely after the sheet is removed from your face, instead of leaving an oil spill on your face.
The next morning, my face looks red-less and still looks plump, although the brightening effect has subsided, thank goodness... I wouldn't want to be a lamp walking around.
Only thing is the sizing, that area sort of annoyed me a little when I used it, that area under my nose, since I was breathing onto it as well hahaha... I don't know why they made it so huge!
Apart from that, I'd repurchase, why not... when my skin is in need of an extra tlc. Plus, sheet masks are easy to use!

Hope this review was useful to those thinking of trying out sheet masks or trying out this brand. Feel free to ask any question or request a review.

signing out

February 15, 2011

What I got up to today

So I thought it was gonna be hot today, since it was rather humid and hot before I left the house... so I decided to wear... sleeveless top and jeans. Then it started pouring... and they completely went full blast with the air conditioner on the train. Gosh! I had goosebumps all over! Hahaha...

Anyway, so here's a little peek of what I wore today... with honorary mention of MAC Style blush! Oh how much I've tanned this summer... though it's actually not as tan as I used to be! I've even hold back the process by slapping on sunscreen and tried to stay in the shade but... ah well... I'll be fair again once autumn/winter hits.

MAC website describes it as (credit to maccosmetics.com.au; price is in AUD) ... bright coral-peach? I'd just say it's straight orange but it comes out peachy on me and au naturale!

You can probably see it better in this angle? (Note: I had MAC Golden Bronzing Powder as contour)
So anyway my friend and I thought we checked out this store called The Cube at Sunnybank. I've been there before, many times, but this store always changes in products they sell... well, because the way the store is laid out is that... there are cubes sections in which you can rent out to sell your products. So there are an array of products being sold there, namely Asian cosmetics. So I picked up these sheet masks - since I don't have any sheet masks and never tried these before!! I got a set of 3 for $6.60. I'd just try these first before committing to buying a whole box of them, don't you think?
And I really think the packaging is just so cute... so here's a close up...

So yeah! That's pretty much it for the masks, since I haven't used them yet! I probably try one tonight and see how it feels! Fingers cross my skin likes them!!

Do you use face masks? If so, which one you like?

signing out,

February 14, 2011

What's in my makeup case

Hi everyone! Hope you all have a lovely day today. You know, one of Hallmark's famous day that's filled with roses and flowers and balloons and chocolates.

I thought I do a quick blog just to share what's in my makeup bag aka pouch, well it's a zip-up case thing...
My sister got this when she went to Malaysia and I now use it as a makeup case =) really liking it! Well, the little green turtle charm - I got it when I went to Singapore a year ago hahaha... too cute to not put him there...
What's inside...?
  • cotton tips / q-tips - handy when you need to fix something up or I don't know, just in case stuff
  • Hourglass concealer (in shade Pearl) - creamy and pigmented concealer that blends like a dream with brightening and highlighting properties. multipurpose!
  • Softlips lip balm (in French Vanilla) - keeps my lips soft and I really like the menthol feel on my lips when I apply it
  • NYX lipliner (in Natural) - when I need my lips to be more defined, especially during work days when I'm feeling a little bit blah... plus, it's close to my natural lip colour (yes, my lip is quite naturally pigmented)
  • NYX eyeliner (in Dark Brown) - been loving using dark brown shade for tightlining my upper lashline, natural yet effective!
  • A pen =) (this one is in blue black color ink!) - aah, I never know when I have something in mind that I need to write down or I need to sign something hahaha
  • Grown Vanilla & Orange Peel Hand Cream - when my hands feel a need of extra moisture or after washing my hands
  • AU$2 coin (LOL! just in case I need a change... ==" )
  • Eye drops (those single tubes)
  • Contact lens solution
  • House keys (with key covers)
  • Atomiser (contains Versace Woman) - smells goooddd
  • Oral B Satin tape strips - for those moments when something's in between your teeth hahaha
  • Maybelline Dream Matte Powder (in Fair) - HG!
  • Pocket tissues
A closer look of the lipliner...
And swatch of the eyeliner (Dark Brown), lipliner (Natural), concealer (Pearl)

Alrighty!! That's it! All wrapped! What's in your current makeup case? =) Leave a comment below or blog about it...?

Have a great week everyone!

By the way, my new blog on anything about life and style is up and running, you can check it out at:

February 12, 2011

New Blog In Onsugar

I have created a new blog in onsugar.com - well I've had an account with them for quite some time I just never had an open public blog until tonight and I thought it is just an appropriate time to start. It's more on life and style - thought you guys would like to check it out? Here's the link =)


Do comment - if you happen to come visit I love to hear from all of you.


Create Your Style with Looklet.com

Note: Heavy pictures ahead!

Style - what is it? Considering that everybody has their own styles and you notice how some people have their signature style? Well... what if you could truly show that in 2D in few easy steps?

Roseanne from roseannetangrs (youtube) and roseannebeauty in onsugar blog mentioned this website which I must admit, I got hooked to it for quite a couple of hours tonight! As soon as I heard, designing and styling your own models and having able to choose your models and everything... Omgosh... I was like, hysterical... not literally, but inside my heart I was.

The website is Looklet (http://www.looklet.com)

What is it?
It's not quite a game, but remember when you were young you used to play dress ups and things on dolls? Well, this is virtual application that allows you to do that just a click away... using your fingertips!!

Choose your model...
Choose your background...
Or even at the beach...
You can even apply effects onto the selected background!

So what are you waiting for? Create your own ;)

I'm thinking though, if I had my own label what would I name it... Anyway, I came up with some looks...

1) Model: Emmy

Feeling that old sweater is not good enough? No it ain't... sweater is so in right now hehehe... at least, I'll make it "in" by wearing it and dress it up with a necklace ;)

My kind of autumn wear... if I had to design one hehehe...
And oh Mulberry Mulberry...
Check out that shoe!! And that bag is timeless... and I couldn't help but do another look with it.
I got carried away... and...

And check out the heels on this pair of shoes... Maannn those heels aren't made for walking or what! Hahahaha...

Alrighty, I got soooo carried away and had too much fun. I leave you all to explore the website ;)

Have a great weekend everyone!! Taaaa taaaa~