January 31, 2012

Glossybox January

Glossybox contacted me not long ago introducing me to the brand and what they have to offer. It is basically a monthly subscription, which you have to pay $14.95. No contract whatsoever, you can cancel it anytime, minimum 14 days prior to despatch. Each month you will receive 5 miniature products (some are even full sizes). For more information, you can visit their website here.

This is my first of this kind of boxes.

I received the January box the other day…


Winner of Dermalogica Daylight Defense Kit

is…. *drum roll*






Screen Captures1


Could you please email me or dm me on twitter your best mailing address, so we can organise the prize to be sent out to you.


and for everybody else,

stay tuned for upcoming giveaways =)


To read the review on the products, check it out here.


Much loves,


January 30, 2012

Favourites: January 2012

End of the first month of the year and I have my favourites here to share with you! I’ll keep it short and sweet, brief. Just five to mention… wow I seriously have cut the numbers down A LOT, I can tell you that.


Lush Catastrophe Cosmetic Fresh Face Mask

Calming, cleansing and brightening without drying out your skin. One of the best Lush masks I have tried. Rich in antioxidant and antiseptic. My skin is loving this at the moment and it leaves me catastrophe free.

MAC Studio Finish Concealer

Took me years to finally realise I need this. A little pot of flawlessness. Applies easy with fingers, blends well when I pat it. Under my eyes or anywhere else or mixed with my foundation, it will do. I take this with me everywhere whenever I go out, easy to sneak into pockets or purses and covers any blemishes including redness. A favourite in my collection, will recommend, will repurchase.

SK-II Facial Treatment Essence

Highly concentrated skincare step in a form of water. They call this ‘miracle water’. I call it ‘serum water’. It hydrates where it needs to, it de-oils wherever there’s too much oil production. The result is a skin I want to touch and feel all the time, a clear skin I long to have, and hope to maintain in years to come. I use this after toner and before serum or moisturiser.

Be In Awe Serums

Be In Awe is new to me. An Australian made and exclusive to a few stockists around the country. Both the Clearing and Calming serums have made such good impressions on me that they are worth the mention in this month’s favourites.

The Clearing serum helps with accelerating the process of ‘clearing’ your skin from any breakout. Within a day or two, any acne I have on my face has reduced drastically. It does not cause any flaking or dry patches.

The Calming Serum is actually very soothing. Any redness, itchiness or irritation anywhere on my face, I would now turn to this serum and apply it there. See my review on it.

Both serums are not sticky, gentle, no strong chemical scent, and little goes a long way. The best thing is they work!

Curash Oral Pain Relieving Gel

I have been experiencing a few mouth ulcers recently, you know when you accidentally bite into the skin inside your mouth? Yeah, those. That leaves you a painful and sore open wound. This gel, available at the babies section in store, had helped relieved that pain. I could eat and smile, when if I had not discovered this, I would be teary just drinking water. Lifesaver. Apart from that I’ve been applying herbal ointment alternating with fresh aloe vera on it to help accelerate the healing process.

PS: Bonjela did not work on me


Disclaimer: All products were purchased with my own money -
Except Be In Awe serums, which were sent to me for review consideration.

January 27, 2012

Kalahoo That’s Who!

Once in a while you come across a random find that turns out to be a precious gem. Being a beauty enthusiast those occasions come quite often, not that often but I have been finding more and more hidden underrated gems as of the past year. One is Stila Mineral Matte Eye Shadow in Kalahoo.

This post was actually rather inspired by a request from a fellow beauty blogger, Reese from Tropic of Beauty. We were on a conversation twittersation about using eye shadow to create shadow under our eyes inspired by a video by Lisa Eldridge on Marilyn Monroe Make Up which was amazing, I might add. The way Lisa Eldridge went through the history and explaining each details are the reasons why I enjoyed it so very much. Anyway I said that I use just one eye shadow for that. So here it is, dedicated to this one eye shadow I have been reaching for almost every day or each time I do my make up.


January 25, 2012

I’m Leaving on a Jetplane… What to bring?

With the travelling rate still going strong amongst people I know, I wonder if you have any tips or products in regards to flying comfortably and to remain feeling fresh. I think flying 6 hours is fine but imagine 10 or worse, 20… and plus the waiting in between transit and all. It adds up! So how do you remain fresh?

1) Eye Drops

For those with contact lenses or glasses or just those with eyes that could feel dry during your time in the airplane, eye drops are a must. You would not want to be feeling dry eyes – utterly uncomfortable!

2) Face Spray

This could be your toner or any kind of facial spray. And, of course in travel size. I used to loathe the idea behind facial spray but I now thank you for them! My picks: Mario Badescu Facial Spray, MAC Fix+, MAC Charged Water, Lush Eau Roma Water Toner. Look for unbreakable packaging.

