December 31, 2011

Get Gorgeous this Summer with Summer Sands

Starts tomorrow.

I think this is an incredible deal and if you have not heard of touched Gorgeous Cosmetics, this is a time to do so. They’ve welcomed us to the New Year with an amazing deal, of purchase $49 and receive all these (full sizes) for free. I’m not saying this for any compensation or endorsement whatsoever, I am broadcasting this because I know they have some gorgeous products – which I love. Peach Glow blush, Base Perfect full coverage liquid foundation, Powder Perfect powder is very smooth, and they have the best brush cleaner to totally get those pink bristles back to white.


Let me know if you are getting anything and taking advantage of this promotion =)


December 30, 2011

I feel like blogging today

Is it the weather? Is it the wind? Is it the way the clouds move across the sky… or the fact that today is the second last day of the year 2011. Wait, what?

Looking back, I often wonder if I had done enough and perhaps, the way things did happen the way it did… was for a reason and because there is a purpose… somewhere down the line. What’s in store for me?


Life throws at you many kinds of things, some might knock you off balance, some keep you right on track, and some… swept you off your feet. My patience has been and will always be tested…once or many more times. My heart may be touched and moved by a movie or the things people do. My strength may be weakened but with each fall I know I have to get up and walk again. Or even run…

I’m not good with words… at times. I still try to better myself at a lot of things I do… but I do wish you all will have a magical New Year!

Happy New Year 2012…!!!



December 29, 2011

Hits and Misses of 2011

Things I didn’t like:

.Garnier Fructis Thermo-Active Spray
Why? It stinks. I don’t like my hair smelling like what this smells like. Go on, have a sniff, it’s just… ew.

.Shiseido Perfect Oil (Blue Pump Bottle)
Why? Worst cleansing oil I have tried. It does not clean makeup or remove anything. Fail.

.Australis Make-Up Finishing Spritz
Why? Overpowering scent with sort of a strange finish on my skin. I just much prefer other facial sprays.

.Shu Uemura Face Architect Remodeling Cream Foundation
Why? Doesn’t blend into my skin, maybe wrong chemistry bond or my skin just does not like it. Plus I bought the wrong shade.

.Garnier Mineral Deodorant Roll-On
Why? This was just way too wet under my arms. Maybe I should try a spray on one next time. But my current roll-on works perfectly fine (Hugo Boss Bottled. Night. Deodorant Stick and MooGoo).

.NARS Nico as Blush
If you want to use this as highlighter or simply powder - go ahead. I just do NOT understand how this is considered a blush. This is not a blush, more of a face powder.

.LACURE Waterproof Mascara
I know this is cheap, available at Aldi supermarkets. It looks uber cute. It is sleek and with its gunmetal packaging, it shouts "Buy Me!" but don't. This does not do anything to your lashes. Did they even put anything in this? Anyway... bad experience, yet they might have some lovely products in their range nevertheless.

.SUKIN Facial Scrub
Bamboo beads, I was expecting gentler approach to this natural brand (I like some of their products just not this one) ONLY , note... ONLY because this is too harsh on my skin. It's tooo rough... this is also because my skin type is leaning towards normal combination. This is more likely better suited to those with oilier skin. Again, I prefer gentler exfoliators.

Things I like:
(Warning: There are many… good find this year)

J Lo’s hairstyle



aannndddd… keep reading to find out on what products worth mentioning…

Stylelicious: Hot Claire Pink Danes

This is what she wore to 2011 Golden Globe Awards… and I… aah… go on, do the long aaaaahhhhh…


Something about the simplicity of this Calvin Klein halter dress that is simply… captivating…

Its elegance… its cuteness…

and her makeup is flawless!

Those cheeks… remind me of Gorgeous Cosmetics in Peach Glow – now I MUST have it!

Claire Danes 2011 Golden Globe Awards red carpet in hot pink gown 1


(Images credit to Google search)


December 28, 2011

FOTD au naturale

You've probably noticed how I'm about being natural with my looks especially for daytime casual and chilled afternoon...

It sure has been awhile since I did a FOTD, and I quite like the finish of this.

