October 23, 2009

MAC Update - Travel Kit

Let's MAC it! =)
So I purchased this from David Jones Queens Plaza a couple of weeks ago, because the SA told me that this is a limited edition and I checked in Myer and Myer doesn't have it!! Only DJ does!! So I went back and got it!

What is it, you ask? I'm not sure if this is actually a new Limited Edition collection but I think it has been going on in America for a while now, but I just don't see it in the Australian MAC website, and it's not even in the official normal website...
and considering that it is not available from all MAC counters just show that this is not really as ... what's the word ... not as big as it is in US where they have some other 'sets' you can pick from, and if only there was this other set around, I would definitely have bought it as well!!

And if you know me well, I'm a sucker to things travel size. I like it, it's convenient, easy to carry around, and I just think somehow they are a bit more special when compared to their bigger sizes versions. Anyway, the collection is called UPSTARTS and guess who will be coming with me whenever I go travelling now? Yes! This kit called

"Upstarts: Well Prepared"

taken with my good ol' iphone camera (hence the poor quality)

Here's what's in the kit~
- Prep + Prime Skin (Regular Full size)
- Prep + Prime Transparent Finishing Powder (Travel size)
- Cleanse Off Oil (Travel Size; 30ml)
- Fix+ (Travel Size; 30ml)
- Transparent, zip around, black rim, makeup pouch

I like it!! So ideal for travelling! =D

Anyway, here's the other kit I'm talking about which I don't think is available in Australia =( *sad* it's called...

"Upstarts: Flawless"
This includes:
Full sizes of the Mineralized face products (Foundation in your choice of shade); Mineralized SkinFinish in Soft & Gentle; Cleanse Off Oil Tranquil; Charged Water in Revitalising Energy (both in travel promotional sizes)

So you see why I'm sad... why isn't this available in Australia? Or was it available and I missed out? And I just found out about this, so am I late? Ah, I'll ask tomorrow at the MAC counter, see what I can find. Hahaha... I doubt there's anything...

Anyway, thought I let you in the not-so-latest of MAC, hahaha... and the more reason to like or love MAC. This is my 2nd purchase from MAC. Told you, my MAC collection is growing... slowly.

Have a MACnificent day!!

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