March 30, 2011

Woolworths 1/2 Price All Covergirl

Woolworths in Australia (aka Safeway in Melbourne) is having 1/2 price all range from today 30th March 2011 till Tuesday 5th April. Definitely take advantage of this and stock up on your beauty needs, especially their awesome mascaras ;) I'm considering testing out their liqui-eye pencils...? I'm in need of new mascaras too... =) perfect timing.

What's your favorite Covergirl product/s?

March 29, 2011

TAG: Let's Talk About Blogging

I got tagged!! By lovely Lene from It contains 16 questions regarding blogging and so... here's my response!! Hope you enjoy...

1. Why did you start a beauty blog?

I wanted to keep track of what I have tried and what works and doesn't work for me. That was sort of the initial idea - to keep track of things, like a diary. I've been writing diary since I could start writing properly and this beauty blog was born when I started to get passionate in makeup, cosmetics, and skincare or anything that relates to beauty - which I must say I started a little later than most people (only about end of 2009 when this blog was created). Nowadays I'd include bits and pieces of other things in life although this blog is still mainly beauty-related.

2. What was the inspiration for your blog name?

Hahaha I would lie if I just came up with a blog name one day and be happy with it for the rest of my life. It took at least a good amount of changing and alteration to the blog name until one afternoon... when I was thinking of having just 1 word to signify what my blog is about. "Blush" was the word that came to mind because ain't nothing like a pop of color on your face. I mixed that with one of my favorite words in the English language "bashful"/"bashfully" or anything with "-fully" at the end and played with it till I came up with "blushfully" - meaning something along the line of... that one's face isn't quite complete if not 'blushfully' or have a 'blushful' day - sort of meaning... have a bright and gorgeous day like a blush... Hahaha, I know, it's quite... subjective... but that what it means to me... honest. A play on words... Lucky for me, it wasn't taken already! So, Yay!!

3. How many visitors do you get approximately?

Oh my, I don't actively check to be honest, because I blog when I can and blog when I have something to blog. Some days I can blog up to a few in a day, some days I'd blog once a week or once a fortnight.

4. Who works on your blog?

This girl called Cendana... Hahaha, it's me la... just me. Pictures and editing and all the writing... everything.

5. What is the most enjoyable moment you experienced through your blog?

Finding other blogs and reviews on products - some I might have been searching for reviews for, some I might not have heard of. Also loving the interaction readers give me when they comments and do regularly comment in my posts giving me feedbacks. And meeting some of them! I'll get to this in the later question ;)

6. How many comments do you get per article on average?

Oh this really varies, it can be from 2 to 5 or so... Not that many...

7. Do you work together with companies?

Nope, I have, however reviewed for companies, but not a lot, I'm still a pretty new blogger in the blogging world.

8. Which camera do you use for the pictures in your articles?

I've used different cameras, some of my earlier photos would have been taken with a nikon which model number has completely slipped my mind, but my current ones are usually taken with the Panasonic Lumix TZ7... Hopefully I'll upgrade to a better and easier point and shoot camera haha...

9. Where do you get inspiration from for new articles?

Products I have tried that I like or dislike and can't wait to share with everyone. Products that I have not seen many reviews on. Anything, really...

10. Which beauty bloggers give you inspiration?

Initially the youtubers gave me the inspiration to start the blogging but there are many blogs nowadays that inspires me to expand my views. I wish I could tell you a few 'cause there are seriously so many I follow and read that it's probably going to take this entire page to list them all down... fashion, food, beauty blogs... from personal to the more commercialized ones... I've got quite a list.

Roseanne Tang @ roseannebeauty
Dulce @ dulcecandy
Jen @ frmheadtotoe
Sara Kye @ icyabstract

etc... and more!!

11. Do you get negative comments sometimes?

Hardly do... perhaps only once...

12. Do you write a new blogpost each day?

Wow, wouldn't that be something if I write every single day?! No I don't... but I try to write more often...

13. What kind of layout do you have? And did you make it yourself?

It's Watermark by Blogger and everything on it I personalized and edited myself, including the banner with photos on the top.

14. How much time do you take to write an article?

That depends but usually from few minutes to half an hour to an hour... really depends... plus I don't always do it in one go... editing photos, resizing it, things like that... and breaks haha

15. Is your blog your business? If so, how does it work and what is your opinion on it? If not, would you like it to be?

No it's not... and I don't think I'd make it as a main business, maybe as a side thing apart from my main career... I don't want to take the enjoyment and passion out of it and make it as though it's just work for me, because it's not how it is. I write what I like...

