December 27, 2013

Review On the Go: Alexami Perfect Puff Minerals–Blush–Coral Pink

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and Boxing Day :) I have a little review for you to take a look at before the year ends.

Quick and easy, simple to apply, fit snugly into your purse and makeup bags – comes this cutest little baby pocket blush by Australian brand “Alexami”.

2013-12-14 07.06.32

This puff is anti-bacterial and it disperses powder evenly through its porous sponge. Little goes a long way with this baby, as with their other mineral powders, they are pure pigments.

2013-12-14 07.10.13

The product has been formulated with Mica, Titanium Dioxide and Iron Oxides. It contains NO:

- No Talc
- No Carmine
- No Silicones
- No Artificial Dyes
- No Bismuth Oxychloride
- No Paraben preservatives
- No Mineral oils and its derivatives
- No Synthetically enhanced FD&C Colours

2013-12-14 07.06.49

2013-12-14 07.07.03

2013-12-14 07.08.17

2013-12-14 07.09.46

2013-12-14 07.13.32

2013-12-14 07.12.47

This is also one of the best trick. Use a clear lipgloss and mix it with the blush and you get your own personalised lip gloss :) For example, this clear (vegan) lip gloss from Alexami.

2013-12-14 07.09.25

2013-12-14 07.12.59

(L-R) Blush on its own; Powder + Clear Lipgloss

2013-12-14 07.12.00

Dab, dab, dab, and you’re good to go :)

Pigmented, easily blendable, longlasting, non toxic, cruelty free, Australian, what more could you ask for? And it retails for only $34.95. Excellente!

Does it have Blushfully’s Friendly approval!? Yes!!



Available online or at your local Alexami eco beautique.


Disclaimer: Product mentioned was provided as per request for review consideration.

December 13, 2013

Alexami Facial Mitt and its bestfriend, the Lemon Myrtle Tea Tree Handmade Soap

Let me tell you something, when one product works wonderfully well with another, you may call it a miracle, I may call it, they were meant to be. This is exactly the case of that. From the moment I saw it, seen how it worked, I just could not argue. These products are here to stay, in the Blushfully’s book of beauty goodness.



This is a handmade soap from the brand Alexami, an Australian made mineral makeup and certified organic skincare line. They may be new in the radar (launched in 2009), but already making quite a mark in the beauty industry with their strong focus on empowering and educating women. They strongly believe that beauty should be simple, and what we put on our skin should be in harmony with what Mother Nature has given us (quote: Alexami Story). I couldn’t agree more!

Carrying a variety of other handmade soap, this Lemon Myrtle & Tea Tree in particular is a special one. In my eyes, anyway. Not only that the base of it is coconut oil – yum, you know I love coconut. It smells divine… and it is also anti-bacterial, making it perfect for hand washing and body washing to rid of all the dirt, germs and grime. I, in particular, love using this to clean my makeup brushes… and this special (dirty in the photo) facial mitt.


This facial mitt has the pH level of that similar to your skin! 5.5! It is made of corn fabric and silk, which makes it a super nice exfoliating mitt without being too harsh on the skin. It also, as seen in the above photo, helps to remove all the dirt and foundation. It really takes it all off! Yay!

But what to do now, now that it’s all gross like that? I use the hard soap. Lather it, massage it well with the mitt… and…



Clean as brand new again! How amazing is that! No magic involved, I promise you…


If you’re interested in purchasing these, you can head over to their website at or you can visit their first pop up ecobeautique at Level 1, Westfield Carindale, in between Forever New and Glassons.

Facial Mitt: AU$8.95

Soap: AU$6.95

Whether it is for yourself or as gifts, they are inexpensive and might as well be a staple in your beauty cabinet ;)





Disclaimer: The products were provided as requested for review consideration. No monetary compensation was involved in the making of this review. As always, I genuinely enjoy the products and like them. Just here to share the love :)

December 6, 2013

Alexami Cosmetics Eco Beautique Opens @ Westfield Carindale

DRUM ROLL please…

Let me introduce you to the newest pop up in the new classy Westfield Carindale,

an Australian owned, Australian made

Botanicals based cosmetics that you really should look out for!

and the WINNER of 2014 Natural Beauty Award by Nature & Health for their 3 in 1 Pumpkin Enzyme Facial Polish



The brand is based on active botanicals and non-toxic, safe cosmetics. Not only it is good for you, it is also good for the environment. Their mission is simple, work with what mother nature gives us. To look and feel good, it has to come from inside and outside, this is where Alexami is there to educate, empower and engage women in looking after themselves… simply.

For those of you who have followed for these years, you would know that my philosophy is around the same page. Of the fact that “one of the things that make one happy.. is clear skin” and my other one “makeup for everyday women should still be you, just better.” To not compromise on quality and to not have to pay overpriced quality products… are something I always look forward to.


