May 30, 2011

Mani Monday: Lilac Crush

Today will be the first of series post of “Mani Monday” – the time I shall show you NOTD or NOTW instead of calling them NOTW (Nails of the Week) I will now call the post Mani Monday (Mani – derived from Manicure).

Lilac Crush-1

So for this week I decided to go with this lilac shade from the OPI Pirates of Carribean mini set called Planks A Lot. It’s a blue-toned purple and I don’t have anything like it.

With the design, I used…

PNailsused From left to right:

1) Diva Nail Polish in Shop-a-Holic (available at Diva accessories store, Australia)

2) Australis Nail Colour in Limited Edition 1

3) OPI Fiercely Fiona (from the Shrek collection)

4) Kiss USA Brush-On Nail Art Paint in PA10 Silver Glitter (purchased from Kmart)

What do you think? Mani Monday – Yay or Nay? Could this be a new series for blushfully?

What’s on your nails this week? =) I’ll be removing these by the end of this week.

Have a great week!


May 29, 2011

Updated Wishlist as of June 2011

How’s everybody in Australia holding up with the early Winter chills? I sure have been dosing up on hot tea almost every morning and night and carry my coat and wear a scarf, especially when you know you will be coming home late in the evening. The sun goes down way too fast, the day just feels too short. Plus, it’s already almost June! What! I swear it feels as though it was just January! I still remember what happened in January and it’s already June? Where did it all go?

How long since I last did a Wishlist post? Too long ago… so I thought, what would be better than to share with you what are in my wishlist… it changes all the time, I tell you… Hah! I think we can all relate…

First up…


May 27, 2011

Style Mention: Elie Saab S/S 2011 Couture

While us over on the south side of the world is experiencing early Winter, those on the north side of the globe are celebrating Spring awaiting Summer. I accidentally came across this collection tonight… and I fainted… To la la land… There’s something mesmerising about this whole collection, one which truly did captivated my attention tonight and here I shall share with you… such inspirational pieces from Elie Saab Spring/Summer 2011 Collection.


The colours… the colours… the colours!! The texture… the texture… the texture! Elegant, intricate, romantic, they just make me go mmmm!! In my perfect world / dream, I’d have a piece from each colour… or maybe even every one of them filling up a section in my Oprah-like wardrobe room. Oh one can dream…

I’m really loving this collection – what about you?

Photos: credit to

May 25, 2011

Dr Perricone SUPER Skincare

Today I was treated to a quick face treatment at Dr Perricone, Kit Cosmetics Myer Brisbane City. I was greeted by Samantha – who would be my lovely consultant for the day.


She explained to me that this new skincare range by Dr Perricone envisaged the quick and easy skincare routine using natural ingredients such as… Acai berries, Chia seeds, Chilli peppers, Melon, Watercress, Coconut Water, Ginger, Olive etc. Sounds yummy, don’t you think?
Superfood – that’s what they’re called. Honestly, I really like the idea, it’s something I would probably get myself into. So… High Five Dr Perricone! Actually, the Superfood idea reminds me of the Korean skincare brand Skinfood… though Skinfood has a HUGE range of products, I tell you, HUGE! Superfood on the other hand carries 14 products in total. 1 cleanser for all skins, 1 toner, that sort of thing…

Now for those of you who have not heard of Dr Nicholas Perricone…he’s a US dermatologist that Oprah would call for any skincare needs, and has written books on health, diet, beauty and things related. What got me interested wasn’t that… it’s because I’ve heard of his name but never got around to try out his products until this morning.

May 24, 2011

Thoughts of the Day

To feel the freedom that comes from being able to continue to make mistakes and choices - today I choose to feel life, not to deny my humanity but embrace it.
- Kevyn Aucoin

Have an interesting week everyone~!

May 23, 2011

Nails Swatch: OPI Pirates of Carribean






Available now at David Jones for AUD$24.95

All were 2 coats, except Sparrow Me the Drama (1 coat was enough). I loved all the colours!!

Disclaimer: Products mentioned was purchased by me.

May 19, 2011

Fancy a Quickie?

