August 19, 2010

Haul Talk: iQQU Handcrafted Brushes

Hi again!!
This was meant to be a continuation of the previous post on ELF brushes, but since that turned out to be a gigantic photofull post, I decided to have it two parts.

Note: more brush-porn photos LOL!
Disclaimer: All products mentioned in this post are purchased with my own money, I have no affiliation or being sponsored whatsoever with the brand. My reviews are my own honest personal opinions.

So as mentioned I did purchase iQQU brushes from their website about few weeks back. I think it took them about 13 days in total to ship it and finally arrived at my house in Australia. It came from Thailand. Neatly wrapped and tied, I think the whole package had a homey, handcraft feel to it.

As the title state, this is a haul post, I have not tested out these brushes yet and have not actually washed them as yet. I will simply let you know what my opinions on them are based on first impressions.

Product Description

iQQU handcrafted brushes epitomize the perfect combination of technology and art. They are your essential tools to bring make-up to life, turning your beauty dreams into reality.

Hair: exquisite quality uncut hair that gently and evenly apply make-up onto your delicate skin.

Ferrule: strong alloy material to ensure durability and tight holding between hair and handle, giving you stability in motion.

Handle: pure luxurious ebony wood with natural finishing, providing you control and effortless application in use.

Directions on how to clean the brush.
You can choose a special detergent or mild soap mixed with extra virgin olive oil for washing and disinfecting the brushes. Rub in the cleanser gently with your hands, and then wash out thoroughly by lukewarm water. Never wash the hairs in a reversed direction against hairs. Never wash, or wet the ebony wood handle. To clean please wipe with dry cotton cloth. After washing, press the hair gently with paper tissue, squeeze out excess water and hang the brush with the bristles pointing down in natural air to dry. Do not use a hair dryer and avoid any sunlight as this will damage the brush.

With that being said, here's a look at what I hauled...

(Quick note: the glitters on the writing are from the clear glitter nail polish I applied on them to keep the writing nice and I just like having the personal glitters on them... ^^ )
A look on the White Blush Brush
And a closer look on the Red Kabuki
More photos of the brushes...
A look of the Red Kabuki from the top

Doesn't it remind you of the Japanese flag? teeheehee...

My first impressions on them:

  • soft hairs ~ I like the feel of them
  • reminds me of the antique Japanese brushes
  • artistic and sort of philosophical in a way (hahaha I'm a sucker for artistic things)
  • unique
  • sturdy
  • loves the ebony wood handles
  • beautiful to look at ~ hahaha, they are!!
  • price range is on the medium range and believe it or not they are reasonably affordable in comparison to brushes sold in Australia - good price for good quality & handcrafted too! That's why I purchased them. You would not get these kinds of brushes for that kind of price in Australia.
Alright, that's it guys!! I shall lay off the brushes temptation till IMATS! Anyone going to the IMATS in Sydney this coming September?

Much loves,


Ansa said...

Love the red Kabuki. Too cute.

Fifi said...

aww so jealous of you going to IMATS. XD
the brushes look sturdy :)

Get Gawjus! said...

these brushes look so different to the usual ones though! let us know how you get on with them :)