October 22, 2009

Oh! Check This Out! It's Agnes B!


OMG I just found this, and thought I'd share... CLICK HERE

Here's what the BLOG says:

Please read carefully
1. Payment is via paypal only
2. Shipping is $7USD worldwide regardless of how much you buy
3. Orders and payment must be made by 25th October 2009. She will ship the goods to me in a week's time and i will ship it out to you. So please take note of this timeframe!!!
4. Prices are in USD and includes the paypal fees, shipping from her to me and her commission fee.

Items available
1. Agnes B Cherry Blossom makeup pouch = SOLD OUT =
[Brushes and makeup in picture not included. This is only for the pouch]
Price: $25 + shipping
Quantities are limited for this item so please email me fast!
This item might only be sold in Japan as well!!

2.Agnes B Beaute 6Hour Lipgloss = SOLD OUT =
Price: $19 + shipping
NOTE! These go for over $29usd on ebay and the Recommended Retail price in Japan is 2600yen [about usd$27] so don't miss this bargain!

To Buy, go to her site TEZAIKU and scroll down and there should be a link that says Email me here ^^

Have fun, guys!

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Yumeko said...

aww thank you for mentioning this! u didnt have to <3