Pop in at your local Kit Cosmetics store and treat yourself to a Quickie – treatment for your skincare.



Which one would you like?

I’m a bit of a combination… I am prone to breakouts and redness (due to sensitiveness) and right now I blame the dry Winter weather for my dehydrated dry skin! On the other hand, I would love a radiant even skin. So what am I then?

Information and images were provided to me from a PR company.

May 18, 2011

Introducing Cloud 9

I have first heard of Cloud 9 many months ago somewhere online but I don’t remember where. That’s it. Nothing more, no more news. However when they did a demonstration at the Brisbane Beauty Bloggers Event many weeks ago I was intrigued – very captivated and was very interested in knowing more of their products range. Something about the product has totally sold me. Is it the sleek all black look? Is it their new innovative fresh ideas of technology? Or is it just because they do perform the very best kind of hairstyle I have ever come across? Read on…

From the inventors and founders of ghd – I give you… Cloud 9

Whatever your hair type is, whatever your hair length is… there’s something in the range that will suit your need.

What about it?

Adjustable temperatures – there are 6 heat settings (100, 125, 150, 175, 200)
Korean rock minerals ceramic plates – which glides through the hair without stripping the moisture, instead locking the moisture in by sealing the cuticles of the hair which gives you the glossy shiny healthy finish
Automatic hibernation mode when left unused for 30 minutes – so you won’t worry about burning a hole through your desk
Swivel cord that truly won’t let you tangle it
Universal voltage
If you look closely to the design, they have designed so that there’s minimum chance of you (us) burning ourselves. The rounded barrel head is designed with its sides slightly covering the heat plates so that there’s less chance of us burning our fingers.

Why is the adjustable temperature important in maintaining the condition of our hair?

Well we all have been guilty as charged of the old hair straightener by switching it on not knowing how high it would get (usually 200+ degrees Celsius) and totally toasting our hair… only to find that it went static and frizzes up within the next half an hour. Why’s that?

You see… that level of temperature will totally strip the moisture out of our hair and the cuticles that are now gaping for moisture are left there trying so hard to find moisture in the air surround it. That is why it goes static. That is why… the straw hair. If you’re after the Scarecrow style, by all means, go for it, but as for me, I like to try to achieve the flowy kind of hair when I can.

May 15, 2011

Kiehl’s Australia New Prices


Ultra Facial Cleanser (150ml) – $36.00 $26.00
Washable Cleansing Milk (250ml) – $38.00 $28.00
Gentle Foaming Facial Cleanser (250ml) – $38.00 $28.00
Foaming Non-Detergent Washable Cleanser (250ml) – $38.00 $28.00
Blue Herbal Gel Cleanser (250ml) – $48.00 $36.00
Yerba Mate Cleanser (250ml) – $48.00 $36.00
Acai Cleanser (150ml) – $55.00 $36.00
Rare Earth Deep Pore Cleanser (150ml) – $36.00 $30.00
Supremely Gentle Eye Makeup Remover (125ml) – $36.00 $28.00


Pineapple Papaya Facial Scrub (tube) (100ml) – $52.00 $38.00
Milk, Honey and Almond Scrub (125ml) – $46.00 $40.00


Ultra Facial Toner (250ml) – $34.00 $28.00
Cucumber Herbal Alcohol-Free Toner (250ml) – $34.00 $28.00
Cucumber Herbal Alcohol-Free Toner (500ml) – $58.00 $48.00
Calendula Herbal Extract Toner (125ml) – $42.00 $28.00
Calendula Herbal Extract Toner (250ml) – $69.00 $48.00
Calendula Herbal Extract Toner (500ml) – $105.00 $78.00
Blue Astringent Herbal Lotion (250ml) – $29.00 $28.00
Acai Toning Mist (120ml) – $58.00 $38.00
Rare Earth Pore Refining Tonic (250ml) – $36.00 $28.00
Yerba Mate Toner (250ml) – $56.00 $28.00
French Rosewater Facial Toner (250ml) – $28.00 (remains the same)


