August 28, 2010

What's On My Nails: Brown Bag In The Buff


It sure has been some time since I play around with nail polishes again, I gave my nails some sort of a break from all the nail polishes I've been drowning them in. LOL!

So here's the latest in my nails "so-called-art" and these two colours, oh I've been loving so very much recently, and I thought, why not combine the two!? ^^

Note: In the Buff came out in the To The Beach LE Collection & Brown Bag was in Pret-a-Papier LE Collection

In the Buff & Brown Bag

Have a lovely, lovely, blushfull weekend, everyone!!


yzhuhuong said...

love it! cant wait to see you tonight yay!

Fifi said...

I've never actually tried brown nail polish before. Looks good on you though :)