July 30, 2013

Y’all Pink So…?


Hah! I know, I know, what a … silly name… but it’s kinda catchy, no? Don’t y’all think so?





July 23, 2013

Stepping Stones


I thought I wouldn’t be where I am now. That’s what I assumed, many years back, I suppose when I first entered university. Little did I know I would find my peace at the least expected places, and I would find chaos at some others.

Digging up your own dirt may sound terrible. Although, if you think of it, you do need to dig it out first to plant new seeds, no? Somewhere along the way I became more and more aware. I realise things aren’t always as they seem, and to look out for signs. To see where needs to be seen, to care when needs care. You could say I was being too nice about everything and I got trampled on at the end of the day while others triumphed.

The dirt I was digging, gave me that step towards the changes I wanted in my own life. Not because I was dictated to, but because I want to, for my own good. For my own inner peace, that bliss that makes you just smile on your own with no one around people think you’re mad, happy. Well, I don’t care. I search for that peace, I decide on the lifestyle change.

Happiness is a way of living.



And most times than not, you gotta remind yourself to “CTFD” – Calm the F* Down.

July 19, 2013

Favourites: Lush Powders and a Hair Mist


The Greench deodorant powder

Initially I was kicking myself why I got this – but its effectiveness totally kicks ass!
Some of its ingredients: thyme oil, tea tree oil, sage, rosemary

You can just imagine how herbal-ly this smells, however the scent grew on me! I also love that this bottle last me for ages. More than 6 months so far and I am still finishing it.

To use: Sprinkle some onto the palm and dust under armpits (and anywhere you fancy)

AU$10.95 (75g)

Vanilla Puff dusting powder

I have used this for a long time, when it was even still in its medieval form of a black tin with holes at the top for an opening. Then somewhat I took a break from it, and now that I have it again, I don’t want to go without it, ever again. I personally like body powders, and this just disappears smoothly on the skin, leaving a nice gentle scent of vanilla without overpowering or sickening. At least, to me it doesn’t.

I also love using body lotion or body oil and sprinkle this over the top so it instantly leaves a silky smooth, non-greasy finish touch to the skin.

Probably will last me 3/4 of the whole year. I have had mine since February and nowhere near halfway through. To use: same as other powders, sprinkle some onto the palm and dust wherever.

AU$10.95 (50g)

No Drought dry shampoo

Some dry shampoos feel sticky, icky, and worse, weigh my hair down. This does not! Yippee! Fyi, my hair is a combination type. Easily greasy on the scalp/base, and normal to drier towards the end. Not frizzy, not curly, just naturally straight and flat. Some days I just want that second-day-hair, the bottom ends would be alright, the top would be… ew. No Drought to the rescue!

Smells faintly of grapefruit and citrus/lime, I find this really pleasant and nice to use. It does not leave a weird grey streaks either. I like to use this: rub it around my hair roots then do a quick whoosh with the blow dryer. My favourite dry shampoo, so far, and it lasts for ages, and I won’t have to worry about it being “flammable” like most other dry shampoos.

AU$13.50 (115g)

Sea Spray hair mist

Quite a surprise this one! I was not expecting much at all when I first laid eyes on this. Sea salt spray usually gets sticky and wet, just salty feeling that does not sit well with me. Surprise, surprise! This, I like! In conjunction to using the dry shampoo for a second-day-hair, I like spritzing a bit of this and scrunch my hair to give it a bit more volume and oomph. If not, lifeless my hair tends to be!

Use sparingly, you don’t want to drench your hair with it. Spritz and scrunch.
I find that it gives a medium hold. I also love that I can reapply this later on in the day.

AU$12.50 (100g)



Disclaimer: All products were purchased for personal uses with own funds. No affiliation or sponsorship involved.

