September 14, 2011

First Visit to Aesop Queens Plaza Brisbane

I had the chance to pop in to Aesop store at Queens Plaza yesterday, it’s the one on Adelaide St next to the other stores like Zimmerman and G-Star – yeap, that side of the mall. I popped in because of recommendation from a dear friend (whose skin is one to envy, seriously!)… Truth be told, my skin’s been acting up again recently perhaps from the high wind and sudden sunshine. Who knows! For what I know my skin is temperamental.

So I entered the store, not exactly sure what to expect (it was my very first visit to Aesop). The girl, I-Wen (pronounced: Ee-wuhn) greeted me. And boy oh boy her skin! That’s what I noticed right away, her skin is flawless – oh my goodness. I told her that I’m looking for a new skincare range because my skin’s been acting up lately and been recommended to check out Aesop. I was then surprised at her first question, “Where are you based? Are you based here in Brisbane?” She has got to be the very first skincare consultant to ask me that question and I agree that it does make such a difference. Where you are living currently does play a part in the way your skin is reacting. At least to my skin it does. I know I was oily skinned before I came to Australia and now that I am here my skin tends to get dry and sensitive and dehydrated and at times, oily. I think that recent increase in oil and grease were actually caused by certain products I was trying out.

Annnnyway back to Aesop.

First she tried the cleansing oil on the back of my right hand. Then she tried the cream cleanser on my left. To my horror, we both realised how dry my hands were – that’s the first time I have dry hands I can see the wrinkles EW! Okay maybe not so SJP’s hands of death but they’re quite a shock to me whose hands are normally fine. I repeat, it’s NOT like SJP’s hands but I can feel the tightness and dryness… Oh, I’m going to cry!

Then as we chatted she applied the Parsley Seed Antioxidant Toner and Parsley Seed Antioxidant Serum – and if my face was as soft as my hand… I’d seriously… die in peace.

Giving her advice and tips, she recommended that I would wash my face with just water in the morning to try and balance it out. She figured that my skin is quite imbalanced at the moment that’s why it’s acting up and dry and all that. To be honest I am very skeptical about washing my face with just water in the morning but I’ll try it. I will. Close my eyes and just splash water. She also told me that I actually might have normal skin, just that it’s quite reactive to the environments conditions such as weather, season, wind, air con, sun etc etc. Diet and water play a huge part in the condition of your skin too.

In terms of service, I have to say that it was one of the best I have received at a beauty store. She was so friendly, so approachable, understanding and not pushy, and did I mention her skin is fabulous! I find that it truly is a selling point when the staff really knows what she’s talking about and the walking true evidence of the goodness of the product or a brand. She also wanted to me to be very sure with the products first before purchasing instead of trying to sell it off to me in one go and have it returned the next day.

I came home with more samples than I expected (I really cannot wait to try them!) and an information booklet and a price list (yay for price list, I always find it very handy so I can figure out how much I need to fork out or whether I need to spread out the purchases)


I wonder if they really do work wonders… I’m holding my breath here… Will I like them? I’ll get back to you on that…

Queens Plaza
+61 7 3229 1337


Disclaimer: No sponsorship or compensation were made for writing this post. My visit to the store was my own intention in search of new skincare products for my skin.


SilhouetteScreams said...

Wow, you've made me want to visit there! I wonder if they can fix my battlefield chin... :D

Yolanda said...

If the parsley serum didn't smell like parsley I'd use it!