November 30, 2012

Favourite Eyeshadows

Q. Favourite eyeshadows?
A. Well, while I was doing a Q&A for some upcoming posts, I thought I  might as well let you know my thoughts on eyeshadows. This is worth a post on its own. As you will see why.
Not beating around the bush, here are my favourites…by the way, can you believe it, it's the end of November!!
Chanel Illusion D’Ombre – in shades 86 Ebloui, 817 Apparence, 83 Illusoire and one day I shall get my hands on Mirifique;
NARS – at the moment I only own Coconut Grove but definitely be looking into getting the duo in Surabaya and Kuala Lumpur and singles in Mekong and Bali or perhaps the palette someday; I love how I can use Coconut Grove as an eyeliner, eyeshadow and my favourite eyebrow colour!
Gorgeous Cosmetics – colours such as Fudge, Sesame, Charity, Hedgehog;
StilaChampara, Kalahoo, Tolima, Golightly;
Illamasqua – i.e. Neutral Palette* of Stealth, Vintage, Obsidian and Wolf; Obsidian is a matte, longlasting, one of the two blackest black I own and ever tried! Second in place.
Inglot – favourites are the shades 423 and 399
Elizabeth Arden – an oldie but a goodie, this is one of my very first palette that ever purchased and still last till now and I love just using Beech Nut and Sand Dollar together!
Guerlain – The previous matte black Obsidian from Illamasqua is second to this unbeatable black shade from this Guerlain quad of the collection with the embossed bee print on the packaging. Gorgeous shades that speak for themselves.
And some others that you would have seen online would be:
Urban Decay Naked palette (No. 1)
Urban Decay Alice in Wonderland palette (LE 2010)
Becca Eye Tints – Baroque and Gilt would be amazing – but I don’t own any
Laura Mercier Lingerie Eye and Cheek Palette
So there you have it – my favourites of all time that I can always reach any time any occasion and depending on my mood, they do not fail me, ever. I do use Urban Decay Primer Potion underneath anything I put on my eyes though. I love all of these products.
Oh and if you want to ask me anything for upcoming Q&A posts – feel free to do so in the comment section below.
Item marked with * has been sent for review consideration – in this case it is only the Illamasqua Neutral Palette. I have purchased all of the other items myself. All opinions expressed are honest and personal.

November 28, 2012

Simplicite Experience: Exfoliating Face Treatment

Not often you come across a good multitasking, multifunctional product ‘cause when you do, they either do not perform up to standard or they are asking the product to do too much. Although when you do find a good one, as you rarely do, like I rarely do, I fall in love. That’s not the case of one product but of a brand – Simplicite. This time I shall talk to you about the Exfoliating Face Treatment. One of the products I fell in love with in the brand. What is it?
s3-51112 1091

November 26, 2012

How To Make Ondeh Ondeh

s3-51112 189

Aka glutinous pandan rice balls filled with brown palm sugar. It is commonly known as Ondeh Ondeh (own-day own-day) in Malaysia and Singapore; and it is more known as Klepon (kuh-luh-pawn) in Indonesia.

I shall tell you my recipe, being a student and all. Perhaps not the best way to give a recipe but I hope you get it.

You need:

- Glutinous Rice Flour
- Brown Palm Sugar
- Shredded or dessicated coconut
- Pandan essence (preferrably with the green food colouring)
- Water
- Ice cold water for the later process
- Pot to boil water
- Bowls and plate

November 25, 2012

Smooth Feet with emjoi PediSmooth Plus


Hi Sunday! Exactly a month till Christmas! Say, whaaaaa’!?!

Perhaps you need a little Christmas gift idea ? Perhaps, perhaps :)

This portable device came unexpectedly and I was lucky to have received this – to try it out. So do I like it? I would be honest with you, I’m on the fence on this one. One hand says it’s a cool gadget and I really like it, another hand asks me if I would tell you to get it right now… and the answer lies… in… you’ll soon find out why…

November 24, 2012







What am I to do
When he gazes so too
Intently as such, I
Can’t help but melt…


November 23, 2012

Becca 25% OFF this Monday Only!!


OMG! Look! Look! Look!

If you’re like me, and have always wanted to get your hands on some Becca products, this is the perfect time! Though, this is terrible, I’m broke… so I dunno if I would get anything… although, I could recommend you some… on what to get from the line:

- Radiance Primer
I’ve always been interested to try this primer! ‘nuff said. Haha, nah, I mean, it seems like a nice alternative to some of the more hyped up ones out there. It seems like it is better suited to the Australian scene, since Becca being an Australian brand, and its ideal lies in line with my ideals.