July 17, 2013

Health Awareness: Meanwhile, in Mauritania…

Growing up I was told that if I don’t lose weight I won’t be attractive and I would lose a lot of opportunities because I’m fat. I went from one diet to another, from not eating breakfast to only drinking water to eating just once a day. I remember it all. The general attitude in the community I grew up in, was that, small and skinny are beautiful and cute. I am neither small nor skinny, in comparison to the other girls in that community. I have butts, so I have it. They’re trying to tell me I’m meant to have flatter and smaller ones. Go figure. For a start, my height (at around 166cm, not that very tall, I know, but…) is above the average height of the girls population. It took years of battling, both physically and mentally. I gain weight fairly easily, and I love my fried chicken, mcnuggets, bacon, rice and so on. Though, a recent lifestyle change has drastically changed my outlook on how I feel about myself and what I look forward to. Trust me, even now I am still being judged, that I am not of the ideal weight that the community proposes to be. I am in no way saying my body is perfect, it still has plenty of room for improvement, but it will come with time, and perseverance. But I don’t hate it like I used to. I just want to stay fit, maintenance is key, and to achieve the best my body could be. Without sacrificing the body shape I have been given, naturally. I am not against skinnyness, if you’ve been given such body shape, then that is yours. What I am about to touch on is to be what you’re not, if you have an hourglass figure, why change it to be a ruler figure because everybody else think that’s the body shape you should have. That is my point. A tiger cannot have a body of a giraffe, nor a giraffe with a body of a tiger, or a cheetah and a lion. Or if you have an athletic small body, why try to be a whale. Work with what you’ve got.

This brings me to the topic of force-feeding, specifically in western part of Africa called Mauritania. The Mauritanian men likes their women… overweight. Of not the normal weight. It is a sign of wealth and prosperity. It is a sign that… she has not been ploughing the field of a farm all day, something that ‘poor’ people all do. So they say. If you have plenty of stretch marks, show them off, even better. I can only imagine the horror the young girls have to go through. Here I share a short segment of what it’s like. To defy nature.

Force feeding in Mauritania Documentary

I cannot put my head around how these girls are being force fed like foie gras ducks. And they are only at tender ages of under 15… 7 to 12 year olds. Goat’s milk, camel’s milk, olive oil, butter, or just any kind of fattening substances would do. Oh, the milk will fatten you up fast, and give you pretty stretch marks. Indeed, indeed.

Gavage in Mauritania, for Marie Claire US

26 year old – Zeinebou Mint Mohamed.
Image credit: http://www.marieclaire.com/world-reports/news/forcefeeding-in-mauritania


Image credit: dailymail.co.uk

Excerpt from the dailymail article & the HBO Vice documentary (by Thomas Morton)

He found that girls are fattened up from the age of eight by their families in a practice referred to as 'gavage' - a French word that means force feeding and is used to describe the fattening of geese to make foie gras.

Once they reach a marriageable age, girls are sent to 'fat camps' in the desert where they are fed 15,000 calories a day.

For breakfast, the girls have breadcrumbs soaked in olive oil washed down with camel's milk. They then have frequent meals throughout the day of goat's meat, bread, figs and couscous, all with more camel milk to drink.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-2364060/Force-fed-husband-How-Mauretanian-women-fattened-like-foie-gras-geese-dangerous-animal-growth-hormones-satisfy-mens-love-larger-lady.html#ixzz2ZHT3GLKv
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These women are being exploited, and these children… ah! angers me to see how they are being treated. The squeezing of the toes and the fingers? The bending of fingers? Their bones would break! Oh, so it is common and perfectly fine to just break your own daughter’s fingers because you believe it is for the good of her future…? Enlighten me.


Personal note: I find it troubling that so many are mis-educated and unaware of the health risks of these sorts of behaviours and beliefs. Apparently the practice is decreasing now. Although I can only imagine that there are still more to it that are left untouched or unreported. I wrote this purely for general education and awareness, so that you, may also see more of what’s happening in the world we live in. Feel free to tweet me at @blushfully

July 12, 2013

Favourites: Facial Finishing Sprays


Throughout the years ever since I came to know of facial sprays, I’ve always loved MAC Fix+ and have come back to it again and again. That won’t change. Just so you know.

In the recent years however, there are other new ones in the market that I was fortunate to be introduced to. Comes in Uriage Eau Thermale D’Uriage and Mary Kay Makeup Finishing Spray.

They are each to their own, and I am showcasing them all just to share with you that there are different ones out there depending on what you are after.

July 8, 2013

Mani Monday: Australis “Acid Rain”


The Australian brand, Australis, has totally improved their quality of the nail polishes over the years and this has quickly climbed up the ladder as one of my favourite shade to wear on my nails. Just take a look at it. It’s vibrant and that pop of colour is sometimes all you need to jazz up whatever it is you are wearing that day.



