September 10, 2011

Illamasqua Theatre of the Nameless is finally in Brisbane

Last Tuesday the 6th of September I had the privilege to attend the Brisbane Beauty Bloggers of Illamasqua Launch of their latest collection “Theatre of the Nameless”. The name itself leaves you wondering what it is all about, yeah? I know it did to me. The whole concept is to take us back to the 1920s where exotic dancers, nightclubs and Moulin Rouge-sort of feel but its edgier and more dramatic sister. Is it exotic? Is it seductive? Is it adventurous? It is all the above.

(Warning: Photo Heavy)



Illamasqua has not failed me in giving quite a “drool-worthy” effect when I scanned through the collection, mainly the blushes and the pure pigments. You know me… and blushes…





It was lovely to finally meet the brand’s new PR/Ambassador, Mandi Levanah – since we have been contacting each other over emails it’s really nice to put a face on the name. The queen of theatrical makeup, Tiarah, was there in her alter ego character of the collection, Sebastian Droste.


Daniel, the newest member of the Brisbane counter, channeled the lead character of the collection, Anita Berber – whose lover (sometimes) and dancer friend is no other than Sebastian Droste.

Oh… Burrhhh – Buhhhh….



Deanna, on the other hand… showcased the use of the collection latest precision liquid eyeliner in Havoc (dark purple) and how brave is she on having red eyebrows!



We were quite a bunch that Tuesday night…




Here Tiarah is demonstrating and showcasing each of the products from the collection on her model.

P1060269Deanna explaining what she had used on her model… and it looks like… this…

P1060270 P1060272




With the star of the show… (*lol*)


Anni from Haute & Stylish doing the (*some kind of dance*) with the Sebastian Droste (aka Tiarah)


With Yolly (aka Yolanda) from Shopping Intervention
and gosh I’m so bad at taking photos like this, always don’t know where to look and always looks like I’m… uh I dunno…


The wall… of Anita Berber
Something quite eerie yet alluring about it…


Beautiful props on display…


By the end of the night, you could sense that everybody was eyeing:

- Ambition blush
- Berber pure pigment
- Beguile pure pigment
- Ruberry texture nail polishes
- The va va voom lashes

Note: The blush Morale was not available yet during the launch night, however it is now available despite the original plan of not having it in Brisbane, we Brisbanites is not going to miss out anymore!

Have you checked out the new collection? Are you lemming the blushes and the pigments like I do?

“My wishlist grows everytime I visit Illamasqua counter” – me


Disclaimer: Thank you to Illamasqua and Mandi for organising and the invitation to this event.


Georgina said...

holy moly i want the blushers!!! :D

SilhouetteScreams said...

*sobs* UGH I'm so annoyed I couldn't make it.

I've already placed an order online but I didn't put the blushes in my basket D: I need them now!