Here's what I'm wearing today:

Stila Kalahoo eyeshadow on brows and on eyes
Gorgeous Cosmetics Face Base Primer (testing out sample)
Gorgeous Cosmetics foundation in 2N (testing out samples - both Sheer Brilliance and Full Coverage mixed) - used sponge to apply
MAC Mineralized Skinfinish Natural in Medium Dark (to set)
MAC Studio Finish concealer in NC30
Gorgeous Cosmetics Pro Color in Sesame for blush/contour
Guerlain Kiss Kiss lipstick in Pink Shine


December 27, 2011

Cleansers Diary: Jurlique Foaming Cleansers

This sort of “diary series” has been swirling in my head for quite some time. I have even written down on paper what I thought could be a blog post entry. Anyway, I will explore more of the world of skincare and cosmetics in this format, I hope you don’t mind. Cleansers today, toners the next, and even varieties of them. What I mean by varieties: there are cleansing oil, foaming cleanser, cleansing gel, low foaming cleanser, crème cleanser, foaming crème cleanser, etcetera!

This one in particular will be an overview of Jurlique cleansers and I will run through each of them as best as I could exploring the main ingredients of each and which you might want to consider trying out, case you need a new cleanser from Jurlique. I had been trialing them via the sachets for quite some time and really wanted to buy one. Trouble was, I could not decide! You could see my dilemma, HERE.  

For those who have not heard of Jurlique… They are an Australian brand since 1985, with their own farm in the hills of Adelaide. Find out more about it HERE.

Their cleansers are straightforward. Its main focus is on rebalancing your skin so that it is not too oily or not too dry. Their range can be found HERE.

I personally prefer the foaming cleansers. (photo below was taken from the website)

Fullscreen capture 25122011 62252 PM.bmp

First thing you would notice is their scents. They have those herbal scents such as roses, lavenders, marshmallow, violet etc. If you hate those kinds of scent, I can’t help you. I like them, in small doses. To me it's lovely and gentle enough. Their bottle is a twist pump, a secure one that lets you pump just enough amount for your entire face.

If you’re feeling oily – definitely have a play with the Purifying Foaming Cleanser or the Balancing Foaming Cleanser. They are both designed to rebalance oiliness and to purify the skin without stripping its natural moisture. It leaves your skin feeling fresh and clean. I know, I have tried it. I like the Purifying Foaming Cleanser** a wee bit better for some reason. I was pleasantly surprised that it did not make my skin feeling tight or dry after washing my face. Both the Purifying and Balancing cleansers come in gel-like texture. Low-foaming yet lathers up.

.Purifying Foaming Cleanser
contains Rose and Witch Hazel – to help rebalance, soften and restore the skin
Horsetail and Calendula – helps to hydrate, soothe and balance the skin
Green Tea, Grapeseed and Turmeric – natural antioxidants to assist in cleansing the skin off environmental damage

.Balancing Foaming Cleanser
contains Ginseng Root – to firm the skin
Rosehip oil – to restore skin’s radiance
Vitamins E, C and Ginkgo Biloba – to protect the skin
Marshmallow – to hydrate, softens and soothes


If your skin is on the drier side and in need of extra boost of softening, I would recommend the Replenishing Foaming Cleanser (the one which I love)

Replenishing Foaming Cleanser

or if you are on the sensitive side (redness or irritation prone) there’s one called Soothing Foaming Cleanser.

Soothing Foaming Cleanser

Both are of creamy gel-like texture that lathers as well yet still on the low-foaming side.

One thing to note, Soothing Foaming Cleanser has a more distinct lavender scent. Whilst Replenishing Foaming Cleanser has a more marshmallow and violet scent – so yes, can’t you tell how I like the Replenishing Foaming Cleanser?

Surprisingly I can also notice a slight brightening effect and my skin feels so soft and smooth each time after using the Replenishing Foaming Cleanser**. My skin is typically combination and lately been trying to rebalance itself with greasy T-zone and dry cheeks. Hence my combination of cleansers depending on the condition of my skin at that point of time. Some days are oilier than some, and some are drier than some.

.Replenishing Foaming Cleanser
contains Marshmallow – to hydrate and soften the skin
Violet and Calendula – to soothe and rebalance skin’s sensitivity
Macadamia and Avocado Oil – comforts and protects against moisture loss

.Soothing Foaming Cleanser
contains Groomwell and Sichuan Peppercorn (traditional Chinese herbs) – to soothe the skin
Macadamia Oil – rebalance dryness and to maintain moisture during cleansing leaving the skin feeling comfortable

1 1/2 or 2 pumps are sufficient to massage my whole face and under my chin and neck. I like the low foaming texture because it is not harsh or overcleansing my skin.

Here’s 1 pump of each… (yes I have mixed them as well… and they work nicely)


Unsure of which to buy first? Don’t fret, ask for a sample at your Jurlique counter. I think it’s actually best to test it out first and get a consultation rather than buying the wrong one. Then what are you gonna do?

