September 30, 2011

A Little Away

Hi guys,

Just a note..
I'm away visiting my family and relatives overseas at the moment. So there won't be any much tweets and if I don't reply to your tweet, don't be heartbroken, I do read it... It's just that I can't reply via twitter. My current internet connection here only enables me to email and bbm (blackberry messenger).

I will be back in around a week time.

Meanwhile, #FF to all my lovely twitter fwens:
@kxtran @haute_stylish @hipnhaute @y_o_l_l_y @jfunnyvalentine @memybestandi @plasticdiaries @youvegotnail @beatideas @roseannetangrs @beautyswatch @fortheloveofme @emilyquak @chaigyaru @pinkribbonsjen @AdelineEr @pinkdivamua and so many more... That I'm sure I'll constantly mention in time. It's tricky trying to remember everybody's twitter names :( do post yours in the comment I'd love to add you all in the list :)

Love you all and will tweet back with you then!

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September 29, 2011

Boxes are out

It finally dawned on me that I should really clear out all these empty boxes. Why on earth was I keeping all them in the first place anyway? Saving them for rainy days?

Nevermind that, from now on, boxes are out.

MAC, Hourglass, Benefit, etc... Was it the fact that they were not cheap and keeping the boxes sort of justified the price? Hahahaa...

What about you? Do you always chuck out the boxes as soon as you've taken the product out? Or do you have a drawer full of the boxes? :)
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September 28, 2011

Chat Live with Dr Dennis Gross

Mecca Cosmetica for the first time is holding a live chat with Dr Gross regarding any of your skin concerns.

Simply log into Facebook on 29th September between 9am to 12pm to be able to chat live.

Though, make sure you are a Facebook fan you can join the chat!


Will you be asking loads of questions?


September 27, 2011

You Got Tagged! Beauty Tag + 15 Weird Facts

I saw this tag in Pretty Much Makeup blog and thought it would be fun to do!! So I thought I’d do it =)


  • Blush or bronzer? Blush – I’m a blush kinda girl, if you can’t tell from my blog name already. Bronzer to me is merely to contour…
  • Lip gloss or lipstick? Lipstick. They’re more sophisticated – lol not only they last longer on your lips, they generally can be stored for longer than lipgloss too
  • Eye liner or mascara? You got me here… though I think I would have to pick eyeliner. When I wear eyeliner and falsies, I can get away without wearing mascara but not the other way round.
  • Foundation or concealer? Foundation. To even out my skintone and counteract my easily flushed cheeks and forehead.
  • Neutral or color eye shadow? Neutrals – from day to night anytime, anywhere, any occasion
  • Pressed or loose eye shadows? Pressed. Loose are pigmented but they bug me so much when they go all over the place.
  • Brushes or sponges? Brushes. Oh yes, brushes how I love thee…
  • Long or short? Short. I need to be able to pick up my contact lenses and putting them on without scratching the lenses or my eyes. I want to be able to play my piano without the clicking sound. I want to be able to press the strings on the guitar.
  • Acrylic or natural? Natural. Oh yes, natural all the way.
  • Brights or darks? Really depends on my mood… or what kind of colour I’m into at that moment.
  • Flower or no flower? Depends, again…
  • Perfume or body splash? Depends… back in Indonesia I would love the body splash, but here in Australia I’d pick perfume… maybe it also depends on the occasion.
  • Lotion or body butter? Lotion. Though if it’s winter and my skin’s dry… I would have no choice but to pick body butter… it depends on the season and my skin’s condition.
  • Body wash or soap? Body wash. Though I still like ‘gourmet’ soaps like Lush
  • Jeans or sweat pants? Jeans !! Forever!!
  • Long sleeve or short? Long, then I can just scrunch the sleeves
  • Dresses or skirts? Dresses.
  • Stripes or plaid? Stripes – I like stripes, like those sailor stripes or just stripes in general
  • Flip flops or sandals? Sandals – they’re more versatile. Flips flops are floppy though comfy…
  • Scarves or hats? Scarves!!! Y’all know I love scarves!
  • Studs or dangly earrings? Studs … though again, it really depends on what I’m wearing and occasions… but mostly, I wear studs.
  • Necklaces or bracelets? Bracelets. Interesting little fact, I used to hate bracelets but now I think it adds a splash of oomph to my outfit if I wear bracelets… cause I probably wear scarves more than the necklaces.
  • Heels or flats? Heels. They just add something more to the look…
  • Cowboy boots or riding boots? Riding boots! No cowboy boots for moi 
  • Jacket or hoodie? Ohhhh that really depends on what I’m wearing!! … … fine, I’d pick one. Jacket it is.
  • Curly or straight? Not curly please, oh gosh no. Wavy?
  • Bun or ponytail? Bun
  • Bobby pins or butterfly clips? Bobby pins.
  • Hair spray or gel? Hair spray.
  • Long or short? Long. I’ve had them all, short, medium, long and I prefer long on me.
  • Light or dark? Dark :)
  • Side sweep bangs or full bangs? Depends on what my hair feels like doing… though I don’t mind both… if only I can do no bangs look but I need the bangs to balance out my facial features! 
  • Up or down? Mostly I wear my hair up, really… even though I like it down from time to time
  • Rain or shine? shine with the cold winter weather
  • Summer or winter? Winter – so I can just wear all the clothes like scarves, jackets, boots, all those!
  • Fall or spring? Fall.
  • Chocolate or vanilla? Chocolate.

