August 16, 2010

Ideas for YT videos

I'm just going to list some of the ideas I have in mind of what you can look forward to from my videos. I have some of these running through my mind for quite some time, and never got around to filming because of technical issues. =( But hopefully, slowly, I get to do them and my youtube videos will be more updated.

1) Lush Series
Here is where I will be talking about the kinds of products and which cleansers are normally for which skin type, or which toners will be for which, moisturisers and such.

2) Second Chances Series
Here is where I give some cosmetics products 2nd chance, and actually liked them better 2nd round than the first time I tried them. This actually lessen the numbers of products I regret buying, you know? Hahaha

3) Review Me Series
A bunch of reviews

4) What's that brand? Series
Go through a specific brand, some of their products and point out what's good and what to look out for.

and of course
5) Haul Series

6) Products I'm Using...

7) Products I'm Liking...

8) Products I regret buying...
For those products that can't be saved. lol!

9) Painting Nails Series (I'm still wondering how I would do this... )

That's what I've got so far.. Let me know what you think..

my youtube channel: springfallrain


Anonymous said...

Hi Dana,

Just came across your blog! I'm loving it so far. I realized that you and I use the same shades of foundation (after scrolling through some of your posts). Do you have a full list of foundation shades you use and a recommendation ones you like? Thanks ! :)

Ansa said...

I love hauls vids. xx