16. Do you have contact with other beauty bloggers in real life?

Yes, I've met a few bloggers/youtubers in real life. We still keep in touch especially Roseanne from roseannebeauty or roseannetangrs in youtube. I've also met Adeline from Through Beauty Eyes and Holly from beatideas (youtube).

Recently, I'm invited to Brisbane's First Beauty Bloggers Event Meet - I'm excited! Honestly, because this will be just the beginning... and this year has started quite well... I can only dream it'll get better! I'll keep you updated =) The event is creeping up pretty soon... in a couple or few weeks time! Oh, what to wear! what to do for makeup! Hahaha...

Anyway... I will tag...

Stephanie from Beauty by Anie
Adeline from Through Beauty Eyes
gilly's blog

and whoever wants to do this tag ^^

I leave you with an accessory I've been sporting lately
It's actually a short statement necklace but I prefer wearing it as a bracelet
like this...

March 28, 2011

Battle of the Moisturizers: Creme de La Mer vs. Nivea Creme

Wondering whether Creme de La Mer VS Nivea Creme are the same?

Check out this awesome comparison and review I just found...

Battle of the Moisturizers: Creme de La Mer vs. Nivea Creme

I guess it's a tricky business out there deciding which moisturisers work for our skins, when there's La Mer and there's Nivea and thousands and more moisturisers in the market. In the end, it's an individual's preference. Do you like it sticky? Do you prefer one that absorbs straight away and leave you a matte finish? Is there a property such as anti-aging or brightening factors that contribute to your decision? In the end... whichever works for your budget and works for your skin. To be honest, I'm surprised that I'm quite enjoying Cetaphil DailyAdvance Ultra Hydrating Moisturiser for my face at night - when I did like using Lancome Hydra Zen and Elizabeth Arden Visible Difference Cream Complex. I have not tried Creme de La Mer.

Enough said, check out the review if you're interested.-

TAG: This or That...?

It has been the longest time, but I thought I'd do this tag with a video... just something fun to do.

I Tag You!

blush or bronzer
lip gloss or lipstick
eye liner or mascara
foundation or concealer
neutral or color eye shadow
pressed or loose eye shadows
brushes or sponges

OPI or china glaze
Long or short
Acrylic or natural
Brights or darks
Flower or no flower

perfume or body splash
lotion or body butter
body wash or soap
lush or other bath company

jeans or sweat pants
long sleeve of short
dresses or skirts
stripes or plaid
flip flops or sandals
scarves or hats
studs or dangly earrings
necklaces or bracelets
heels or flats
cowboy boots or riding boots
jacket or hoodie
forever 21 or charlotte russe
abercombie or Hollister
saks 5th or nordstrom

curly or straight
bun or ponytail
bobby pins or butterfly clips
hair spray or gel
long or short
light or dark
side sweep bangs or full bangs
up or down

Rain or shine
Summer or winter
Fall or spring
Chocolate or vanilla
East coast or west coast

Background music (by me):


Much loves,

March 27, 2011

Witchery Shoes Haul + NOTW "It doesn't matter with Grey Matter"

Witchery has been having sale for the past few weeks, and I've never really ventured much into their shoes section because I've always thought they are either overpriced or just not worth the price. However, however, with the sale... and further reduction when you have the Witchery card... I think I can justify its price in the end. I shall let the photos do the talking...

(Note: David Jones is one of the 2 biggest department stores over here in Australia, the other one being Myer.)

First up we have a pair of nude ballet flats that I've been eyeing for some time but could not justify its price - then I came across a pair at
David Jones Chermside, last pair of my size (I'm a size 40 in Witchery shoes, by the way - a knowledge I just very recently figured out). So I just had to have it. I have nothing like this. Honest! I bought this over several weeks ago. RRP AUD$169.95 - wtf!? Hahaha... I got the pair for about AUD$40+ish, I forgot now hahaha... This particular style is called Victoria Embellished Ballet in color Cosmetic - how fitting for someone like me... not that I do ballet... I never took any dance, sadly...

Then weeks passed...

I spotted a pair of heels I just adored at
David Jones in Queens Plaza, Brisbane City. I thought... "eek, nah, I'll give it a pass... Don't think I want to spend that much..." and kept going.