15 Weird Facts
What's a nickname only your family calls you?
It wouldn’t just be “only my family” anymore if I say it, does it?

What's a weird habit of yours?
Saying “actually…” or “it’s funny that…” (it’s not actually funny haha funny, I actually mean it to be “it’s interesting that…" but I say “it’s funny” instead…)

Do you have any weird phobias?
Yes… *looks around, ok, no one’s looking* I have a phobia of sharks… and anything of the deep sea creatures. I freeze and freak out and my heart falls out to the ground.

What's a song you secretly love to blast and belt out when you're alone?
Depends on what song is stuck in my head at that time.

What's one of your biggest pet peeves?
Spelling error – trust me to point that out in menus, signs, etc or font different at the petrol station’s price sign

What's one of your nervous habits?
I fiddling with my fingers…

What side of the bed do you sleep on?
In the middle? My current bed is just a single… can’t do much of sides, besides I change sides when I sleep.

What was your first stuffed animal and its name?
Can’t remember the very first, but I remember piglet… this pink flying piglet my dad bought for me in Sydney when I was 3 years old. And I still have it.

What's the drink you always order at Starbucks?
Soy Mocha, but that’s everywhere else too. But specifically at Starbucks I sometimes also order Green Tea Latte (Hot).

What's the beauty rule you preach, but never actually practice?
Uhm… I don’t normally preach beauty rule… I do what I believe I should do cause most times than not, if I say I do certain things and tell you how to do certain things, I usually do it myself, too.

Which way do you face in the shower?
Face facing the water

Do you have any weird body skills?
Flexibility, I suppose? Not quite contortionist, but my toe can touch my nose (to that extend).

What's your favorite comfort food that's 'bad', but you love to eat it anyways?
McDonalds McNuggets – oh nom nom nom… hot and crispy on the outside… soft and juicy in the inside… oh, dammit, now I feel like some…
I have a few more, though… but that’s the top right at this moment.

What's a phrase or exclamation you always say?
”Oh really?”
”Ooohh okay…”
”Actually…” – my sister caught me on this one too many times!
”You know what’s funny…” – no, nothing’s really going to make you laugh…

Time to sleep - what are you actually wearing?
A nightie

Now, I tag YOU!


I can’t decide… whether I should go full bangs like this (see above pic)



but I do like this effect on the back… the textured long layers… wave


All images from Google Images.

September 26, 2011

Mani Monday: Weekend Nails

So this was the nail shade I've been supporting on the weekend. Done by the lovely ladies at the Royal and Langnickel bloggers lounge during IMATS on Saturday.

I had thought of wearing a red hue... But when I spotted this colour, I was just so drawn to it I had to have them on my nails!