3) Moisturiser / Lotion / Serum

If you have sample sachets of lotion or serum – perfect! Bring them, they would come in handy while flying or during transit so you don’t have to carry around extra kg (not that they weigh a kg, but they add up!) Flying is drying, and you don’t want to shrivel to an raisin by the time you have to exit the airplane.

4) Lip Balm

This goes hand in hand with the previous product. Your lips may get dry – so don’t forget your lip balm. Just something easy that you don’t have to use your fingers or an extra applicator to apply.

5) Plenty of water or fluid

Not that you need to carry a huge litre of water bottle around but one you might not think of whilst on the plane, though I think you should be. Yes it may cause you to go to the toilet more than once during the journey, but hey, better get your body hydrated rather than dehydrated! Dehydration can lead to headaches and nausea, and dry skin.

6) Concealer

Hah! Don’t murder me because I mention a makeup product. Hey, during the time you might develop some redness or what not – who knows. Or a blemish might appear (God forbids!)… Concealer is your friend best friend.

7)  Powder

If despite the dry atmosphere you know you might get a little oily, especially those T-zone area. Or in my case, the centre of my face. Maybe a lightweight one would be better than a full coverage one. For instance, a Mineralized Skinfinish Natural may be a better option rather than the Studio Fix. Although that’s personal preference. In my opinion, the fuller coverage one might look a little cakey when you reapply during flight.

8) A multipurpose lip/cheek product

Again, this is a personal preference. But I find that I might look “sick” or “pale” or “washed out” after a long flight. I like a multipurpose lip/cheek product like Eyeko Fat Balm is perfect to carry around. Not only it is not drying it gives a nice pop of colour and glow to your cheeks so you look fresher in an instant! Now I regret not getting more of these Fat Balms. Thanks to Kylie from Blooming Diaries blog for introducing me to Eyeko Fat Balm (It was my birthday present). It is even blendable by fingers, too! Too easy!

9) Foot Spray

This might sound odd but even this is a novelty for me. Your feet will definitely get tired and sore from the “sitting down” – your feet will thank you for this little spray. This instantly refreshes and I believe you need to look after your feet – you’re standing and walking on them all the time. They’re bound to complain. Not literally, but you would feel the tiredness and soreness, then…? Something with a bit of mint would be refreshing for the feet. I’m currently loving Shoemistress Refreshing Foot Spray. It contains aloe vera, lemon and peppermint. It does help soothe and refresh my feet.

10) Floss

You might not be able to brush your teeth for some reason and you have something in between your teeth that you simply cannot remove with bare hands. What to do? Floss is your only hope. I used to not bother with it, but trust me, there are times I am thankful for having this with me.


January 23, 2012

Red and Gold for Chinese New Year 2012



It’s the year of the Dragon~


Wishing everyone a prosperous, successful and blessed year ahead.

Let me start the day by sharing you what I’ve got on…


The arm candy term is inspired by Faye Lu Review from her blog post HERE
Say hi to her from me when you visit her blog, will ya? =)

I’m off to yum cha~ wheeeee!!


: gold watch by Movado (vintage, it’s my Mum’s); gold snap bangle by Colette; gold and wood necklace worn as bracelet from Indonesia (vintage)


January 21, 2012

Be Calm with Be In Awe Calming Serum

The skin is a complex structure that at times may be aggravated and clogged and all sorts of other ra ra ra, you get what I mean. Now with all the range available out there to ‘treat’ the skin, its own walls may not be strong enough to hold it together, hence sensitive. I find that perhaps incorporating natural products into my routine would help and how surprised I am, I can’t begin to tell you.

I was introduced to the brand Be In Awe by a fellow blogger, Me My Best and I – and you can see her journey here. That led me to email Rebecca Powne, the owner of an Australian brand fittingly named Be In AWE. AWE stands for Ancient Wisdom Encapsulated.

This is what Rebecca has to say about the skin being sensitive:

“I often find that most people do not have 'naturally' sensitive skin, therefore the main reason for irritation is poor skin barrier protection. The skin therefore is compromised and will react to many products. Once your barrier function is restored you can start to build your skin up with low levels of Vitamin A (retinol) and potent antioxidants.”

English Pronounciation Poem

I came across this article (poem) around 5th January (through facebook, surprise surprise) and managed to take a video reading out loud the so-called “poem”… and it is super duper long!

So I thought… I’d give it a go… what do you think?


I tripped, but hey…

PS: I’ve included the link as well, so if you want to do a video response or anything, I’ll be interested!!


Have a great weekend everyone!



January 18, 2012

Review: Lush Catastrophe Cosmetic Fresh Face Mask

I dare you to say that title 3 5 times.