As for me, I like to have the option of both, so I would repurchase and have them both in the bathroom. That’s only serving the purpose of my temperamental skin, some days are oilier while some other days it is drier. I probably have enough justification to myself why I need two different cleansers. Hahaha…

Available at all Jurlique counters at AUD$45 for 200ml

Tried any Jurlique product lately?


**Products were provided for review consideration.

December 16, 2011

Top 3 Products Under $20

Recently… very recently, I was asked by the leading lady of Leaders in Heels

to do something…

and it resulted in



(click the above picture to be redirected straight to the post)


I talked about 3 of the products I always have in my beauty cabinet, in my house. For approximately less than $15, in fact. I tell you what, I have repurchased this over and over and will continue to do so. Now, THAT tells you a good indication of why they are worth the mention.

Alright, now if you could head over to the Leaders in Heels, be very kind and leave a message, will ya?



Have a great weekend~

December 15, 2011

Review: Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant

I have a feeling I’m late in reviewing this winner product, because I think I’m one of the last person to try this. Putting that aside, I can see now why it had won awards and still a favourite among us skincare/beauty enthusiasts and beauty editors. It’s unique, it’s simple, it works!

DCF 1.0

At $83.50 a bottle, this is expensive. It will, however, last you a very long time. You only need half a teaspoon. In my head, I am imagining those traditional herbal Chinese medicine back in the days, where they usually gather up powdered medicine wrapped in papers. If you know what I mean, comment below.

Recommended for all skin types – I worried if it might have caused any reaction on my skin. Nope, it does not. Instead it is leaving my skin smooth and soft, and decongest any congested areas (such as my chin, nose and forehead or between my brows).

Rice-based powder formula is activated when in contact with water, that turns it into a paste. It micro-exfoliates your dead skin cells. Then rinse off. It is gentle enough to be used everyday, it really is.

Contains Papain (papaya enzyme), Salicylic Acid, Rice Enzymes, Green Tea, Ginkgo, Colloidal Oatmeal (you all know how I feel about Oatmeal – very soothing to my skin).

If you get a chance to try this, do try… I tell you the novelty does not wear off with me. Pouring these little grain of rice on to my palm and making it into a paste give me a little thrill. As I massage my skin with the paste I can happily say that I am cleansing and getting rid of my dead skin cells, revealing brighter, smoother skin.

Worried about how it smells? It does not smell very much of anything at all.





Judging from how much I have used, I think this 1 bottle could last me around 8 months. If you use it even more sparingly, say twice a week, it could even last you a year. Of course that depends on whether you use this every single day or twice a week.

PS: I use this after I have cleansed my face. This is an exfoliant, not a cleanser.

Dermalogica does provide sample sachet, so if you are curious and wondering whether to give this a try, it does not hurt to try. If you like it, that’s wonderful. If you don’t, then you’re not angry for having spent $80+ on it. I think all skincare companies or any companies should do samples.

For more information, check out Dermalogica website

Available at Dermalogica counters (David Jones included) and beauty salons, also in Adore Beauty

Have you tried Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant?

What’s your favourite exfoliant?



Disclaimer: This product was provided for review consideration. All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own. The mentioned product is worth a review because I think so.

5 Current Samples Favourites

You might wonder what I meant by “samples favourites” – I meant what I said. Yeap, it is based on the sample sachets I have tried in the recent weeks. Just from those I can already tell which ones I really like and would love to purchase the full size, however I am being patient and not rush into buying them… yet.

In a way these are kind of wishlist… or products I would love to repurchase based on having already trialed them beforehand. Not simply buying blindly.

Aesop Fabulous Cleanser

- This truly is a fabulous low-foaming oil based cleanser without the oiliness or greasiness or ickyness. It leaves your skin feeling cleansed and smooth, as though it really does softens your skin with just a wash. The scent is not overpowering and not too sweet either. I made a mistake previously in thinking that any cleanser would do for my face, but I finally come to a conclusion that a cleanser is as important as what moisturiser you use on your face. Not only it is cleansing your skin it should assist in keeping your skin clear and to not dehydrate the skin (too many cleansers do this).