As I am writing/typing this now, my body is telling me I need to get a massage!

To those I met on the weekend: was so good, so lovely to have met you in person, finally! Hope your weekend was aawesoomeness

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September 25, 2011

Weekend Day 2

It was pouring down like monsoon this morning as we head off to breakfast session again at the Novotel Hotel. This time, luckily we did not really have to get up at 6am or be there before 8am… breakfast was at 9am.

I had to meet up with more bloggers (which was looooveeelllyyyy) and managed to take photos with some. (*big smiley face*)

It all ended at 3pm … and I craved for McNuggets, seriously they were so so so crispy and juicy and so good when I had some they were the best I’ve had in the longest time ever. I try not to get them too often… we all know why!!

It was refreshing to check out sydney again… the weather felt like winter and wished I had my coat and scarf and ugg boots… but instead I had to rock it out in my dress and flats and leather jacket.

Got to the airport early… dinner sumo salad… and then bye bye sydney… slept like a log on the plane… and welcome back brisbane… !!

What a weekend to remember… shall keep you posted… coming up!!!


September 24, 2011


The morning started with a 6 am alarm clock which I must say, did not come as a surprise, because I was already awake and rolling around trying to get back to sleep at around 4am. I was hungry too.

Several of us had breakfast at the food court at Harbourside while I had some coffee (soy mocha) and toasted blueberry bagel with cream cheese! (though, I’m sorry, I prefer the Starbucks one better – this one was way too sweet and too hard to bite into!)

Schedule of the day was IMATS till around 1.30pm and we had event to attend to at 2pm at the Novotel Hotel.

Without giving too much away… Gala Dinner was around 6.30pm at the Establishment – though it was not dinner straight away… it was something else…

September 23, 2011

Thursday 22nd: All of the Lights

If you have not heard, Brisbane has been having free event every single day for about 3 weeks now and it is about to end tomorrow, the 24th September. It is to mark the Brisbane Festival that began with the Riverfire back in beginning of September. Now we were going to go tonight but well, if you are following me on twitter you would know that I will be flying off to Sydney tonight! Yes, tonight! IMATS is tomorrow – Oh My Gosh!

So what to do… we went yesterday.

The best place to view it – is to sit or to stand at South Bank where QPAC is. They have a few stalls selling food as well, including Malaysian and Indonesian food. I cannot tell you how they are, ‘cause I didn’t try them.

The lights show plays at 7pm and 8pm – that’s the one that I went to. I only managed to take several shots from my blackberry so unfortunately the quality is not that great. I really just went to enjoy it and see it through my eyes instead of through the lenses.

Let the Gotham Brisbane City Lights Show begin… *duunnn duunnn duunnnn (Batman soundtrack playing in the background)





Duuhdduunn duhduuhunnn duunnnnnnnn……
Is Batman going to appear now?



Aaww, he didn’t…


The last picture is a view of the QPAC building with a painting right in the middle of it held by some sort of net material.

It’s a start. It’s a start or a greater Brisbane. It really shows you a different perspective of Brisbane and otherwise you might just think Brisbane as the boring city – as you all very well know, compared to Sydney and Melbourne. But hey, we do have the skyscrapers and if they would have to put screens of moving images or lights every night then maybe it would create a whole new atmosphere altogether like bringing New York to Brisbane. Thank God we have the Brisbane River… cause without that river the show perhaps would not look as good… Was it amazing? Uhm, it could be better… but for now, I’m happy for Brisbane to have at least started something like this.


September 22, 2011

Song of the Moment: I Heard Your Heart Say…

I came across this song about a month ago but never got around to finding out what the title is or who sang it and now that I do and because it’s such a sweet song that makes me feeling wishful… I want to share it with you…

Avalanche City–Love Love Love

If you do happen to see me during IMATS, do say hi, I might not recognise you at first, … but I’d love to meet you nevertheless!! ^___^


September 21, 2011

Day 21

It’s day 21 of the 30 days of September. How time flies and I think a part of me is alright with that, a part of me feels as though it should slow down. Though we all know by now that time does not stop or wait for anyone. By the time I wake up tomorrow morning, doing my errands for the day it would be two more nights till my flight down to Sydney. Can you tell I’m excited but at the same time trying to calm myself down or am I in the slightest bit… nervous? May… be.

