August 19, 2010

Haul Talk: ELF Studio Brushes & Uses Tips

Hi everyone!!
How's everyone been doing?? Been hauling much?
It's still rather wintery here during morning and night, but nice springy weather during the day.

This post will be PHOTO HEAVY ~
I've made a video going through each brushes but here is better and clearer pictures of each of them.
If you want to watch the video CLICK HERE

Here I will go through my first biggest brush haul ever, and I'm really happy with them. All are soft, none are flimsy, none broke, I really like them. I purchased the 11 piece brush set from ELF Studio line and as iQQU was having a Summer Special, I had to get my hands on those artistic brushes. I'm a sucker for artistic stuff, or wooden/nature-inspired products. I'll do a separate review on the iQQU brushes though, I think that would be better, yeah? If not, this post will be just way too long...

By the way, all the products listed were purchased by me for personal purpose and to review for you guys!

Personally, I do think purchasing makeup itself need a balance of high and low end, and if you can find that middle ground - that's great. Not all expensive products are awesome and not all inexpensive products are awful. I do like purchasing from a range of ends, depending on the products.

Note that I don't own a single MAC brush as of this moment. I do find that they are way overpriced here in Australia. A 134 could cost you AU$105 if I can recall correctly, and a 187 would eat up a whole AU$85. So you can imagine how MAC brushes could leave you broke... oh so so broke.

So I'm always on the lookout for good, affordable brushes - even though at times I do splurge on 1 expensive brush, such as my Hourglass No. 2 brush - MY REVIEW HERE. Now that's another story...

So first up in my brush haul -

ELF Studio line 11 Piece Brush Collection
+ Brush Case
  • synthetic Taklon hairs
  • soft! very soft!
  • can be used for wet or dry products
  • no funny smell
  • not difficult to clean
  • sleek all black look =)
And you get...
** Complexion Brush **
  • soft, soft, soft
  • can be used with pressed or loose powder
  • or even for blush or bronzer
  • for an all over face natural finish
** Fan Brush **

  • not flimsy
  • think of it as a broom or sweeper for your face
  • to dust, swipe or brush away any fall outs
  • or to create a soft wash of colour over the cheeks or highlight - but I don't think I'll use it as that, it's too thin of a brush and would probably only be best for sweeping - I think so, anyway.
** Angled Foundation Brush **

  • this angled shape allows you to apply the product to hard-to-reach areas on your face such as around the nose and under the eyes
** Powder Brush **

  • even though this brush is called "powder brush", its uses are not limited at all, not at all! I love it for its multifunctionality!! (wow, such a big word... hehehehe)
  • it can be used to apply liquid or powder foundation
  • to dab, to stipple, and to buff
  • it can also be used to contour your cheekbones
  • it can also be used to blend harsh edges
  • it can also be used for blush if you like ;)
  • Little Tip: Spritz some Fix+ or water (refresher/setting spray rather than fixing spray) on to the flat surface of the brush before applying it on to your face. This is to avoid cakeyness so the foundation goes on much smoother and easier to blend. Majority of "cakeyness" is due to too much product or unblended foundation or dry flakey skin.
** Blush brush **

  • looks smaller than normal blush brush - good and bad depending on how you like to apply your blush (as for me, I like to really blend my blush, so I normally would prefer fluffier brush)
  • the brush in the photo is brand new, never been washed, so if it does alter in shape I shall keep you guys updated.
  • can be used to apply highlighter as well
  • I think I could even use this to apply cream blushes (Quick tip: patting the product onto your cheeks - then blend with fluffier, bigger brush for a more natural look)
  • or face primer
And on to the smaller brushes... there are 6:
  • concealer brush ~ which I think could double up as an eyeshadow brush
  • eye contour brush
  • eyeshadow 'c' brush
  • small precision brush
  • small smudge brush
  • small angled brush

** Eyeshadow "C" brush **
Eyeshadow 'C' brush ~ great for creating smokey eye look, smudging, and pressing colours on to lid. The shape and size of this brush would give you more control. (Quick info: the longer the bristles are, the less control hence less definition but normally you want stronger colours when applying eyeshadow so you want this size of bristles - unlike blending brush that is usually longer in length) (Does that make sense?)

