February 28, 2014

OMG! SEPHORA ships to Australia!!

Take a look… at the Sephora website! This is amazing news for us Aussies! Game changer, big time! I did manage to screen shot the page. This is the biggest news to hit the Australian Beauty Enthusiasts and Lovers! Been too long have we been dreaming of Sephora and their US prices… compared to our overwhelming Australian prices. But look at it now! I am posting this as soon as I heard of the news!

Screenshot 2014-02-28 21.14.16


Screenshot 2014-02-28 21.14.32



Love y’all!! That’s why I’m sharing this news!

February 27, 2014

Hair Care | AVEDA Dry Remedy Range

There is something I continuously steer away from when it comes to hair care, it is the word ‘dry’ and ‘moisturising’. I have been one of those sceptical kind, due to the fact that my hair has its own personality. My hair is flat, volume-less, oil up fast in the roots and I’m just not too sure what shampoo to use all the time. And it has colour running through it.

Come along this reformulated range from Aveda.

Aveda Dry Remedy range - lifestyle

I’ve heard of Aveda hair care range but I have so far only walked passed it from the outside of Oscar Oscar hair salon. I have not tried it so I was keen to see how this range perform.

On a quest for super-hydrated hair, Aveda, The Art and Science of Pure Flower and Plant Essences, sought inspiration from the moisture-rich forests of Brazil, where a serious solution for parched, brittle strands exists, called buriti oil.

What it is – is a richly moisturising ingredient harvested from the fruit of the Moriche Palm – aka “Tree of Life” – which flourishes in Brazil’s wettest areas. Buriti oil is powerfully hydrating and the key ingredient in this range.

Buriti oil


What’s more:

February 25, 2014

Mecca Cosmetica Wishlist

In no particular order… n_n”


NARS The NARSissist Cheek Palette AU$69
Consists of Devotee (LE highlighter), Orgasm (Blush), Laguna (Bronzer) + Travel Size Blush Brush

‘cause I think this would be the perfect travel friend I could ever need, either for a weekend away or any kind of travel..


Sunday Riley Effortless Breathable Tinted Primer AU$58
’cause I want to try this much talked about primer


Stila Smudge Stick Waterproof Eyeliner AU$32

In shades:-
Damsel (Matte Black Brown)
and maybe some others because I want to try whether they perform as they claimed.


Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush AU$50
in shade “Radiant Magenta”


Any of you has stepped in to Mecca Cosmetica or Mecca Maxima recently? I just did today and found these babies that were lurking from the display stand, calling out my name. I swatched and ooh and aah and walked away thinking about them.

Any of the new collection has caught your attention?


Another one that is not pictured is the NARS The Narsissist Eyeshadow Palette (AU$115)
out of stock in store (Mecca Maxima) and not found in the website either.

February 19, 2014


2014-02-16 08.04.51-1


A voice within me says “You’re f***ed
Yet a part of me keeps going

The words swirl in my head
Like clouds over a hill
I wish I was a wildhorse instead
Running with the wind…

I’ve made many mistakes in the past
How stupid to think about them now
I was lost and found
Lost and found all over again

This year is the turning point
I can feel it
But how…
’How’ is the key word.

It has always been a carousel ride
A never ending ride
I move forward, you pulled me back
Now I battle, with the demons on my back