The thing is I have considered packing and I have started packing, I won’t deny. I guess due to the specific sort of functions that will be happening this weekend I want to make sure I have outfits ready, instead of overpacking and wasting time there thinking of what to wear. Another thing to consider is what makeup to bring. I mean, I have travelled many times before but it seems as though each time I have to have a list of things to bring. It makes trying to travel lightly… not so lightly.

It’s time like these I wish I have more travel-friendly, travel-ready things. I think my mum has that, since she travels so often. Even my dad does, I bet.

So let me get list the things I definitely would need to bring for this weekend in Sydney …

- Dress (for the formal dinner function ABBW)

- Outfit #1 (for daytime IMATS and daytime ABBW)

- Outfit #2 (for breakfast, lunch and afternoon ABBW)

- Sleeping Clothes (x1)

- Comfortable Fancy Flats (x1)

- Comfortable Heels (x1)

- Makeup:
- Primer
- Foundation
- Concealer
- Blush
- Contouring Bronzer
- Black Eyeliner Pencil
- Black Liquid Eyeliner
- Eye Primer
- Eyeshadow Palette
- Eyebrow Colour
- Lip Balm
- Lipstick (x2)
- Brushes

Oh you know the rest…

I guess the fact that I need to really pick and pinpoint which items I would definitely need is a bit hard when I like so many of the items I have… and I use them interchangeably…

What’s your travel friendly tips? I’d love to hear it

On another note…

I had to make a new dog tag for my baby puppy… since the old one is so scuffed and we need to put our new numbers there too!

Didn’t realise it’s a smaller size till I got home and compared – oh well… but it’s still cute and fits him just nicely…



September 20, 2011

Weekend in Photos: 3rd weekend of September

I read something beautiful the other day …

In the bowl of the sky, the sun and the moon are the lamps; the stars in the constellations are the pearls.
The fragrance of the sandalwood is the incense, the wind is the fan, and all the vegetation are flowers…

Makes one wonder…

So anyhoo, this weekend marked my dearest friend’s 21st and we went to Peasant for tapas and cocktails. For privacy reason, I will only share with you some photos from the night (minus the birthday girl – you know who you are and I *heart* you)


Warning: Photo Heavy – should be able to click on photos to enlarge

September 19, 2011

YSL The New Blacks

“There is not one black, there are blacks.” Yves Saint Laurent


He said it and I agree. There are different shades of blacks. This collection gives you their latest mascara, gel eyeliner, eyeliner brush, nail lacquers (fancier term for nail polish) and so I am just here to share with you what could be of interest. I’ll say it straight right here right now, YSL definitely wins in terms of packaging. A golden luxury, a spark of light in a sea of black bottles in your vanity table.

September 18, 2011

FOTD: Olivia Palermo Inspired

Her wardrobe is to die for, her makeup simple and sophisticated, her hair toussled effortlessly, her style… hmm!! I have to admit, I have a crush on Olivia Palermo. Yes I do still like Jessica Alba, Rachel Bilsen, Keira Knightley, Priyanka Chopra, and all the other beautiful ladies out there but for now, let’s just stick with one for this post.


Olivia Palermo

You can see how her eyes is subtle yet that line on her upper lashline is rather obvious.
Her peachy pink cheeks, contoured cheekbones, highlighted areas around her face.

Well I tried…

And of course I’m not her, but I could be inspired by her style.

When my sister got home, she saw me and said, “Ooh nice makeup! It’s really nice!”
Hehehe I guess I succeeded in what I wanted to achieve, just a natural flawless effortless sophisticated look that can be worn day to night, anytime.


Oh jeebus, I realise I haven’t done my brows – oh well!
I think in real life the blush is slightly more “pop” though it looks so subtle in photography. (Damn you photography)
This was taken outside with sunlight.
No editing.


See… the eyes?
Subtle yet I love it!


