September 21, 2011

Day 21

It’s day 21 of the 30 days of September. How time flies and I think a part of me is alright with that, a part of me feels as though it should slow down. Though we all know by now that time does not stop or wait for anyone. By the time I wake up tomorrow morning, doing my errands for the day it would be two more nights till my flight down to Sydney. Can you tell I’m excited but at the same time trying to calm myself down or am I in the slightest bit… nervous? May… be.

The thing is I have considered packing and I have started packing, I won’t deny. I guess due to the specific sort of functions that will be happening this weekend I want to make sure I have outfits ready, instead of overpacking and wasting time there thinking of what to wear. Another thing to consider is what makeup to bring. I mean, I have travelled many times before but it seems as though each time I have to have a list of things to bring. It makes trying to travel lightly… not so lightly.

It’s time like these I wish I have more travel-friendly, travel-ready things. I think my mum has that, since she travels so often. Even my dad does, I bet.

So let me get list the things I definitely would need to bring for this weekend in Sydney …

- Dress (for the formal dinner function ABBW)

- Outfit #1 (for daytime IMATS and daytime ABBW)

- Outfit #2 (for breakfast, lunch and afternoon ABBW)

- Sleeping Clothes (x1)

- Comfortable Fancy Flats (x1)

- Comfortable Heels (x1)

- Makeup:
- Primer
- Foundation
- Concealer
- Blush
- Contouring Bronzer
- Black Eyeliner Pencil
- Black Liquid Eyeliner
- Eye Primer
- Eyeshadow Palette
- Eyebrow Colour
- Lip Balm
- Lipstick (x2)
- Brushes

Oh you know the rest…

I guess the fact that I need to really pick and pinpoint which items I would definitely need is a bit hard when I like so many of the items I have… and I use them interchangeably…

What’s your travel friendly tips? I’d love to hear it

On another note…

I had to make a new dog tag for my baby puppy… since the old one is so scuffed and we need to put our new numbers there too!

Didn’t realise it’s a smaller size till I got home and compared – oh well… but it’s still cute and fits him just nicely…



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emmabovary said...

I am a terribly nervous flyer so think I'm in the same boat as you right now. I leave super early friday morning for Sydney and have not even begun packing yet:S gah