September 1, 2011

First Inglot Eyeshadows Haul

Exactly a week ago I coincidentally spotted Inglot having a 30% sale on selected items, being me, knowing me, who had been longing for the Inglot Freedom Palettes for the longest time… of course walked right in and resulted in… a little haul. Not much… but I love love love the colours that I just have to share with you.

First Inglot Eyeshadows Haul–Blushfully

I hope you enjoyed the little clip… and let me know if there are some other colours I should look out for. ;p

Freedom System Palette Pro 5 

- 461 (Double Shimmer Nude Beige)
- 451 (Pearl Gunmetal)
- 434 (Pearl Purple Taupe Plum)
- 348 (Matte Dark Grey)
- AMC 65 (Black with Fine Silver Shimmer)

Freedom System Palette Pro3 

- 423 (Pearl Brown Chocolate Plum)
- 399 (Pearl Dark Mauve Pink)
- 467 (Double Shimmer Nude Champagne Highlight)




From L-R: 423, 399, 467, 461, 451, 434, 348, 65

1st of September today – my daddy’s birthday. Happy Birthday Dad…

And may this mark the beginning of the 30 Day Blogging Challenge… and a month to remember.



Anonymous said...

hey, cant see the colours properly in the video! hope you can try to improve the lighting. anyway, think i've got to get me some of the palettes too!! :P


msmadamemakeup said...

I absolutely love ingot ! Not happy about the recent price rise though, great flour choices xx

.blushfully. said...

@zhu/anonymous: hopefully you can see the colours better with the pictures now attached

@msmadamemakeup: i'm loving these eyeshadows, been using them everyday ever since I got them! luckily the store that i go to don't have the price rise, i don't know why, but their prices are still the same... at least for now. lol

Priyanka said...

u finally got them!!!aren't they amazing shadows. Sadly they have increased the price, still they are worth the money:)

Yolanda said...

Yay video! Maybe you can film during the day if you can? I tend to do 3 in one day on the weekend then stagger the uploads :p