Little did I know! Witchery then sent me an email saying that for those with the Witchery card can get a further 20% discount on the already reduced items! Score!! So I snatched the last pair of this pair of heels in size 40... Gosh I have big feet... I'm only about 5'5"ish... y'know... not that people would notice or stare at my feet realizing that unless I mention it... but still, it's like having a constant reminder in the back of your mind that you have big feet... Does it bother me? It used to - not anymore... Fact is though, it doesn't make things easy when you try to shop for shoes in Asia... but hey, they're my feet and I'm thankful for them. Haha... So if I don't find one in my size, then it's just not meant to be. That's how I see it. Teehee...

*bops and shakes head from side to side with a smile as big as the distance from one ear to another* 'cause you know why? That pair (above pictures) would normally cost AUD$189.95 (RRP) - and I got them for approximately around AUD$70. Wondering what's the name of the style? "Candy" - Color? "Nude".

The last pair I purchased was sort of ... an essential... in a way. Since school started I have to have enclosed shoes to do lab works straining my eyes peering through those microscopic lenses... and my current shoes have had its good life, totally worn out. I don't have anything "cool, casual, comfortable, relax" shoes so when this pair of shoes caught my eyes in the SALE section... Sold! This was originally $49.95 and down to $29.95 and further 20%!! Whee~!! A pair of denim canvas... I thought they're slightly different than the common canvas shoes...

Well... there we have it. My recent shoes purchases... It sure has been awhile since I last went shopping for shoes, but y'know, they always turn up when you ain't really looking hard for them. At least know and keep in mind what you're after ;p That's what I tend to do. I have these specific styles I'm eyeing and when I don't find them... they appear to me. Hahaha! In most cases...

To end this post, I thought I'd share my current nails color which I've been sporting for the past 2 weeks or so... and have been getting quite a number of compliments from random people on the street, in shops, anywhere! Hahaha... No it's not OPI, it's not China Glaze, it's not Revlon... it's by
Rimmel... and I must say, with Seche Vite on top, I'm quite impressed at this little gem. If you're after an opaque grey - I'd totally recommend this.

"It doesn't matter with Grey Matter"

Have a great weekend everyone!
I just wanna sip some milk tea and read...
I'm currently reading

March 23, 2011

Have you been lush-ing lately?

Warning : This post is very wordy.

Lush oh lush... how I used to adore you so very much. It was over a year and a bit ago that I was first introduced to Lush. I don't remember how, I don't remember when but it must have been after or during Winter in the year 2009 when my skin started going to a bizarre state of dehydration and flakiness, especially on the cheeks. I was freaking out thinking that my skin would never go back to the way it used to be or that I would never get the clear glowing skin I always wished for. Lush changed it... for the best.

For about 6 month... ish. Minimum...

Let me tell you a little background just straight from memory of the products I have tried over the year from Lush. Give you a run through...