- Shimmering Skin Perfector
Lisa Eldridge has talked about it and now I really want it. It literally gives you that lit from within glow as though you have just had the best sleep, rest, spa, facials of your life. I think it is perfect to give you that extra boost on dull days as an instant perk me up. Available in a variety of shades including the latest one called Moonstone.

- Mineral Pressed Powder Foundation
This is an interesting one which got me fascinated right from the first time I tried it on. Pressed mineral? Not messy? Oh yes, please! Its range of shades is amazing too catering to light to even the darkest skin tone to give you that difused flawless look after using their foundation, or use this on your own as a more natural barely there no makeup look.

- Eye Tint
For those who want an easy slap on and blend eye product, this should be it. Comes in nude shades or a more glowy shades and even darker ones to give you that smokey effortless look. However, this product may separate at times, so it needs a little bit of shake before squeezing out. Same goes with their other tints such as the Beach Tint – lovely, but it might separate a little.

- New Radiance Liquid Foundation
Personally, I am interested. However I have not tried it yet. Sad.

- Eyeshadow palettes
They come up with gorgeous shades from time to time in their collections, that I believe would suit all kinds of skin tones.

Have you tried any Becca product? Will you be picking up anything from the sale? Which are your favourites? Any recommendation for those who are just branching out into the brand? Leave your comments below :)


November 22, 2012

Christmas Gift Idea–Part 1 “Burt’s Bees”

This shall be the first of what I plan on doing – Christmas Gift Series. That I hope will help you get some ideas for gifting the people around you, whether it be your co-worker, acquaintances, friends, and families.

Today I bring you Burt’s Bees Gift Packs.

What they have to say

All year round Burt’s Bees is committed to ‘The Greater Good’ philosophy and this year it’s pleased to support AFFORD (Australian Foundation for Disability), helping young people with disabilities by employing them to package up its Christmas gift packs.

With a selection of seven packs to choose from, with four containing exclusive gifts from Melbourne-based fashion and jewellery designer Geneine Honey - Burt’s Bees range of packs make the perfect present for natural beauty lovers this festive season.


Bee Kissed hi-rez

Bee Kissed – RRP $14.95 (valued at $20.85)

This contains 3 Lip Balms and a bonus Geneine Honey key ring tin. To make sure you are ready to bee kissed!

Treats for Your Sweet hi-rezsend

Treats For Your Sweet – RRP $19.95 (valued at $41.85)

This contains all your hand and cuticle cream, including one of their best lip balm “Pomegranate Lip Balm”. Bonus Geneine Honey nail file.

Honey Holiday hi-rez

Honey Holiday – RRP $24.95 (valued at $48.80)

This contains body lotion, hand cream, cuticle crème and lip balm in Honey. Definitely a great on the go and that would suit everybody from young to old!

Sweet Kiss hi-rezsend

Sweet Kiss – RRP $24.95 (valued at $34.85)

Cute little mirror and 3 lip products – Pink Grapefruit Lip Balm, Strawberry Lip Shimmer and Hibiscus Tinted Lip Balm to get you ready throughout the holiday season.

The tinted lip balm looks like this…



I’ve been wearing it and it is so smooth and natural hue on the lips! Instant love!

Bee Good hi-rezsend

Bee Good – RRP $29.95 (valued at $59.80)

Mango lip balm, Shea Butter hand cream, Lemon Butter cuticle cream, Cocoa and Cupuacu butter body lotion.

It's A Cracker hi-rez

It’s A Cracker – RRP $29.95 (valued at $56.80)

For the lips, tips and toes!! Contains the Coconut Foot Creme and yummy Lemon Butter cuticle cream, Milk and Honey lotion, and Acai lip balm.

The Star Collection hi-rez

The Star Collection – RRP $49.95 (valued at $103.70)

The award-winning package, contains:

Radiance body wash, coconut foot crème, honey lip balm, acai berry lip balm, lemon butter cuticle cream, and cranberry and pomegranate sugar scrub



Available now at David Jones, Myer, Priceline and selected pharmacies.

November 20, 2012

Simplicite Experience: Great Outdoors Sunscreen SPF15 with Fresh Aloe Vera

Oh Hellooo Summer!
I've been exposed to the sun, most of my life, like many of us. I usually get a tan. Very tan, very quickly. 
When I was younger (even until a few years ago), I was not well informed as to how much the direct sun could damage my skin. Now that I want to protect my skin, what to use?