I am a Lush fan, no denying that. Two and a half years ago I hated Lush. I could not even stand walking past the store, let alone going into one. It all changed… I could not remember when, but I tried one product. That one product led to two and led to three and the rest is history.

I am no newbie in the fresh face masks department. Brazened Honey, BB Seaweed, Cupcake, Oatifix, Ayesha, Mask of Magnaminty… I’ve tried them. Some worth the mention in my blog, some others… I’ll reconsider for next round. The only one I would stay away from is Ayesha. I am slightly saddened by this because it does feel nice but the smell… oh.. my.. gosh.. it stinks so bad I could not stand it on my face. There, I’ve said it.

Now I had been meaning to try a new Lush mask for the past couple of months or so, but everytime I walked in to get it, the one I had my mind on, it was out of stock. Until the other day… one hot Friday… that it was there… one black tub staring at me… “Pick me! Pick me!”


January 16, 2012

69th Golden Globe: Who Wears What

Dresses and pretty faces, I see what has been running hot in twitter and media in the past several hours. The 69th Golden Globe Annual Awards.

Here I will share a few of the many faces, and see if any is worth for an upcoming inspired look.

January 14, 2012

Behind Being a Beauty Blogger

The thing about me… is that I’m not just a beauty blogger I don’t really label myself as one. I like to say I blog about beauty, yes, but I also blog about life and have you not read my reviews on some restaurants and their food? Perhaps the little snapshots of my weekend? You get what I mean.

On Wednesday, the lovely Tine from Beautyholics Anonymous wrote an article on “What Does A Beauty Blogger Do?” and I find it very interesting with some truth reflected back to me. I can relate. As I have said I also blog about beauty. Three quarter or the majority of my posts are about beauty. I do it because I like to and not being pressured into. Mind you, there have been times I felt being pressured into writing a review but ended up realising that it is your choice whether to put up a review or not. To even put up any post at all.

So I though I would share some of these “truths” with you, my readers, as well…adding my own.

  • Sneaky sneaky lemon squeezy – taking photographs of makeup counters or products or displays in shopping centres or in stores using your phone (turned to silent, but mine … the camera does not have a silent button for its shutter sound, bummer) – either for your blog or … you guessed right, twitter. … I am twittering, I’m twittering, yeaaa….
  • Carrying wet wipes in handbag – Tine mentioned this, but I normally just ask for tissues or grab any available tissues nearby. This is for those swatch-a-thon moments when you just feel the need to swatch… everything and anything you feel like. Why? For the blog.
  • I swatch on my left leaving the right hand free to do the photography when I am out in the shops. Usually the swatch will be in line with each other and even the SA will be amazed how many you are swatching and how perfectly aligned they are next to each other. Little do they know… you’re including this in your next blog post.
  • I browse makeup and beauty counters and stores to “check out what’s new”
  • Some SA would know you by name… because you’re there… again.
  • I go into stores to “check prices” or “test how they feel”
  • Any makeup or beauty products I buy or received must not be opened until I take a picture of it… before, during and after… Unless I find a way to put it all back to how it originally is packaged.
  • Packaging must not be thrown until I have at least taken a photo or jotted down the ingredients list and any information they claim to be. Unless I can find it online.
  • I look for bookcases, cd cases and filing organisers – for organising products
  • There is at least some makeup or skincare products on my deskI use them all the time!
  • I have drafts or reminders noted on paper and laptop of “To Review” or “Blog Posts”
  • I don’t throw out empty products straight away – for “empties” post
  • I get excited when I see the pan of any products I’ve been using or running low on products – I’ve hit pan, guys! Yeah!
  • Never thought Organic Chemistry would come in handy… until now when I begin to pick on the Ingredients list
  • I stick labels on the products (recent habit) of the month when I started using them
  • First thing I notice when going overseas:
    • Duty Free Cosmetics department – what are the limited edition travel edition
    • What brands are available and how much cheaper compared to Australian dollars
    • What I should stock up on
  • When I describe products I go by whether I will repurchase or recommend them. Are they dewy, matte, or do they blend like a dream… (Don’t you love that phrase… it’s like butter!)
  • I want to buy several products from either different brands or same brand but different types – for blog research and comparisons
  • I know upcoming product earlier than the SAs in the counter
  • You are known to your friends as… “always on your phone!” – because you check twitter and reply to people’s comments and messages
  • I would take a camera but thank God for the camera in my phone for when I’m out because I can take photos and straight away “blog” or “tweet” about it.
  • For others might say "love the dress" - I'd stare at their cheeks or their 'flawless complexion' (or any facial features) and would wanna ask... "what do you use?" or compliment them for those features ("love your lipstick!")
  • I take photos of myself – FOTD
  • I take photos of my nails – NOTD
  • I take photos of my clothes – OOTD
  • I want that that and that – for giveaways
  • I hope to someday have my own little walk in beauty room

So there you have it… I’m sure I have missed out one more or two or how many more there are.

