September 24, 2011


The morning started with a 6 am alarm clock which I must say, did not come as a surprise, because I was already awake and rolling around trying to get back to sleep at around 4am. I was hungry too.

Several of us had breakfast at the food court at Harbourside while I had some coffee (soy mocha) and toasted blueberry bagel with cream cheese! (though, I’m sorry, I prefer the Starbucks one better – this one was way too sweet and too hard to bite into!)

Schedule of the day was IMATS till around 1.30pm and we had event to attend to at 2pm at the Novotel Hotel.

Without giving too much away… Gala Dinner was around 6.30pm at the Establishment – though it was not dinner straight away… it was something else…

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Beauty in the Sky said...

How do you already have blog posts up from the weekend? ;p So organised! It was such a pleasure to meet you it was such a tremendous weekend!