September 25, 2011

Weekend Day 2

It was pouring down like monsoon this morning as we head off to breakfast session again at the Novotel Hotel. This time, luckily we did not really have to get up at 6am or be there before 8am… breakfast was at 9am.

I had to meet up with more bloggers (which was looooveeelllyyyy) and managed to take photos with some. (*big smiley face*)

It all ended at 3pm … and I craved for McNuggets, seriously they were so so so crispy and juicy and so good when I had some they were the best I’ve had in the longest time ever. I try not to get them too often… we all know why!!

It was refreshing to check out sydney again… the weather felt like winter and wished I had my coat and scarf and ugg boots… but instead I had to rock it out in my dress and flats and leather jacket.

Got to the airport early… dinner sumo salad… and then bye bye sydney… slept like a log on the plane… and welcome back brisbane… !!

What a weekend to remember… shall keep you posted… coming up!!!


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