This is a new concept boutique with all things eco friendly and amazingly designed wood cabinets and materials. Recycled and biodegradable materials were also used in their packaging and display stands. Hence the term …

“eco beautique”

2013-12-05 09.45.41

2013-12-05 09.46.06

2013-12-05 09.46.30

2013-12-05 09.47.41

2013-12-05 09.45.31

If you happen to come by Westfield Carindale, do come by and check it out. There are some amazing specials going on at the moment during this holiday season.

I suggest starting with their skincare package deals

Basic Essentials Package


Or the ultimate essentials you need for your skin, which is

Ultimate Hydration Complete Package


At the moment, you can also get an extra free toner and free eva travel cosmetics pouch (which is super duper soft and amazing, to be honest with you).

Feel free to check out their website at

Or email them directly at

or visit the store at Westfield Carindale on level 1 (easiest way is to find The Coffee Club or Forever New and you would find the store).


With love,



Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post – I do from time to time, post “what’s new in brisbane” topics

November 14, 2013

Blushfully Eats “Bagels”

2013-10-30 15.00.06

There’s something about bagel. I mean it, at least for me. Perhaps it’s the texture. Perhaps it’s the cute odd shape. Although, knowing me, it’s most likely be about the taste… and fascination.

November 4, 2013

Ingredipedia–Herb of the Day “Sage”

I thought I would start of with one of my favourite herb – the one herb that seems to be popping up constantly in the face products my skin seems to love.


Also known as Salvia officinalis


What’s in the name
The name ‘salvia’ and ‘sage’ are derived from the Latin salvere (to save).

November 2, 2013

Happy 100th Years, Bollywood!

Bollywood is a 100 years old this year! May I just say… Wow! For someone who grew up watching Bollywood films on tv, it holds a dear spot in my heart.

The term ‘Bollywood’ is actually not referring to the whole of Indian cinema. Rather, it is a Hindi-language film industry that is based in Mumbai (Bombay). Since it is the largest production there and one of the largest in the world, the term sticks around, as we all know it now. For example, you can get Gujarati cinema, Bengali cinema, Malayalam cinema, Punjabi cinema, Rajasthani, Telugu, Tamil, and many other.

I would like to take this time to just point out some of the best things out of Bollywood… The makeup, the styling, the fashion, and just the beauty! I find it inspiring and it is good to be aware of the different style of looks they often carry in comparison to the more Western looks. The intricacy, the details are just magnificent. I just love getting inspired from all around everywhere. Well, and who can leave out their catchy, oh-I’m-so-guilty of liking their randomness at bursting into songs and dance.

To inspire and be inspired…

Aishwarya Rai



Madhuri Dixit

Rani Mukherjee


Anushka Sharma


Sonam Kapoor


Asin Thottumkal

Asin Unseen Photoshoot (1)


Happy 100th Years, Bollywood!

Warm wishes to many more successful years to come



PS: Some of my favourite Bollywood movies that I would recommend you check out:

Bhaag Milkha Bhaag – a must watch!
Black amazing! Inspired by Helen Keller story
Barfi, Jodha Akbar, Ghajini, Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi, Lagaan, 3 Idiots, Devdas

October 24, 2013


I thought I’d start a new series – and I am calling it “Ingredipedia” or “Ingredipedia Time”, still considering whether to include the “Time” word or not. The idea is to introduce, talk about, give you an idea of the ingredients that are probable to be used in a product. It is a combination of the words “ingredients” + “encyclopedia” hence the “ingredipedia”. Perhaps it’s the science/research self in me that inspired me but also just to share with you, knowledge that should be more readily provided instead of being hidden away.

I hope you'll join me in this new adventure. I am compiling ingredients all the time nowadays and to understand further the benefits/dangers of each ingredient. Some may be harder to find information on than some others. Along the way, I hope that we can give feedback to one another.

Most parts I am interested in the herbal/plants nutrients ingredients, though I would definitely include some of the other non-herbal ones just so we all could understand and learn from it all.

This will be a learning curve for me as well. I am someone who has to write it down or talk about it with others of like-minds for the information to stick. Oh and yes I do enjoy it if the information gets spread around, too.

Some ingredients that will pop up include (but not restricted to):

      • niaouli
      • sage, clary
      • angelica
      • calendula
      • cinnamon
      • bergamot
      • acerola
      • aloe vera
      • tea (black, green, red, white, etc)
      • avocado
      • tocopherol
      • allantoin
      • geranium
      • carrot
      • coconut

and many more I have in mind!!

For each ingredient/herb, I will mention:

      • also known as (its common/scientific names, its other names in other words)
      • where it is found
      • description or perhaps a picture
      • parts used
      • uses (foodwise, medicinal or cosmetics-wise)
      • contains…
      • what it does/its actions

What do you think? Would you be interested for me to gather this and make it an “ingredipedia”?