  • BIG Shampoo - at AUD$30.95 (or is it $31.95 - bummer I can't check, the website is currently under maintenance.) It is on the pricier side of hair shampoo. But there's nothing else in the market like it. It really leaves your hair feeling squeaky clean. Why? It has sea salts, real grainy salt texture that loves water as it foams up on your hair. To me it smells like the ocean and the beach although some others might find it too fishy. I just have not repurchased it due to its price and I might repurchase it just as a weekly or even fortnightly treatment to deep cleanse my scalp. A little messy, because it comes in a tub and you have to dig your fingers into it.
  • Jungle Solid Conditioner - (I'll double check the price again and edit this) I think they reformulated this. The first batch I purchased were of very dark green color that almost looked like deep moss green shade. However when I went back to get more, the color had changed to this pastel light green. I don't know if I'm just paranoid but it used to work but then it didn't anymore. It used to condition my hair so nicely then it just seemed to stop working for me. Plus, I found that it got trickier using the solid conditioner as it slides around in your hand and when it gets small it just slips out of your fingers. Don't think I'll repurchase again, not overly keen about its scent though still tolerable.
  • Vanishing Cream (Face Moisturiser) - AUD$39.95 this is targeted for oily, acne-prone skin that is meant to just vanish into your skin meaning that your skin will absorb its goodness in no time. The previous formula might have worked for me that way, but the new formula... uhm, not so much. It has a pretty distinct scent in a bouquet of roses and vanilla and lavender - which is quite soothing in a way but for those sensitive to scent, this isn't for you. This lasted about 2-3 months for me depending on whether I had been using it for just night cream or day and night creams.
  • Eau Roma Water - I've been using this for a little over a year now and still going. It doesn't irritate or sting my skin. Its scent is not a tragedy (*cough* Witch Hazel *cough*), and during summer time you can put this in the fridge and spray straight on to your body and neck to give you a refreshing feel. If Tea Tree toner or A Breath of Fresh Air toners are both too strong for you - give this a try.
Cleansers: (warning: the solid cleansers are not for everyone, this is my review and how I feel about the following products. No products were sponsored whatsoever in this case.)
  • Aqua Marina - Strangely, I used to like this stuff... especially when my skin used to get dehydrated. This cleanser somehow soothes the skin and it has a strange scent of seaweed which did not bother me. Its texture is almost like a softer version of playdough. You all have played with playdough when you were younger, no? yes? Yeah, so it has that feel, the slippery feel. It does not remove makeup, none of these solid cleansers are meant to, anyway, I still believe you are meant to use separate cleansers to remove your makeup. However this does nicely to gently cleanse your face. A note on this though, do really cleanse your face thoroughly, and load up that water, splash it all over your face and wipe it good. You don't want residues. This cleanser is pink in color and wrapped in seaweed.
  • Dark Angels - I think this was the first cleanser I tried from Lush and at that moment in time, when my skin was just mass producing oil during summer time, it was perfect. This is meant for oily skin. A note of warning however, this can be quite abrasive. It is in fact so abrasive that I would not recommend using it everyday although I did try using it everyday during one summer another year back. But my suggestion is, don't. Your skin needs pampering, not scrubbing like a gravel road. Smells sort of like charcoal, its color is charcoal black.
  • Angels on Bare Skin - This is their famous cleanser that has almond grains and rosemary and all these goodies within that interesting texture of herbs and nuts all blend into this cream green paste. It has a scent of rosemary and even though I'm not overly keen on the scent it grew on me and I did use this for quite some time and even repurchased a few times. It is for all skin type. It's like a nice cleanser with some exfoliating grains that are supposed to deep cleanse and rid of impurities in your pores. However I don't think it does go too deep into your pores.
  • Herbalism - I like this mixed with other gentle cleansers and that is how I like to use it. This worked with keeping my skin blemish free for quite a number of months. This is dark luscious green in color with almond grains again for light exfoliation action. If I'd repurchase, I would repurchase this, I just hate the fact that they have resorted back to plastic packaging when they had done amazing with converting this into the black tubs for a few months. Ah, can't have everything can we?
  • Ultrabland - cleansing oil in solid form if I could sum it up in littlest sentence possible. It feels oily as it has peanut oil and other oils to help you remove makeup. It does actually dissolve the makeup off your face, though I would not recommend using this on the eyes as the girls at Lush would suggest. I think it is way too thick to be used on your eyes, trust me, this cream is the king of solid oil. The queen. It literally dissolves your makeup. Trick with this though, don't just apply this on your dry face then wash it off. You need to apply it onto your dry face - then use cotton pads and spray it with your toner or soak it in water to remove the cleanser off your face first. If you try and wash it straight away with water, in which I have tried and done, you would be left with a face feeling greasy with water droplets all over your face not able to be washed out. As we all know, water vs oil. They don't mix.
Hmm...what else have I tried... Oh yes... Who have gone to Lush and not get intrigued by their fresh masks seated on top of those pile of ice just ready to be eaten. No, wait, I mean, slapped on your face. Hahaha, but don't they look like dips? Guacamole, please? No, I'll have that chocolate dips with the blackberries on the side. (Kindly note, I was referring to the different colors of Lush fresh masks, namely Brazened Honey, Cupcake and Cosmetic Catastrophe)
  • Brazened Honey - yes the guacamole looking paste that actually smells quite rather delicious with its blend of lime and other goodstuffs. This is deep cleansing and after a hot school days under the sun, all you want is this sort of cold mask to refresh your tired self.
  • Ayesha - if I have to pick one product that stinks out of Lush I would pick this. I had actually stopped using this even though it felt quite pleasing and soothing on my face simply due to its scent. I got really put off. It has a strange blend of smell - a mixture of witch hazel mixed with ... I don't know... onions? No, there couldn't be onions in the mixture but it puts me off big time. I love the name, I love the smooth texture and how soothing it feels but oh my goodness if only they'd improve on the scent.
  • BB Seaweed - Unfortunately, no matter how good seaweed is meant for your skin and how good this mask is supposed to be, this mask did not do zilch on my face. Maybe I was impatient but hey I did use up a tub of it and did not feel any difference. It did not smell anything particularly strong and it has the deep cleansing effect. Nothing too special for me. If you want the deep cleansing, pore sucking refreshing mask I'd still stick with Brazened Honey.
  • Oatifix - This is the fix if your face has gone mad and decided to boycott you leaving your skin very snake-like and unmanageable. Nothing else could fix it and so a week spent every night with this mask on should make your skin feeling nicer. This has such delicious aroma of freshly baked banana cakes that you have to stop yourself from licking your face when you have this on and smelling it while you're at it. Smell it, stop right there, then wash it off and go "aahh..." =)
Brain, brain... where have you gone... bring back my memory of the many Lush things I've tried in the past...

