August 12, 2010

Makeup and Glow Little Haul

The other day, I accidentally stumbled upon a website that's based in Australia (more specifically, in Brisbane -YAY! 'cause I live in Brisbane at the moment), an online makeup store called Makeup and Glow. They will also be at this year's IMATS in Sydney!!

Now I'm not sure if all of you have heard these brands, but I'm sure some of you would have at least heard of it or even tried it. I know there are quite a number of youtube beauty gurus out there that love these brands. What I mean are these:
  • Ben Nye
  • Graftobian
  • OCC Lip Tars
  • Temptu
  • Japonesque
  • Yaby
They do sell lots of other brands as well, those above are just to name a few.

I was like, "YAYYYY!!!!" and went ahead and purchased some items from them. I got:
  • Graftobian Hi-Def Warm #1 Foundation Palette
  • Indelible Creme Eye Shadow in: Plumkin (purple), Manhunt (charcoal), Intergalactic (Silver)
Ok, one reason why I wanted to try out these creme eye shadows were because they're 70% off. LOOK HERE!
So you see why I was curious and got myself some. Originally I wanted the Immortal (Lilac Pewter) and Ever After (Metallic Purple) but they both were out of stock, so I got what's in stock. And even though the jar looks rather tiny compared to MAC Paint Pot, the quality and for that price, I am impressed. You'll see what I mean soon, in the photos.

This is what the palette looks like with the case on...
This is what's on the back... labelling each shade.
Here's what the colours look like...
And somehow, my darkest shade, which is called Enchantress (very far right) looks like this...
I did contact Makeup and Glow and asked about it, they said it's normal for creme foundations to have the pigments pop up on the top? Hmm, ok. I haven't really had much experiences with creme and hence so intrigued by Graftobian.

A quick swatch of the foundation from darkest to lightest in the Warm #1 Palette

with flash
from left: Enchantress, Temptress, Vixen, Ingenue, Graceful Swan

without flash (natural light)
Which one do you think is my shade?? ^^

Quick Review (since I haven't worn them on my face yet!)


  • very creamy
  • very pigmented, super pigmented
  • works as concealer as well so it's like foundation/concealer on the go
  • when you first swipe the foundation, you can feel the layer of moisture
  • you can mix and match the foundation according to your current skin shade
  • travel friendly
  • great for makeup artist who wants to carry several foundation shades at a time
  • clear lid to allow you to see the shades
Price: AUD29.00

And here's what the 3 creme eye shadow look like (alongside their boxes)
On the front, it looks like this
Description on the box
And, next to MAC Paint Pot, it does look small... but I'm sure it'll last me awhile, anyway.
I think the colors are true to what they look like in the jar, but with different lights and different angles, they seem to change slightly. As you can see in the following two photos. (both with flash)
here, you see that the colour of the silver looks very silver.
and here without flash
Then I thought, I'd go in the shower with it on. Lots of foam went all over it, warm water poured onto it and everything. The result? I'm amazed... Look!
I rubbed across it pretty hard too! It didn't smear or smudge or budge!
So, here's my little review on it:
  • waterproof
  • won't budge or smear or smudge or move
  • long lasting
  • would work both as cream eyeshadow and cream/gel eyeliner
  • texture is quite creamy and easy to work with
  • glides on effortlessly
  • once you let it set, it really does not move
Price: currently 70% off, so it's down to AU$5.95 each

Alright, that'd be all. Have you heard or tried Graftobian? What's your current favourite foundation? I'm yet to find my HG, a long and winding journey that is ... teeheehee

Much loves,


Tammy said...

Wow the cream eyeshadows look really pigmented!! Great buy :D

Kristie said...

OOO I like the cream eyeshadow. Lovely! Thanks for the swatches. I don't remember seeing this store at IMATS but probably because there were so many brands there.

DANA said...

@ Tammy: Thanks girl, they are definitely really pigmented! Thanks for your comment~

@ Kristie: I'm not sure if they were at the US IMATS ones, since it's an Australian based online store (in my city, actually hehehe), but they'll be in the Sydney IMATS so that's YAY for us in Australia hehehe. Thank you for your comment!!

Askmewhats said...

aww, glad you're loving the palette too! thanks for the comments :) I appreciate it :D