October 23, 2009

Finding my MAC Shade Story & First Buy

Yes, I am a newbie when it comes to MAC collection, especially compared to all of youse out there in the world with MAC collection looking like the entire store. =) It's a compliment, by the way. So yeah, after finding that a lot of reviews and references to MAC Foundation Shades, and because I didn't know what shade I was, I did something I never did before. I came up to the MA (Makeup Artist) and just stupidly asked, "I have no idea what is my shade... can you help me?" Hahahaha! I did that (#>_<#)

But I was indeed really clueless back then, seriously, you asked about face primer, I would be thinking, what is that? You asked about MAC, I knew nothing about MAC, except for their amazing collection in store in my local department stores, Myer and David Jones. If you say lipglass, I would think you're retarded and say, "it's lip gloss, not lip glass.." haha not really, I won't think you're retarded. And I would have no clue what to do with a paint pot other than just slab it on my lids. Oh, and I would probably say I did not need Fix+.

Anyway, so the MA was really nice, and for the first time, I tried Select in NC30 and I must say, it was a really good match, though at first I thought it was too light, but it actually sort of, what's the word, the colour blends or just calmed down after in about an hour or less, I think.

So weeks passed, and I passed the MAC counter again, and I thought, I'd give it another try and see if NC30 truly is my match, this time, I tried Studio Sculpt. And Yes! NC30 again! =D

So I've concluded now, that I am NC30 ^^ and I'm actually still wondering whether I will get the Studio Sculpt or the Mineralized Satinfinish Liquid Foundation... Should I just go for the Studio Sculpt? Ah, you'll find out, tomorrow... hahaha

Alright, moving on... enough about my finding my MAC shade story
I finally made my first MAC purchase few months back, and it was... *drum roll*

Yeap! It's the Prep + Prime. I wish Australia would sell the Prep + Prime SPF50, but due to our "maximum of SPF50 law" I definitely will have to get it from overseas next time.

So far, I like it. I haven't had any break outs or skin allergies to it. It gives a nice finish, and I feel that my foundation doesn't sink into my pores when I wear this. Do let me know if you want a more detailed review on this, as I will just briefly review it here.
The product itself is very very smooth, white pearl in colour with some sort of pearl shimmers in the mixture but it doesn't leave your face shiny, d'uh, I think this what makes it light reflecting sort of glow.
This primer is surprisingly much cheaper than Too Faced or Stila or Utowa or any other primers I know, apart from, say, Revlon and Inglot, you know...

Anyway, I like it so far, and would like to try the one with SPF50, and I will post more MAC products I purchased and what I think of them.

Cheers to my first MAC collection!! =P


yzhuhuong said...

cheers to many more collections to come! haha :P btw, chanel has some really great bases. just so you know hehe

DANA said...

oooh, i sure will check it out! thanks yiizhu! ^^