I've never heard anything good about sunscreen. People have always said to me that they disliked putting 'this stuff' on their faces - either because it feels sticky, it stings or it makes them break out. I've heard that both from where I am from (Indonesia and Singapore) and also here in Australia where I now live.

Australia’s sun is so unforgiving. I see hyperpigmentation, brown spots, brown blotches, dark patches, red raw skin all around me as though it is the norm. I started to get serious on a quest to find “the sunscreen” and I believe I have found it in this understated white pump bottle.

November 8, 2012

In Just 8 Minutes

Perhaps I’m having my emotional moments where every kind of mushy romantic kinds of things move me, well, not really, I have been studying for my final exams. However, one short film, a very short one though it does not feel that short. One short film brought me to tears. Literally, especially towards the end.

I shall say no more and just share the video with you. Let it move you in its own special way. I am quite a reflective person who probably gaze at the sky a tad longer than I should have. The kind who would pen down words of thoughts when they come to me. This video, this video just bounced to me to be loved and to be shared.

For those who have found “the last” – think of how lucky you are and how amazing it is to be with that person. Cherish those moments.
For those who are unsure and going through the difficult times, don’t be despondent – life is about living and loving. Believe and keep going after your dreams, yet be open to opportunities and possibilities beyond your imagination.


Much love,


November 5, 2012

Updating life…

s3-51112 564

Skirt from TEMT – love it!

s3-51112 682

Sunnies from Forever New – love it!
And yes, how my bangs has grown!

s3-51112 1328

Finally found this Konjac face sponge – been wanting to try it!
It came in different colours but green was no doubt the winner =)

s3-51112 1329

Got myself some bathroom essentials. Nope, I didn’t have these before. They were on sale too! Yay!
That little brush was marked down to only 95cents. Go figure if I didn’t take the advantage =)

s3-51112 1244

Love this heels – but didn’t like the price, so I didn’t get it, just tried it in store and I really like how it looks with my golden yellow toenails

s3-51112 1209

Comfy wear I wore the other day

s3-51112 1285

New things that came home with me this week. It’s been a long long while…
Both from Forever New

s3-51112 1287

Sushi! Sashimi! Oishhhiiii~!!

s3-51112 1206

New favourite – Campos cappuccino

s3-51112 1197

A big pimple appeared on my forehead 3 days ago.
What do I do with it? Stay tune for next post =)

November 4, 2012


Life’s been pretty… crazy weird lately. When you start seeing Jacarandas, it means exams time. It sure is! With my first exam paper today, this afternoon, after 1 large + 1 regular Campos cappuccino I was buzzing the whole day.

The flu, the monthly’s and the gastric pain all hitting me in one go this week – nope, didn’t go well hand in hand with the preparation of exam and trying to do the exam with one arm putting pressure on my stomach either.

Putting that aside, it’s a quarter to midnight and I am still awake. Woohoo! Time to blog for the first time in you-know-how-long-but-please-be-patient-with-me…

I guess I would just update you with some Instagram shots. If you haven’t followed me… I update there almost daily and with bursts of little insight to what I have been loving or what I have been up to! Much more instant than blogging! Hah!


I got myself a decorative pillow – I fell in ‘love’ with it when I first saw it!!
From –Typo


Spring is here in Australia – it means Jacaranda trees are in full bloom as seen here. Taken at my university.


A little snippet of Brisbane city :)


The flower – Amaryllis


Loving Simplicite skincare


Loving the new Shu Uemura Karl Lagerfeld collection – especially this lipstick in Mon Shu Red


Kiehl’s is finally open in Myer Brisbane City
It has always been just at David Jones Queens Plaza (Brisbane City) but now you can also find Kiehl’s at Myer Carindale and Myer Brisbane!


Have you tried this multipurpose exfoliating face treatment? You can use it as an exfoliant, as a mask or as a spot treatment! 3 in 1 – wahhh laahh!!

I love using this, then use the Rosehip and Lavender Refiner Mask, then oh my God! Baby’s bottom soft skin! Just a wonderful at home facial to do – that now I just love doing and will maintain to at least once a week! *big grin*


Rama bubba is just… wow this picture looks like a painting for some reason…


Hoping to do more updates as the year is coming to an end… so fast!

Just about 8 weeks till New Year! OH MY GOSSSHHHHH!!!


Good luck to those sitting for exams.
Have fun to those enjoying their weekends because they have no more exams…