September 12, 2011

Mani Monday: Rimmel Lively Lilac

Initially I was having trouble naming this post – so I just went with the star of the show, Rimmel Lasting Finish nail polish in the shade 170 Lively Lilac.

The nail polish applies well and so smoothly. With just 1 you could get a nice finish though I usually like to do two coats because I’m more into the opaque finito.

Anni from Haute and Stylish called them “easter eggs”, which never crossed my mind, but I guess it sort of does remind you of easter colours. That was not my intention though! I just thought the colours were nice together. Again I was sort of inspired by colour blocking, so really just playing around with different colours and I love having colours combo like these.





Have a lovely week everyone!

What’s on your nails?



Haute_Style said...

I could eat them all up- om nom nom nom EASTER EGGS!!

In all seriousness- they look gorgeous xoxo

.blushfully. said...

HAHAHAHAHA my hands noo my handss!!! LOL!!!

On another note, thank you you haauuwwttee haaauuwwtte girl you are