I think I'd leave the soap section to another time... this has come to be quite a long wordy post ... and if that bothers any of you in the slightest bit at all... do excuse this photo less post... for the time being.

Have you checked out Lush lately? What products have you been using?

March 21, 2011

Chanel Wishlist

If you had asked me whether I'd venture into Chanel cosmetics range a year ago, I'd give you a blank look. Simply because I hadn't thought much of it and although I have always been exposed to the brand ever since I was young from my mum's collection, I myself have not truly been able to appreciate its exclusiveness, its elegance, its class, and how it speaks for itself. And now I have. Chanel has called me. Funny how you see and perceive things rather differently as you grow older. I'm starting to rummage through my mum's wardrobe and bags collection to find things to wear. How about that for style? Vintage? I am currently loving this Aigner bag my mum owns even before I was born, perhaps! Oh, I'm growing up! Hahaha...

My point is - the other day I was showing her some products that I hinted as birthday presents. She laughed and said to me, "Oohh my baby daughter who used to want little toys now want lipsticks... Chanel somemore... hahaha". I blushed, realizing that I now look at lipsticks as something I'd wear... not something I'd pass on because I always thought it's what my mum would wear, not me. Oh how wrong am I now? And trust me, my mum has a fair share amount of her high end lipsticks ranging from Chanel, Dior, Givenchy, Guerlain, Yves Saint Laurent etc.

Anyway, so long of an intro that was... quite a ramble... I thought I'd share my current Chanel wishlist...

1) Chanel Coco Rouge Shine in Boy

(Photos - above, credit to chanel website; below, credit to temptalia)

The name "Boy" has an enchanting effect on me somehow. I like its name and I like the story behind it. Boy is the nickname of Arthur Capel, who was the love of Coco Chanel's life. He was the inspiration, the support, her partner and her guardian angel. Isn't it just fitting for such a universally flattering shade? I thought it would not work on me, but when I tested it on my lips in store the other day - I fell in love. This lipstick made all my other lipstick look bad. Not that they are, but it made me feel that way. Ridiculous, I know. I meant I almost fell off my chair and I could not help but stare at my lips. Those kinds of lips you want to kiss. Hah! The texture is smooth, its pigmentation may be sheer initially but you can build it up and the result is a smooth, healthy looking, 3d lips. It brightens my face too. Ooh la la... kiss kiss** Okay, enough of that. On to the next product...

Edit: (21 March 2011 end of day) I am now also considering the shade Fetiche #52 - gosh it leaves a nice color on my lips. Underrated, understated but oh so Chanel =)

Damage: AUD$50

2) Ombres Perlees de Chanel Eyeshadow Palette

(Photos: above, credit to chanel website; below, credit to temptalia)

Well, what more can I say about this pretty baby. I don't have any of these kinds of colors and I don't have a Chanel eyeshadow palette. I thought this was quite worth it to own one. Definitely the kinds of colors I would use - all of them... housed in such classic packaging that in years to come I can look at it and still be in awe.

Damage: AUD$100

So there we have it.
I'm becoming more specific I suppose... and I doubt this affection and adoration towards Chanel would stop here. And I have to be honest, I am totally digging the grey x 3d anthracite green black x pearl finish Chanel has come up with the Spring 2011 collection. The quad is super duper pretty too but the price is about the same as the palette of 5 (the quad costs AUD$99).

So we'll see... I'll surely let you know once I get my hands on these babies. Have to weigh up my priorities on which items to get first that sort of things... hahaha... us and cosmetics - it's a passion, a fire that still burns.

Oh actually, I'm also interested in Laura Mercier - and been more interested in their products lately, so maybe... we'll see... I heard their eyeshadows are delicious (not that you can eat them), and their mosaic bloc (gorgeous range of shades - can be used as highlighters or eyeshadows or on your cheeks)... many yummy goodies.