Any suggestion is welcomed :)

This will be a long and winding road, I can just feel it… but one has got to start somewhere, right!?


Also, would you like me to still have this series here or publish it on a different blog?



PS. The word has been created by me to describe the topics I am about to cover in future posts

October 22, 2013 Wishlist


1. Artdeco Bronzing Glow Blusher

Look at the detail on this blush! Want. It.

2. Artdeco Colour & Art Blusher

3. Urban Decay Naked Skin Weightless Ultra Definition Make Up

Heard great things about it and I’m a foundation addict, so this would be nice to try

4. Urban Decay Black Market 24/7 Glide On Eye Pencil 6 Piece Collection

5. Urban Decay Vice 2 Palette

6. Japonesque brushes – this one is the 150 degrees Contour brush

Not only a makeup addict but also brushes collector, I can imagine my love for this brush already

7. Artdeco Bronzing Powder Art Design 13

Just like the blusher, oh my, this bronzer… makes me just want to look at it and smile.


Other brands/things that interest me from include: Louise Young brushes… CargoCloud Nine… ok, I won’t go on.

Hope everyone is having a lovely week.


October 14, 2013

Mani Monday: Speckled Barracuda



Base: Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure – Barracuda

Application is slightly streaky and thin on first coat. It takes about 2-3 coats for a nice opaque blue that we are all going after. This is a baby blue creme shade.

Top: Sally Hansen Fuzzy Coat – Wool Lite

First application may leave you only with a few fuzzy bits, but 2-3 coats give it a more crowded fuzzyness.

End Thoughts

Just thought that the combination of the two colours give it such a sweet and fun look for Spring! I have officially fallen in love with this pale baby blue shade, been wearing the shade on its own for few weeks now!



October 10, 2013

Be Gone Tired Eyes! with Clarins NEW Instant Concealer

2013-10-10 14.31.19

Where have you been all my life!? Clarins, I’m impressed!

Though I am not usually one who is too concerned about my under eye, be it wrinkles or lines or dark under eye areas… I am not denying the fact that my under eye area is far from perfect. I get one of those blueish tinge of line that can make me look forever tired (un-fresh) if I am not careful. I may also get the occasional puffiness. I have now started using eye cream, but that’s worth another post. This, however, is worth a mention in an instant!

Clarins Instant Concealer Smoothing, Long-Lasting Revives Tired Eyes

This skin-smoothing formula visibly conceals dark circles for a brighter, even and refreshed look throughout the day. Medium to full coverage.

A cream concealer that instantly refreshes the eyes, hides dark circles, smooths and soothes the eye contour, reducing puffiness to illuminate the eyes in a single step, with a result that lasts all day long.

The concealer’s colour works on the surface like a ‘veil’. Its hue is opposite of that of the dark circle so that it ‘neutralizes’ the dark circle and allows the skin to regain a natural looking skin-tone.

Made in France


Price AU$38

Comes in shades: 01 Light, 02 Medium, 03 Dark

Now to surprise the heck out of myself and you… The shade I have is in 03 Dark and it works. I mean it, I am schocked!!


It comes in a no fuss 15ml tube, I have had no clogging or issue whatsoever. Sturdy screw cap too and you need tiny bit each time.

2013-10-10 14.38.03

Bare face – bare eyes

2013-10-10 14.39.07

Dab few dots on the blueish areas (which happens to be my main concerns, the areas I want to cancel out and conceal)

2013-10-10 14.39.59

2013-10-10 14.40.30

And wah-lah!


Hope this has been helpful for those who may be on the look out for a new under eye concealer, or those with similar concern about their under eye areas.


Available this October – NOW


Disclaimer: The product has been provided for review consideration. Honest review always. No photoshopping involved. It speaks for itself.

Current Favourite Nail Colours


How did I end up with loving these shades this September/October Spring months… I can’t exactly tell you, I just know I love them so much that I keep rotating these shades during these couple of months. Seriously!

OPI Dulce de Leche

Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in Cerise

Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in Barracuda




Have you ever just get obsessed over some colours? And yes, all finishes are of the ‘creme’ finish.

These are the colours I am utterly obsessing over at this current time! Australian summer has proven to come much faster by skipping Spring altogether… some days it feels so.



October 7, 2013

Mani Monday: Beating the Blues with Pacific Blue




Lately I’ve been on a quest to get the blues of the blues in nail polishes. Something about the coolness of it against my warm skin that makes me go “ooh” or others go “what a colour!”

This is nonetheless, a gorgeous blue shade by the name Pacific Blue from Sally Hansen.

Perfect for Spring, Summer or anytime you just want to beat the Monday Blues. I look at my nails and smile. Really.