August 18, 2010

Haul: ELF & iQQU Brushes & Gift from roseannetangrs

Just made my very first haul video!!!
There's also brief reviews on the brushes that I purchased recently.

I'm really loving all these brushes so far & no complaints.
I mean, really, all of these brushes combined you can get just 1 MAC brush here in Australia...
Makeup truly, honestly, simply makes me happy. These packages made my day!

Feel free for any comment or question or request!
I read all comments personally.

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Tammy said...

I've been hearing so much about elfs brushes that I'm really starting to seriously consider getting some myself. So right about the expensiveness of macs brushes, I live in canada and I still find the prices astronomical :/ thanks for the review!

Kristie said...

Makeup does indeed make us happy! Thanks for the brushes review :)

zHi zHi said...

I will invite you as my makeup artist for my future wife, haha!!

coffretgorge said...

yay another vid! thanks for the reviews on the brushes! they seem really nice. :)

DANA said...

@ Tammy/ I think these are great for starters or additional brushes for those who already have tons of brushes. Of course they can't be compared to MAC. These brushes surely are nice quality for such affordable inexpensive price.

@ Kristie/ ^^ Yes! Makeup makes us all happy hehe

@ Zhi2/ Your future wife!! Deal!! ;)

@ Coffretgorge/ They are really nice... for a price like that, they're great. I'm happy with them. ^^

Thank you for all your comments and support! <3