It has stopped raining here, after a weekend of full rain. I heard it's been raining over in Malaysia and Singapore too, in US as well! Gosh, wow, it's raining all over the world?

x to the o to the x to o,

(pronounced: chun da na / chan da na)

- origin: Sanskrit
- meaning: Sandalwood Tree

March 20, 2011

Winner of 100 Followers Blog Giveaway

Hi all,
How's everyone been doing?

I thought it would be the right time to pick a winner
for my recent blog giveaway...

I had to resort to

And the winner goes to....

*drum roll*

from UK!!

If you could send me your address
to my email at blushfully[at]
that would be great
so I can send your prize ^^

Thank you for everyone who participated
Congratulations to gillyia who won.
I hope you'll enjoy the products I've personally selected.
Do check out her blog (she's new in blogging world)

Don't be sad if you didn't win this time
Watch out and Follow my blog for more upcoming giveaway ;)

Until next time!
Have a good night, sweet dreams

Chanel’s 2011 Summer Les Fleurs D’ete de Chanel Collection

I have to share this with you... The promo pic is just wow stunning...

The collection itself... the colors are something I'd treasure... such colors...

Check it out more HERE at makeup & beauty blog by Andy Lee - makeup artist from Singapore.
If you do come to his site, would you be kind and let known that I send you there? Hehehe...

March 17, 2011

Australian Brand: Australis Nail Colours

I thought this may be a good start to introduce you to my recent find of an affordable nail polish. it is an Australian brand with a very fitting name of Australis.

You can find their online website here

But what am I loving from this brand at the moment? What got me interested? Hahaha, silly me, I did just mentioned it, didn't I? Yes, the nail polish.

Their nail polish is described as:

high shine, high colour intensity and streak free.

It is creamy, it is bright, it is opaque.
You could get away with 1 coat but 2 coats would give it better justice.

What do I think?
They are indeed creamy, opaque, streak free, and 2 coats were all I needed to achieve the opacity I like very much!

Price: AU$7.95


So many colours to choose from! Here's just a sneakpeek I compiled... there are many more colours in store!
Click Here for more colours

I'm currently loving Limited Edition Number 1. It is the perfect "channelesque"-ish, mauve/taupe combo sort of shade I love.

At $7.95 they're quite a steal, especially when 1 bottle of OPI costs a whooping $19.95-$24.95 over here in Australia in stores!

Where to find these goodies?
Priceline sells them.
Anywhere that sells Australis, I'd say.
But I just go to Priceline.

Have you tried anything from Australis?
I'm so tempted to collect these little babies of nail polishes hahaha...

"Imagination is everything. 'Tis afterall the beginning of something great."

March 16, 2011

NOTW: 365 Beige Style by Rimmel

This nail of the week is long overdue and is actually my nails of last week, but I had no choice but to upload it this week and have this week's nail coming up soon before the week ends. Hope that's alright. *reason: I did mention my lagging internet...*

So anyway, I shall let the pictures speak for themselves.

Basically, I used these:
  • OPI Natural Nail Base Coat
  • Rimmel London Lycra Pro Professional Finish 365 Beige Style (with new maxi brush)
  • Seche Vite Top Coat
I had no trouble with application and the pictures were taken after 2 full coats. Since I just much prefer a more opaque and glassy finish rather than sheer. With 1 coat you could already get a nice coverage, however!

It lasts, no problem at all, and would definitely consider repurchasing or purchase other colors from the range.

Price: AU$9.95

But I got this when Priceline had a 2 for $10 deal for all Rimmel nail polishes some time last week or so.

Beige shades will always hold a dear place in my heart.-

As mentioned, this product was purchased with my own fund.

Emma Watson as Lancome's Newest Face & Style

Youse gotta check this out...


Emma Watson, yes she's Hermione from Harry Potter... is the newest face for Lancome. From Burberry to Lancome? I must say, I much prefer her as a model than an actress hahaha... don't shoot me.

What do you think of the style? Her boyish pixie cut and berry-pink lips.
I'm totally digging the neutral, nude, beige shades (so my kinda shade!!) and the lace skirt/short with the skinny belt. I'm still in search of a skinny belt for forever!

Anyhoo... Have a wonderful one, everyone.

March 15, 2011

Internet sucks & Hitting pan

It feels like a lifetime being out of touch from the internet world ever since my internet connection speed decides to slow down to a level where I could not even load my email page or my facebook page. Gah! Telstra Bigpond internet really is stingy... Our plan used to be 12GB and now it's 50GB for $69.95! While other companies give you 200 or 500... Anyway, there's my little rant... Australian internet provider being stingy and expensive. Anywayyyyy...