Jurlique Lip Care Balm

- Another pleasant surprise from Jurlique. At first I was wondering what she had put on my lips, it was slightly grainy. After few minutes of letting it sink in, oh my gosh, my lips felt so smooth I could not stop feeling them. I have only tried it in store, not in sample sachet. At $32 a tube… I’m going to cry…

SK-II Facial Treatment Essence

- Can I say I have been very surprised lately by some brands? SK-II is top there in the surprise factor. I thought it was not going to make any difference whatsoever. But I have a little sample of this, after cleansing my face and applied toner, I poured some of this essence water on my palm and dab them all over my face, including the under eye areas. Result? Super smooth hydrated radiant skin. No kidding. What the! Pitera concentration is supposedly 90% in this product, hence the potency of it being in the high zone. I was very surprised that without further moisturiser cream, this essence water was enough to hydrate and tone my skin. Comes in 75ml, 150ml, 215ml and 250ml. Not cheap, but I think it will be a great investment someday…

Ella Bache Everyday Zinc SPF 30+

- The thick consistency of this sunscreen may put some people off. However in days I am not wearing any makeup and when the sun is gloriously shining burning and my skin, this is a saviour. This also seems to be able to cover pores and gives me a nice smooth finish. It does take some getting used to, and what I did was to massage it between my fingers first and dab on my face and seriously give it a massage to really get in the skin. Definitely a kind of veil on the face in very sunny days. Makeup might look dewier than usual if applied on top of this sunscreen, however, and you need serious matte powder on top to counteract when you do. A bit of work but is still a good product. $49 for 50ml tube.


- I have a thing for toners, well maybe for cleansers too… and serums. Out of the ones I have tried, I am liking Aesop B & Tea, Aesop Parsley Seed Antioxidant – these both feel as though they have some kind of serum oil in them that leaves my skin feeling hydrated and glowing from within. I am also curious of: SK-II Facial Treatment Clear Lotion, Shiseido White Lucent Softener, Estee Lauder, Mario Badescu, Dermalogica, Jurlique…

Have you tried any sample that impressed you from first try and make you want to purchase the full size?



December 9, 2011

Jurlique Facial Experience - First Time

As I sit here sipping my skinny flat white, having just downed a slice of quiche lorraine, I can't help but think of what a good day this is.

I went for my very first Jurlique experience, being given a 30mins facial complimentary from Jurlique Wintergarden. I had found out that this was a mini version of the Aromatherapy Facial which normally runs for 60 minutes.

I'm feeling my own lips - what's in that lip care balm? My lips feel like baby's bottoms. I can't stop thinking about it. But at $32 for a tube of 15ml, which is more expensive than a Mario Badescu moisturiser - I bite my hands, not literally. Let that stay in my wishlist.

I was greeted by Amy who then introduced me to Katie. Katie used to work for Aveda and now she handles the treatment in Jurlique Wintergarden concept store. She's lovely, they both are lovely.

After stripping down to just towels - haha, not really. Anyway, Katie then asked which scent I prefer. I did not know what they were. Hydrating Essence later I found out. Between the two, I picked the one on my right - turned out to be the Chamomile-Rose. The other option was Calendula-Lavender, which perhaps did not quite suit my mood at that particular moment.
During the massages and the warm compresses of hot face towels, there was one product that stood out. Most likely due to its scent that tickles my senses. It turned out to be the Daily Exfoliating Cream, which contains honey and oats. Yum!

Her gentle pressure points massage using the aromatic oil and cream was heavenly. I could just have my face and shoulder massaged like that every month. Haha...

When it was about to end ... I felt relaxed and as though I just came down from clouds.

Now the dilemma, I want to get all the products she used! Hah! Thinking I will limit myself to 1 or 2 products. Yet, putting the rest in wishlist. Some products are best used and applied only during these facial treatments, I think.

First I must get my hands on that Daily Exfoliating Cream, methinks... And the Rose Silk Finishing Powder (especially for days like this that I'm not wearing any makeup at all). Speaking of Rosewater, the mist is lovely, but I'll stick with the much less expensive Mario Badescu spray for now (AUD$11.95). Definitely I am interested in the Balancing Day Care Cream and the Skin Balancing Face Oil. The Sun Lotion SPF30+ is out of the budget range at the moment... I be honest with you.

Hopefully this will give you a little insight to my Friday afternoon with Jurlique. Be it a short 30mins, it was nonetheless a moment to remember.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Have you tried Jurlique experience? If so, which one? Or which one would you recommend?

For full prices and information, visit the Spa Menu

Thank you to Jurlique Wintergarden Concept Store for the opportunity. For any query and bookings, please do not hesitate to contact:

Hayley / Amy / Katie
(07) 3210 6808

PS: anybody watch Fringe? If you follow me on twitter (@blushfully) you would surely be aware that I'm currently a little addicted to it... So fascinating!!