January 11, 2012

Recent Empties January 2012

I made a video – YAY!


Recent Empties January 2012

If you would like to know more about any of the products mentioned, let me know, in comment below =)


Looking Back and Looking Ahead

Times and times again I feel as though I am stuck in the middle, on a train ride with blank sceneries on the both sides. Perhaps lost in a forest stressing out which road to choose, the right or the left or the one right in front. I guess this post is just a little reflections of what happened recently… a little rambling, a little rant and as always, sprinkles of randomness.

How was I when I started this blog almost 2 1/2 years ago. This blog was born on October 2009, would you believe it? You didn’t know that, did you? I feel like I was a different person in 2009, 2010 and 2011. It seems that every year, with each turn I take, each mistake I made and each fall I stumbled… makes me who I am today.

Everybody is onto new year’s resolution. I only look forward for the better, for success and for my prayers to be answered. To be more patient and to listen more carefully. To be at balance and to keep moving forward wherever whichever path you take. It will all make sense, in the end, I will look back and connect all the pieces that things did happen for a reason and it will always be that way.

(Note: Photos Heavy)

January 9, 2012

Daylight Defense with Dermalogica Review and How You Can Win One

I guess if you had never met me, you could get away with not wearing any sunscreen. But you and I both know, at least by now you should be, that I am a strong believer in sun protection. I was not very much so before, but ever since I do realise that the Australian sun can be potentially quite dangerous – I cannot stress enough how crucial sun protection is.

How is everyone’s first week of the new year? I still cannot believe it is already the year 2012. Did the world just skip the year 2011? Oh wait, it didn’t, it just went by so quickly.

So this summer, Dermalogica teamed up with… well… no other better candidate than sunscreens and offer you the kind of skin kit we all need. I think so, it is also very handy, considering it comes with… oh I’ll show you soon. Also for those who like to sunbake or just have no choice but to be out in the sun, this kit caters for all. The products in this kit also contain vitamins, anti-oxidants and hydrating botanical extracts.

I have used this for several weeks now, on and off with my other sunscreens – and I have not felt any burning. Yay! Saved!


What I like about it:

  • Comes in a nice pouch – I really like this pouch, the colour, the texture and that it is see through without being too transparent. I can clearly see and find what I am looking for when I’m out, very easily. I have been carrying this everywhere with me as my makeup kit in my handbag. I somehow feel as though, even the pouch has a sun protection tint! (you know, like a car’s window’s tint) … get it?
  • Solar Defense Booster SPF30 – can be applied directly or mixed in with your moisturiser or your foundation. It is lightweight and does not feel greasy. It does not have the strong stinky sunscreen smell many other sunscreens possess. This product IS meant to be added to your favourite moisturiser without compromising your favourite moisturiser, so to say.
  • Multivitamin Bodyblock SPF20 – is slightly thicker in texture but still is not greasy or smells anything strong. It is easily absorbed into the skin. Nice product and I have not tanned so easily or burned. It is not oily nor is it drying.
  • Solar Shield SPF15 – this is a cute little practical sunscreen stick that I now carry everywhere with me. It looks like a lipbalm but you can use it anywhere around your body, wherever you feel needs the extra shield when you are out. You can use it on your lips, your ears, your nose and I used it on my nape and shoulders the other day because the sun had suddenly decided to go all out with their power. I did not get burned – yay! It contains vitamin C and E to counteract free radical damage. Perfect for lips and ears. This comes out clear.
  • After Sun Repair – is a clear gel that you can apply after you have been out in the sun. It is cooling and calming. This can be used on face and body. No strong fragrance. It contains Japanese Alder which accelerates DNA repair.



Now you can purchase the products individually at their website www.dermalogica.com.au or … at the Dermalogica counters for AUD$59.

But guess what!?

Wanna win one?

You can!

Daylight Defense Skin Kit_

How to win?

  • You have to be a subscriber – click “Join This Site” on your right
    (through Google Friend Connect)
  • Tell me your Google Friend Name in the comment below (1 Entry)
    Don’t forget to let me know your email as well, so I can contact you if you are the lucky winner
  • Tweet about the giveaway mentioning @blushfully and @DermalogicaAUS (+2 Bonus Entry)
    Example: Win @DermalogicaAUS Daylight Defense Kit by @blushfully (link to blog page)
  • Like Blushfully facebook page and Share (+2 Bonus Entry)


Sorry for everyone else overseas! I promise I’ll do another giveaway that is International…


Giveaway closes - IS NOW CLOSED

Winner will be notified via email to arrange postage details.


Disclaimer: The products mentioned were kindly provided by Dermalogica.