So what did I use?


Foundation – mix of Graftobian Cream Foundation in Ingenue and Vixen & Scott Barnes Cream Foundation in Beyond Beige
Concealer – MAC Select MoistureCover in NW20 (just for under the eyes)
Contouring – Graftobian Cream Foundation in Enchantress and later topped with ELF Bronzer from Blush/Bronzer Duo
Blush – Illamasqua Cream Blush in Libido and later topped with ELF blush from Blush/Bronzer Duo
Powder – Illamasqua Powder Foundation in PF200


Kiehl’s Lip Balm (Original)


Gorgeous Cosmetics Pro Colour in Champagne
Dior (light matte brown) eye shadow – (a very old palette of my mum’s, all the writing has disappeared so I don’t know what it is)
Urban Decay Darkhorse eyeshadow (from Naked Palette) – on the mobile lid close to lashline
Dollywink Liquid Eyeliner
Face of Australia Eye Definer in Black – to waterline
Maybelline The Falsies Waterproof Mascara


Images of Olivia Palermo – source Google Image

September 17, 2011

FOTD: To powder or not to powder

I was having trouble applying my foundation – using cream foundation in the names of Scott Barnes and Graftobian would be a dream in any other day – but that day left me almost in tears as I spotted the dry flakey layer of skin on my face. Just the other month my friend was telling me how oily my face looked!

Despite the initial horror, I soldiered on and thought I’d just braved it. Eyes done. Face done. Then I thought I had missed something… powder. To powder or not to powder? That was the question that lingered in my head. I was worried that if I powdered the dry flakey patches would be accentuated but if I didn’t powder I wonder if my skin would look any better. I decided to powder. And boy I’m glad I did! I think this powder is the miracle worker in this story.

So what have I used in this FOTD?





Etude House Proof 10 Eye Primer
Urban Decay Naked Palette
- Virgin as highlight on brow bone
- Sin as base all over lid
- Buck as crease/contour
- Half Baked on mobile lid

MAC Corduroy on lower lash line
L’Oreal SuperLiner in Brown
CoverGirl LashBlast Waterproof Mascara
Lancome Hypnose Doll Eyes Mascara*


Laura Mercier Foundation Primer (All Skin Type)
Graftobian Cream Foundation in Ingenue and Vixen mixed
Scott Barnes Cream Foundation in Beyond Beige
Illamasqua Concealer in CC200
MAC Select Moisturecover in NW20 (For Undereye)
Graftobian Cream Foundation in Enchantress (For Contour)
Illamasqua Cream Blusher in Libido
Gorgeous Cosmetics Pro Colour in Sesame or Rhubarb (I still don’t know the name) (more on cheekbones)
Pupa Luminous Blush in 04 (more on apples of the cheeks)
Spritz with MAC Fix+
Illamasqua Powder Foundation in PF200

Spritz with Mario Badescu Facial Spray


Dr Hauschka Lip Balm
Castle Dew Lipgloss No. 33


Disclaimer: All products mentioned were all purchased by me.
except the one with * (which really is only that one mascara)

September 16, 2011

Battle of the Foundations: Illamasqua Skin Base vs Light Liquid

The other day I took the plunge to test two different foundations on each side of my face. I’ve been in need of a new liquid foundation. One thing that really bugs me is that when it looks fine in store but turns out to be too dark when I go out in daylight. Also if they don’t photograph well… Tough call, huh?

That’s when I came to Deanna at Illamasqua Brisbane City Myer counter. I chose to try the Satin Primer this time – because as I’ve mentioned earlier my skin’s been acting up very recently and it is at a very dry condition.

I was surprised how well both blended onto my skin. I could not tell the difference although I knew which was which.

First applied at 5pm… and I took these photos later at night…



Both with flash…

And now with no flash…



I love how both don’t give me a white cast and looks like my own skin – don’t you agree? I can see the glowiness without it being too greasy. Although at the end I still could not pick a winner! It’s a tricky one this time.

Could you tell which is which?







Want to find out?





My right – Light Liquid
My left – Skin Base


Could you have guessed?