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EDIT on 15/12/11

I had asked Katie from Jurlique to further elaborate on what went on last Friday... Here's what she has to say : )

The oil that I used during your facial massage was the Skin Balancing Face Oil

Rich in Evening Primrose, Macadamia Seed Oil, Shea Butter, Avocado Oil
and Jojoba to hydrate and protect skin from moisture loss. Rose Hip and
Safflower Seed Oil also softens fine lines and improves elasticity.
This is great to use either Morning or Evening as it is lightweight in
texture and penetrates deeply to balance and hydrate the skin.
It can be also used under your Daily/Evening moisturiser for intense
hydration and it is perfect applied with gentle massage for your weekly
spa ritual at home. The Skin Balancing Face Oil is also great for oily
skin types as it helps to rebalance the oil production.

-The sequence with the Jurlique Skincare Ritual is as follows;
1. Massage with Skin Balancing Face Oil, removing excess with warm cloth
2. Rosewater Balancing Mist (or appropriate mist for skin type)
3. Eyecream, Herbal Recovery Gel (Serum), Herbal Recovery Neck Serum
(for Decolletage)
4. Balancing Day Care Cream (appropriate Moisturiser for skin type)
5. Sun Lotion SPF 30+
6. Rose Silk Finishing Powder
7. Lip Care Balm

Thank you Katie for such detail information!

December 5, 2011

WINNER of 200 Followers Giveaway



Screen Captures



Thank you for everyone who participated~

Stay tune for more upcoming giveaways =)


December 1, 2011

Skincare 101: Part 1 Introduction to Skin Analysis

I think it’s about time I write about this. Although I will say it now that I am not a certified medical practitioner or professional nor am I a beautician or a beauty therapist or an aesthetician. I simply speak from personal experiences and from what I have learnt from personal research. Take it like grain of salt (that’s the right phrase to use, I believe)… and let’s begin.

Skincare has always been a journey. At least to me, it is. My skin has not always been the easiest to handle nor it is the most difficult, and I thank God for what I have, I really do.

Teenage years – acne prone and oily. That would be the best description I could give my skin condition at the time. I had numerous whiteheads all over my forehead and pimples are always hard to get rid off. I hated them. Was it from what the food that I ate? Was it from the products I used? Was it weather-triggered? If I knew back then what I know now, perhaps things would have been different. Back then I was not cautious with what I ate. I was not aware of what products I used except somewhat should be along the line of cleanser, toner and moisturiser – I cannot even recall what I had used. Weather-wise, yes it was different. I had been moving from one country to another and another.

In short, my skin now has been the best its ever been. More on that in separate post… perhaps?

My point is however, that we have a certain type of skin with what could be several other skin conditions along with it. You could be more or less of a certain type of skin. For example you could be of oily skin type and dehydrated; or you could be dry with oily T-zone. You could be experiencing very oily moments or less oily and same goes with the dryness level. From personal experience, incorrect product or the use of certain products may trigger these varying levels of oil secretion or the lack of.

If you’re wondering what your skin type is – try this little test…

Wash your face with just water, go on, splash splash, it doesn’t hurt. Then pat dry. Do not apply anything and leave it for about an hour or so ish. Now feel your skin… yes, touch with clean fingers, please. Are there oily areas? If so, where? Are there dry areas? Where? This would give you a good indication of which areas need more attention of; or which areas need more hydration and which need less.

Me? I get the slight oily T-zone areas and between my eyebrows, also beside my nose and on my nose. Undercheeks get pretty dry. My temples feel normal. Hence I would call myself a combination skin type, with varying levels of dehydration depending on weather condition. I know I could get oilier if I use too much of a certain type of face oil. It is only natural for our skin to react. According to picture below… I would call myself a Normal/Oily or Normal/Dry depending on conditions. Hence if I were to explain to others in much simpler term “combination”. Sounds familiar?


Image Source: Batty’s Bath Blog

My approach is …

“Oily skin, ain’t you the lucky one!” because you can get away with so much more than the other skin types. You see… for those with the dry patches, we have to worry with not over cleansing that area or stripping too much moisture out of that specific areas. If we use mask, we have to check whether it is going to be too harsh. The oil actually slows down your aging process – in terms of getting early wrinkles and fine lines, those with the dryer skin types will get them first, or say, easier.

Although, they all have their pros and cons. Dry skin don’t normally get the whiteheads and oily breakouts. Either way, we are made the way we are, and we can choose to balance it and take care of it the best we can.

In the next installment – would you like me to dwell in cleansers I have tried and liked / disliked? or what else would you like me to touch on?