Ultra Facial Moisturizer (75ml) – $36.00 $22.00
Ultra Facial Moisturizer (125ml) – $58.00 $34.00
Ultra Facial Moisturizer (250ml) – $100.00 $54.00
Ultra Facial Moisturizer SPF15 (75ml) – $38.00 $22.00
Ultra Facial Moisturizer SPF15 (125ml) – $60.00 $34.00
Ultra Facial Moisturizer SPF15 (250ml) – $105.00 $54.00
Ultra Facial Moisturizer Tinted SPF 15- (Light/Medium/Dark) (75ml) – $42.00 $36.00
Ultra Facial Cream (50ml) – $52.00 $34.00
Ultra Facial Cream (125ml) – $105.00 $64.00
Yerba Mate Lotion (75ml) – $63.00 $44.00
Yerba Mate Gel Cream (50ml) – $52.00 $44.00
Sodium PCA Oil-Free (50ml) – $40.00 $28.00
Sodium PCA Oil-Free (125ml) – $63.00 $42.00
Blue Herbal Moisturizer (100ml) – $52.00 $39.00
Crème d’Elegance Repairateur (50ml) – $64.00 (same)
Anti-Oxidant Skin Preserver (40ml) – $125.00 $75.00
Abyssine + Cream (50ml) – $80.00 $68.00
Abyssine + Cream SPF15 (50ml) – $82.00 $68.00
Abyssine + Lotion (75ml) – $82.00 $68.00
Cryste Marine (50ml) – $92.00 $78.00
Acai Moisturizer (60ml) – $82.00 $68.00
Cryste Marine Ultra Riche Cream (50ml) – $92.00 $78.00


Rare Earth Pore Minimizing Treatment (75ml) – $52.00 $49.00
Acai Serum (50ml) – $92.00 $59.00
Abyssine + Serum (50ml) – $90.00 $59.00
Cryste Marine Serum (50ml) – $100.00 $59.00
Midnight Recovery Concentrate (30ml) – $95.00 $59.00

My Kiehl’s Wishlist would look something like this…

Rare Earth Deep Pore Cleanser (150ml) – $36.00 $30.00
Pineapple Papaya Facial Scrub (tube) (100ml) – $52.00 $38.00
1 of the serums…
Midnight Recovery Concentrate (30ml) – $95.00 $59.00
or Acai Serum (50ml) – $92.00 $59.00
1 or 2 of the moisturizers…

What’s on your list? Have you tried Kiehl’s before? Which are your favorites? Any recommendation?

May 14, 2011

POTD My attempt at being a food critic

Today for lunch my mum, my sisters and I went to a restaurant called La Vie at Westfield Chermside here in Brisbane. Anyway we decided we would get several dishes and try them out – we like to share.

Here’re what we ordered:


Eggs Royal – eggs benedict (poached eggs) and smoked salmon on toasted English muffin topped with Hollandaise sauce.

My opinion on it? That was no Hollandaise sauce… that tasted more like runny mustard. Everything else was good. The eggs were poached and the yolk was runny and the white was just the right firmness and smooth to taste. My only little complain is the sauce. I mean, c’mon, really?



Smoked Salmon Spaghetti with Creamy Dill Sauce – topped with capers and black olives

I think this was alright – a little on the saltier side but it was still at least flavourful and they sure did give you a lot of smoked salmon and sauce. The capers and the olives add a nice mixture to the strong smokey salmon flavour, while the creamy dill sauce complimented the whole dish just like a homemade spaghetti. Presentation wise, I was not impressed with the little strand of spaghetti piece exposed on the side there as the waiter placed it in front of us. But if I weren’t so picky on the presentation… it’s an alright dish. If you like smoked salmon and the combination of dill, olives and capers work for you – this one serves you alright.



Caesar Salad with Grilled Chicken

This was a let down. How do you fail a grilled chicken caesar salad? When the chicken were not even grilled. Look at it… I tasted them too. They tasted pan fried. Too dry and just tasteless, really. The salad itself was just pathetic too – they look sad.