Have you tried any of Illamasqua foundation?
Which one is your favourite?


September 15, 2011

Review: Lancome Hypnose Doll Eyes Mascara

Just the name Doll Eyes make my eyes blink and look at it twice. I think it’s because I’m always intrigued with having those luscious llama lashes that the mere idea of a mascara that would help me achieve that made me go “Helloooo~~!!!”

This post is a follow up to my previous post of the new Lancome Hypnose Doll Eyes Mascara

At $52 these babies aren’t cheap – shall we put them to the test?

- will it hold my curl?

- will it give me the volume?

- how does it do in terms of lengthening?

- fluttery doll eyes effect?

- does it smear? smudge? budge throughout the day?

Read on…

September 14, 2011

First Visit to Aesop Queens Plaza Brisbane

I had the chance to pop in to Aesop store at Queens Plaza yesterday, it’s the one on Adelaide St next to the other stores like Zimmerman and G-Star – yeap, that side of the mall. I popped in because of recommendation from a dear friend (whose skin is one to envy, seriously!)… Truth be told, my skin’s been acting up again recently perhaps from the high wind and sudden sunshine. Who knows! For what I know my skin is temperamental.

So I entered the store, not exactly sure what to expect (it was my very first visit to Aesop). The girl, I-Wen (pronounced: Ee-wuhn) greeted me. And boy oh boy her skin! That’s what I noticed right away, her skin is flawless – oh my goodness. I told her that I’m looking for a new skincare range because my skin’s been acting up lately and been recommended to check out Aesop. I was then surprised at her first question, “Where are you based? Are you based here in Brisbane?” She has got to be the very first skincare consultant to ask me that question and I agree that it does make such a difference. Where you are living currently does play a part in the way your skin is reacting. At least to my skin it does. I know I was oily skinned before I came to Australia and now that I am here my skin tends to get dry and sensitive and dehydrated and at times, oily. I think that recent increase in oil and grease were actually caused by certain products I was trying out.

Annnnyway back to Aesop.

First she tried the cleansing oil on the back of my right hand. Then she tried the cream cleanser on my left. To my horror, we both realised how dry my hands were – that’s the first time I have dry hands I can see the wrinkles EW! Okay maybe not so SJP’s hands of death but they’re quite a shock to me whose hands are normally fine. I repeat, it’s NOT like SJP’s hands but I can feel the tightness and dryness… Oh, I’m going to cry!

Then as we chatted she applied the Parsley Seed Antioxidant Toner and Parsley Seed Antioxidant Serum – and if my face was as soft as my hand… I’d seriously… die in peace.

Giving her advice and tips, she recommended that I would wash my face with just water in the morning to try and balance it out. She figured that my skin is quite imbalanced at the moment that’s why it’s acting up and dry and all that. To be honest I am very skeptical about washing my face with just water in the morning but I’ll try it. I will. Close my eyes and just splash water. She also told me that I actually might have normal skin, just that it’s quite reactive to the environments conditions such as weather, season, wind, air con, sun etc etc. Diet and water play a huge part in the condition of your skin too.

In terms of service, I have to say that it was one of the best I have received at a beauty store. She was so friendly, so approachable, understanding and not pushy, and did I mention her skin is fabulous! I find that it truly is a selling point when the staff really knows what she’s talking about and the walking true evidence of the goodness of the product or a brand. She also wanted to me to be very sure with the products first before purchasing instead of trying to sell it off to me in one go and have it returned the next day.

I came home with more samples than I expected (I really cannot wait to try them!) and an information booklet and a price list (yay for price list, I always find it very handy so I can figure out how much I need to fork out or whether I need to spread out the purchases)


I wonder if they really do work wonders… I’m holding my breath here… Will I like them? I’ll get back to you on that…

Queens Plaza
+61 7 3229 1337


Disclaimer: No sponsorship or compensation were made for writing this post. My visit to the store was my own intention in search of new skincare products for my skin.