So the reset should be tonight... and here I am in library using the computer (at uni / college). You wonder, why can't I just be here and use the internet all these times? Well... I live about almost an hour away by public transport from school, which makes it quite non accessible all the time.

My giveaway is still running... 3 more days till it ends on 11:59 Australian East Standard Time. If you haven't checked it out, CLICK HERE to see how you could win the prize to celebrate 100 followers and I thank each and everyone of you who have followed me all through these times.

Before I go, just thought I share several beauty products that I am currently hitting pan on or finishing a bottle on... after all, what's a beauty blog without some beauty blogging...

1) Maybelline Dream Matte powder in Fair - almost gone! only left bits of powder on the side. I've already repurchased and will be opening the new one real soon! Yay! (my 1st one)

2) MAC Blot Powder in Medium Dark - seeing the silver pan circle in the middle of it already (my 1st one)

3) Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer - less than 1/4 left of this in the frosted glass bottle. Still considering whether to repurchase only because it costs freakin' AU$79 here in Australia! But no other primer has this texture, seriously... none I've encountered so far. (1st one)

4) MAC Bronzing Powder in Golden - the pan is mainly silver now with bits of the product on the side. Not sure if I'll repurchase anytime soon but I might... seeing I use it almost everytime I wear makeup. Wondering what I use this for? 1 word 'contour'. I contour mainly my cheeks, my temples and my jaws to even things out. My cheeks are always in need of contouring due to my round face. Hah! (1st one)

5) Tresemme Heat Protectant Spray - just finished probably the 3rd bottle. This is a must for someone like me who always blow dry her hair... and lately, I've been using the flat iron (aka hair straightener) to style the front parts of my hair or sections of my hair. I don't tend to straighten my entire hair since I prefer the natural wave look rather than a dead-straight look... who knows, it might change. And flat iron lets you do that! Wheee! (3rd or 4th one)

6) Elizabeth Arden Visible Difference Cream Complex - this is my night moisturiser, originally was my mum's but when I totally ran out of my previous moisturiser I sneaked into my mum's room, rummaged through her collection and tried this and not regretting it one bit! I must say this is not to everybody's taste due to its thickness in consistency and its scent (though I am not bothered by the scent one bit). I like to call this the 'fluffy cream'. - How much have I got of this left? Maybe 1 more night and it'll be empty hahaha! It's a big jar too! (1st one)

7) Neutrogena Eye Makeup Remover - this is the bifacil aka two layers consisting of oil and cleansing water that you have to shake to mix the two liquids and use a cotton pad or cotton ball. I've used at least half a dozen of this stuff, because I did alternate with Missha Eye Makeup remover (which is pretty much the same good stuff) and now I'm using Garnier makeup remover (which is the same sort of consistency and 2 layers but it has a slight lily/floral scent - while Neutrogena and Missha ones are fragrance free). So yes, I always always use these sort of Eye makeup remover - the 2 layers one... because I only use waterproof mascara. (more than half a dozen of these sorts of makeup remover lol and counting)

8) Seche Vite Top Coat - this has got to be the best top coat I have used. It leaves a nice glassy finish to the nails (which I like very much). Finished the 1st one, on my 2nd bottle now.

9) Versace Woman - this perfume... is about 1/4 left in the big 50ml bottle.

10) cleansers - I've recently used up quite a few:
Neutrogena Extra Gentle Cleanser - will repurchase
Neutrogena 2 in 1 Cleanser (contains Kaolin Clay) - have repurchased (perhaps on my 3rd tube now)
Neutrogena Deep Clean Cleansing Gel - will not repurchase
Kiehl's Rare Earth Deep Pore Cleanser - might repurchase (rrp costs AU$36!)
The Face Shop Mung Bean Foaming Cleanser - might repurchase if I do go back to Singapore but shall leave it for now and will not cry over it because it is not available here in Australia. It's just a nice cleanser, but not a HG. Plus, there are other cleansers around hahaha
Innisfree Real Olive Cleansing Oil

So yeah, there goes my list... and counting... since I do use up products hahaha... what are you recent "I hit the pan" products? =) Or what have you repurchased?

Let me know in the comment below!

PS: Pray for Japan.

March 10, 2011

Louis Vuitton Fall 2011 Fashion Show ft. Kate Moss

Marc Jacobs being the Creative Director of Louis Vuitton... gives us the following Fashion Show for Fall 2011.