July 5, 2013

Where To: Frozen Yoghurt & Beer @ Brisbane City

This Where To: series will share with you some spots for beer and frozen yoghurt…

1/ Bavarian Bier Cafe, Eagle St Pier, Brisbane City


Here’s to weekend moments, overlooking the Story Bridge just next to the Japanese fine dining, Sake, and a very bustling spot to mingle and chit chat over a glass of bier… or two… My favourite is perhaps the Weissbier (which literally translates to White Beer in German). Available in 500ml, 1Lt and mocktails/soda/non-alcoholic drinks are also available on request. Cheers! Kanpai! Yam seng! Prooosstttt!!!
2/ Passion Tree, Elizabeth St, Brisbane City



Coffee, Tea, Iced Coffee, Iced Americano, Iced Latte, pastries, buns, bread… all available…




They also serve up frozen yoghurt.


3/ Noggi, Myer Centre & Queens Plaza (food court) Brisbane City


Turns out I love coconut chips and peaches in my Noggi green tea frozen yoghurt. Perhaps some watermelon too, but coconut chips is a must!! Double serves, yes please!

Double tick cause the Korean guy who took my order actually got my name right (despite the misspelling of double ‘n’).

Aaandd they open till late! Okay, nowww I’m craving for it ==”



Brisbane City by evening :) took this from a moving bus!


July 2, 2013

NEW Rimmel London Apocalips Lip Lacquer Swatch


Hitting the stores this month of July is the new lip lacquers from Rimmel London. They applies like lip gloss, liquid lipstick. Absolutely super pigmented. Smells quite yum, to be honest, some kind of minty, fruit scent which I quite enjoy. Maybe I’m just on the weird side, I can already start hearing people hating on the smell. Each to their own. Mind you, I hate the sweet Elf lip gloss scents that some people love.


Battling the Winter Skin Woes with Simplicite Skincare

I have battled dehydrated and fickle skin all of my entire life here in Australia. I would go from super oily shiny disco ball in the summer, to a wrinkly peeling dried fruit in winter. Great. Not.

Factors that may cause this dryness

    • air con at work places or at home, even at shopping malls
    • strong cold wind in winter
    • indoor heaters
    • dry weather overall with very low humidity

Until 3/4 of last year. That was when I changed my entire skincare routine and boy, that was the best decision I have ever made in terms of what is best for my skin. And keeping it that way!

To be honest, I love that I don’t need to do two separate routines for different seasons, like how I used to. Simply because I thought I had to! Not anymore! *Squeal in delight*

Enters Simplicite – if you have been a follower of my blog or been stalking me anywhere else in the social media, you would have heard me talked about it over and over again. I’m a total fan.

Here’s a look at what’s been saving my skin this winter and the next lifetime of winter to come :) *big grin*


July 1, 2013

NEW Violet Box: June 2013

Good Monday, everyone! 

IF you follow me on Instagram, you would have seen a sneak peek of this box – a new Beauty Box, of 4-6 premium cosmetic and beauty samples for only $22.95 per month. I believe this is their very first box, and I am quite surprised at the content! 2 full sizes products! I’m not quite ecstatic that Avene has made it again into another beauty box, seems like they are in every beauty box out there. Nonetheless, let’s just share with you what I got in this box.





What I received:

Avene Gentle Gel Cleanser (sample) RRP $23.95 (200ml)

CK One Color Cosmetics, Gloss Eyecolor in 400 Vivid (Teal Blue) (full size) RRP $25.00

Calvin Klein Sheer Beauty EDT (sample) RRP $80.00 (50ml) $120.00 (100ml)

John Plunkett Glyco Peel (15ml) RRP $28.95 (15ml)

LashControl Clear Coat Control Mascara and Brow Fix (full size) RRP $25.00

Argania Hair Oil Travel Cuties (5ml travel size) RRP $34.99 (100ml)


Interesting squeezable part in the middle of the tube! This one is clear, so it would be good to try for setting eyebrows.



Smooth, buttery eye pencil. Cannot comment on its longevity or crease-proof-ness since I have not tried it yet on my eyes.

Quite worth it for $22.95 if you are interested in these beauty box type of subscriptions. There is no commitment and there are points you can earn to redeem full size products. Some other brands involved include Issada, Skin Physics, Alpha-H and as seen above, CK one cosmetics.

Check them out at violetbox.com.au and let me know what you think if you did get one yourself or planning on getting one.




Disclaimer: Item was sent for review consideration as per disclosure policy. No sponsorship or affiliation involved.