September 13, 2011

Weekend in Photos

Last weekend, the weekend that just passed was a special one. It was my friend’s wedding on the 11th of September, which was also her 26th birthday. Apart from that I just let the photos take over control of the story…


Bhangra in progress at Queen St Mall
(though I think the dhol needed its own microphone or just louder in general and need people to dance, too many were too sober silent.)


What a view of Brisbane!


I redeemed the voucher from Shop Til You Drop and got myself a Kiehl’s lip balm (original)


The wind was so crazy, so seriously, that it knocked the bins off

Saturday night I went and checked out Gelare (at South Bank) with the girls and had the best Chocolate Caramel Fudge Brownie ice cream… sooo gooodd


Cute butter at the wedding reception


Just a quick shot of the face of the day
- Illamasqua Matt Primer
- Scott Barnes Cream Foundation in Beyond Beige
- Illamasqua Concealer in CC200
- Illamasqua Powder Foundation in PF200
- NARS Laguna (to contour)
- Illamasqua Blush in Morale
- MAC Blankety
- Chanel Glossimer in Petit Peche
- Inglot Eyeshadows


The girl on my left (right in the picture wearing black and white) is my youngest sister


The above two photos – credit to Stephanie (see picture below)


P1060428 - Copy

Not the best pic, plus I cropped it from a larger pic
Quick pic of one of my sisters and moi …


Dinner at the reception was… interesting.
I guess they were trying to cater everybody…
It was served without rice, but there was rice on the table for us to take ourselves…


I love this, though – so cute!


At the end of the night, we went to Mt Coot-tha
The above photo is again credit to Stephanie Smile

Day 13th of 30 Day Blogging Challenge


September 12, 2011

Mani Monday: Rimmel Lively Lilac

Initially I was having trouble naming this post – so I just went with the star of the show, Rimmel Lasting Finish nail polish in the shade 170 Lively Lilac.

The nail polish applies well and so smoothly. With just 1 you could get a nice finish though I usually like to do two coats because I’m more into the opaque finito.

Anni from Haute and Stylish called them “easter eggs”, which never crossed my mind, but I guess it sort of does remind you of easter colours. That was not my intention though! I just thought the colours were nice together. Again I was sort of inspired by colour blocking, so really just playing around with different colours and I love having colours combo like these.





Have a lovely week everyone!

What’s on your nails?


September 11, 2011

Swatchlicious: Illamasqua Cream Blushes

For many of you the name Illamasqua is no stranger but for some… it may spark some questions. I could go on and tell you a whole long and winding story about the brand but for today I will just showcase some of their blushes – cream blushers in particular.


To me these cream blushers had made me fall in love with cream blush since my previous experiences with this type of blushers were not quite so lucky. However these cream blushers last all day on me and look so natural when blended of course. Don’t be so shocked at how intense they are because Illamasqua cream blushers are nothing but impressive and pigmented. I have swatched them at their true intensity with no blending…


From L-R: Sob, Betray, Rude, Libido, Promise, Dixie, Seduce, Crush
(For those wondering I’ve just managed to name them off by heart – *LOL*)


L-R: Devour, Brazen

Which one I like? Oh boy oh boy… which do I pick! It really depends on what kind of shades you’re after.
Which are the most popular? Rude is – however, to be honest with you I have tried Rude on my cheeks and I didn’t like it because on my “already pink flushed” cheeks it looks … plain pink. However, I would definitely suggest you try it in store because I know everrryybody (literally everybody) I know who have tried Rude … lloovvesss it!

OMG I just realised I missed to swatch "Laid” – one of my favourite pink…

I like Libido… Sob… Promise… Betray… Seduce…

Oh and I also suggest you use them sparingly at first application, maybe with a duo fibre brush (just a tiny dab) and blend blend blend before you add more colour. Then you can either leave it for a natural glowy cheeks or set it with powder blush or just your normal powder.

Another tip about them is that I like to dab them on my lips and use them like lipstick…

Day 11 of the 30 Day Blogging Challenge
I know this had to get released a bit close to the end of the day…

I hope this has somewhat been helpful for those looking at Illamasqua Cream Blush


Disclaimer: I am mentioning the particular product/s because I think they are worth it – so there I’ve said it.