Photo was not taken – but we also did order Golden Chips, which was… so not worth it. Priced at AUD$6.50 it was not a large bowl of chips and only a squirt of tomato sauce for dipping. Any other sauce, you would have to pay an extra $1. For less than the price and inclusive of any kind of sauce you want, you can get better chips or fries elsewhere. Namely, Red Room at University of Queensland, St Lucia… =) What I meant by better is that they actually batter it differently and it taste nice and crispy. The chips here were tasteless and just a slap and dash job reheating a pack of ready made frozen chips.

Well, well, well, alrighty then… there goes my attempt at being a food critic. I’ve just had better kinda food, y’know? However for quite affordable lunch special, La Vie has got quite a range of menu you can literally check out for several minutes. It’s not a bad restaurant and it’s accessible. They have their own bathroom for you to use and water is free. Their menu needs redesigning though, the lamination was peeling off and everything… gosh!! Alright, alright… that’s it.

Have a great weekend everyone!


Photos taken via Blackberry

May 12, 2011

POTD Fox in the house

Testing mobile blogging ... and it works! Whee~~!! Yaaayy!!

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May 10, 2011

POTD Kitten

I think I shall do a series of POTD (Picture of the Day) where I might be taking random photos and pick a photo of the day and post it here… what do you guys think?

It gives you a little snapshot of what happened that day… something along the line of a photojournalism or photo diary…

So today, my sister gave me a fright when she rang me shrieking she found a kitten. Unfortunately I could not keep it (my mum hates cats and it’s not negotiable) and so I had to give her/him away to one of the neighbours. Either way, the neighbour said that if she could keep it she would and if not she was going to take it to the animal welfare.

True story, I rang RSPCA and they said they could not help much unless I took the kitten to the centre. They also said that maybe I could ring the council but they said the council would not pick up a cat. I also had no car today so how was I supposed to take it to the nearest vet or any animal shelter. I could not just leave the kitten on the road! So I went to the nearest office of a housing estate nearby, and no matter how kind the lady seemed, she said she could not help and I just had to deal with it myself. Right o…

There goes the story of the day… hopefully all is well and either the neighbour has a new pet kitten or this kitten is now safe at an animal welfare.


Now check out the quality of my new phone. I cannot rave enough how impressed I am!!! Very impressed! Do I need a camera now? One wonders… This was just point and shoot and it auto focus by itself… Technology these days.

Oh, and it’s a Blackberry Bold 9780 aka Onyx II. No I’m not an iPhone traitor (as a friend called me that) and no I don’t hate iPhone's. In fact I did have an iPhone (3G) before this and it died. I just find Blackberry much more suitable to my life right as of this moment.

Hope you’re having an awesome day – do you have any pet? I wish Queensland would lift the ban on keeping rabbits as pets. I’d keep one. I used to have a few when I was little but that was back in Indonesia. Queensland reckons that rabbits are just all pests and they can cause soil erosion etc. There are different kinds of rabbits, you know, dwarf rabbits, hares, wild rabbits… Ok, anyway enough rambling… toodles!!


May 7, 2011

POTD Chocolates Rolls

The weekend marked the Mother’s Day and my newfound love for chocolate snack in a form of this…


You can find them sold as a box at Coles. Italian Made… they are addictively yummy!

Photo taken with Blackberry

NOTW: Picture Polish in Goddess

I received this nail polish in one of the goodie bag from the Brisbane Beauty Bloggers Event. I must say I have only heard of this brand very briefly from other blogs but I have not encountered them in stores, so I was curious to try them.

Initial thought: easy to apply, just slightly on the thicker side and if applied too much – they can gunk up together at the tips of your nails. However they are still not the thickest kind I’ve encountered and end result is still rather pleasing! I’m impressed. I’ve had this nails for almost a week now and no chipping. Bear in mind, I do use a base coat (OPI Natural Base Coat) and the best top coat (Seche Vite).


Taken outdoor natural lightingP1050568


Then I got bored… and added…


And there we have it… my nails of the week.

Picture Polish nail polish is available from

Amazing shades available.

What’s on your nails this week?