It involves lots of metallic shiny knee-grazing skirts, coats, huge waist belts, boots, sleek ponytail with pretty headbands, puffy sleeves... and pant-less... yeah well, that last part... let's hope no one is sporting that around in public, shall we?

Did you spot Carmen Cass?
08:44 made me think of rainy days...
08:51 did that girl just almost tripped over her shoes?
09:50 Ooh I've seen her before... forgot her name... anyone knows?
09:57 and 10:20 and 10:39 ... Here comes Kate Moss... creating quite a stir in the media... making smoking looks rather well... something of a classy act.
10:10 such sleek ponytail!
11:25 The end where everyone walks in line behind Kate Moss (still smoking lol)
11:53 Ooh I spot an Asian girl hahaha...

What are your thoughts?

PS: Marc Jacobs still looks good at 46...

March 9, 2011

Beauty Fill in the Blanks...

Hi all

I found this interesting thing at Makeup by RenRen blog and thought I'd share! She had listed a list of things that Mario Dedivanovic has answered in regards to fill in the blanks of beauty products. If you have not heard of Mario Dedivanovic - you really should check him out! I first checked him out because he's one of makeup artists that has done Kim Kardashian's makeup.

So here are Mario's answers...
1) The first beauty product I ever bought was a Stila brush - #15, I think
2) My favorite drugstore beauty product is L'Oreal Voluminous Mascara in Carbon Black
3) Every woman should own Eye M Glam highlighter
4) Splurge on foundation and save your money on lip gloss/lipstick.
5) Shu Uemura Rouge Unlimited Lipstick in RD165 is a universally flattering red lipstick.
6) La Mer, beautyblender, Dior are my three favorite beauty brands.

Here are RenRen's answers...
1) The first beauty product I ever bought was Dr. Pepper flavored lip balm
2) My favorite drugstore beauty product is Aquaphor or Revlon Colorstay Liquid Liner
3) Every woman should own a skincare regime specific to your skin type
4) Splurge on foundation and save your money on lipgloss
5) MAC Ruby Woo is a universally flattering red lipstick.
6) MAC and Graftobian are my favorite beauty brands (I couldn't quite narrow it down to three)

Now it's my turn...
1) The first beauty product I ever bought was (I personally don't remember this, but if I have to pick one it would probably be...) lip smackers of some sort or bonne bell lip balm (in green tube)

2) My favorite drugstore beauty product is (Just one? I have many!!) Maybelline Dream Matte Powder, Maybelline Lash Stiletto Waterproof Mascara in Very Black (just to name 2!)

3) Every woman should own sunscreens

4) Splurge on bases (skincare, serum, moisturisers, foundation and good quality brushes) and save your money on mascaras and nail polishes (find deals on those brands, don't just buy full prices)

5) (I honestly don't know what would be) a universally flattering red lipstick. (Guerlain KissKiss in Red Shine, perhaps?)

6) Maybelline, Hourglass, Guerlain are my three favorite beauty brands (I do have more favorite brands but I had to pick 3, so those are the 3... some others include Elizabeth Arden, Gorgeous Cosmetics, MAC, and many others such as Asian brands and I have a feeling if I've tried Inglot I'll like it too... hahaha)

So there we have it =) What are your answers to these "fill in the blanks"? I'll be interested to know... just leave a comment below

x to the o to the x to o

March 5, 2011

Lisa Eldridge - Part 1 Favourite Sunscreens

Let's talk about sunscreens - I'm really enjoying this video... and just listening to Lisa Eldridge speak hahaha... her everyday makeup is something inspirational (to me, at least). One of the best I've seen!

Learn something new every day =)

March 4, 2011

100 Followers Blog Giveaway **CLOSED**

What's up for grabs for my 100 followers blog giveaway to thank each and everyone of you for sticking by me. I wish I could give something to each of you, but that would mean me breaking to the bank hahaha... so here's a little something.


How to Enter: (Leave a comment below)
1) Tell me your name and what name you use to follow my blog
2) Where you're from (eg: US, Sydney, Singapore, etc)
3) Must be a follower of the blog
4) Email - so I can contact you
5) What you would like to see more of in my blog (request)
6) Enter just once, please.
7) It would be much appreciated if you would share this giveaway to others ^_^

Thank you!!

Oh! I forgot to say that the giveaway ends in 2 weeks time - 18th March 2011.

x to the o to the x to o,