** Contour Brush **
** Eyeshadow "C" & Eye Contour Brushes side by side **
As seen in the photo, both are approximately similar length/height. Both can be used to create the smokey eye look. The contour brush (on the right) would give you even more definition, especially on the lashline or along the eye crease to create the illusion that you have deeper socket and double eyelid. It could also enhance the definition of your eyes. (Remember: contour = concentrated)

** Concealer & Eyeshadow 'C' Brushes side by side **
This concealer brush would be something of multifunctional as well, I'd say. It can be used to apply concealer, or cream eyeshadow, and even to be used as an eyeshadow brush. I do think you can apply your eye primer with this as well, though I prefer to use my ring finger for that. Again, you can see that these two brushes have about the same height, for control.

** Small Smudge & Small Precision Brushes **
These two are very similar in shape and height, but they're not the same. As you can see, the Precision brush is slightly longer than the Smudge brush. Despite that slight difference, I do think these two brushes can be used for just about the same kinds of usage. Both are multifunctional. Precision brush can be used to apply lip product, pin-point concealer, or to line the eyes. While the Smudge brush could also be used to line the eye or as pin-point concealer application. In the information booklet, it says that the Smudge brush could also be used to fill in your brows, yes you can do that too, but I do much prefer the angled brush for that purpose.

As you can see, these brushes are awesome due to its multifunctionality. And would you not be able to tell by now that I like multifunctional brushes. Hahaha...

My verdict~
  • great value for your money ~ especially if you live in the US
  • super soft bristles ~ won't scratch your skin
  • synthetic Taklon brushes ~ can be used for both liquid and dry products
  • no funny scent; no black dye colour oozing out of it when you wash it
  • each brush multifunctional ~ I guess this is debatable but let's just have fun with it, shall we?
  • picks up good amount of product
  • all the brushes you need are there in this set ~ great Starter Kit
  • not always easily accessible ~ no ELF in Australia, you would have to go to Crush Cosmetics to purchase them and a lot of the times they are sold out, so you have to keep checking. In Brunei they cost about $20 each brush! What!
  • no blending eye brush ~ why!! I guess my search for inexpensive blending eye brush continues... hahaha
  • the blush brush could be redesigned or swapped for the blending brush ~ but that's just my personal opinion...
  • the angled foundation brush could be a tad fatter or larger ~ but again, this is personal choice & I do prefer using the Flat Top Powder brush to apply my foundation anyway, much faster.
  • So really, there aren't any CON ~ those above are my pov's (point of views) and I believe in giving 110% honest review of any product whether I like it or not.
Do you own any ELF Studio line brushes? Leave a comment~ I'd love to hear from you~

Much loves,


yzhuhuong said...

let me know how it goes! i really want you to teach me how to use all the brushes i've purchased HAHAHA omg /shy come and sleep over!

r u s s said...

WOW. I need to learn and remember all the things you wrote here. Thanks for sharing those info

Fifi said...

wow you bought the set!! I got a few of them, great brushes for the money. :)

I don't like the angled foundation brush though, it only moves around the product without actually "applying" it. hehe, so now I only use it to apply my face mask. LOL. >.<

Fabuless Beauty said...

I have that same powder brush and I love it!

cheryl said...

hey, where did you order from?

blushfully by cendana said...

hi cheryl, i purchased the iqqu brushes from iqqu website online. the elf brush set was purchased via CP from US. unfortunately the elf brushes aren't sold here in australia nor are the iqqu brushes. :)

Vaida Rupsyte said...

Just ordered some elf brushes, will get back when get them :)

lauren said...

Love this review, definitely going to buy these