September 30, 2011

A Little Away

Hi guys,

Just a note..
I'm away visiting my family and relatives overseas at the moment. So there won't be any much tweets and if I don't reply to your tweet, don't be heartbroken, I do read it... It's just that I can't reply via twitter. My current internet connection here only enables me to email and bbm (blackberry messenger).

I will be back in around a week time.

Meanwhile, #FF to all my lovely twitter fwens:
@kxtran @haute_stylish @hipnhaute @y_o_l_l_y @jfunnyvalentine @memybestandi @plasticdiaries @youvegotnail @beatideas @roseannetangrs @beautyswatch @fortheloveofme @emilyquak @chaigyaru @pinkribbonsjen @AdelineEr @pinkdivamua and so many more... That I'm sure I'll constantly mention in time. It's tricky trying to remember everybody's twitter names :( do post yours in the comment I'd love to add you all in the list :)

Love you all and will tweet back with you then!

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Tram said...

Awww you can't reply on Twitter? :(

Have a safe and wonderful trip!!


Fables in Fashion said...

Hi Cendana! Sad I didn't get a chance to meet you properly at ABBW, but really glad I now have the chance to follow and read your blog :) Look forward to you coming back so I can read future posts! :D

SilhouetteScreams said...

Have a great time with your fam. <3

Pop Champagne said...

have a great time with your family!! :)

a!k0 said...

:D YAY for family time. Have a great weekend!