July 31, 2010

Film: TEKKEN the movie

and the cast of Jin Kazama goes to Jon Foo (aka Jonathan Patrick Foo)

Jon Foo aka Jonathan Patrick Foo is an English actor and model, and also a Wushu guy ^^ - plays Jin Kazama, the main character, the leading man, in the Tekken movie.

You should check out his action demo HERE

The movie started with a scene that makes you sort of wonder what happened before?? And they take you back 5 days earlier and enter a boy, Jin. He's the best around town to cross towns in the midst of divided and chaotic futuristic world they live in. They introduce you to each characters and take you to the one tournament... and while others fight for glory or for honour or pride, Jin will fight for revenge.

This movie is quite a refreshing sort of movie, as even though you might have guessed who's who or what's what or what will eventually happen, and if it did happen, you don't really feel you need to think too much to understand what is going on. After a movie like Inception, which I think is absolutely stunning and quite mind blowing and that made me think quite intensively after the movie (which I like to), after a movie like that, a movie like Tekken makes me smile. There were some scenes in the movie that I think are not necessary but they put them in there anyway, such as the sex scenes... which were rather irrelevant but okay, do debate with me and say they are relevant... however, really, watching it with my parents gave me the slightest uncomfortableness... if you know what I mean?


Gaming fans may either like it or hate it, but do please watch it first before you judge. Some things do remain in the game and you can play it as a game. And for your information, Jon Foo can actually do martial arts, he's not some well known tv regular that they picked out. He has starred in films just as extras or stuntman and has played alongside Tony Jaa in the movie Tom Yum Goong. I think he deserves a chance, don't you? ^^

I give it 3.5 stars.

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Tammy said...

I'm so behind on my movie business lol I didn't even know Tekken came out! MMMM shirtless guys with nice abs^^ hehehehe <3