October 9, 2009

Surabaya in NARS

Now, I find this very amusing. I just found out that NARS has an eyeshadow named after the 2nd largest city in Indonesia, a name based on a white crocodile and a white shark. A city that not everybody knows, yet, NARS honoured it by naming an eyeshadow duo after it! Now I know I may be a bit slow in acknowledging this, but hey, I am new to this, pardon me.


Yes, that's the name of one of the eyeshadow duo range that NARS has. I am still excited, amazed, I don't know... I just want to go grab that eyeshadow duo now, just because I like its name, and because the name reminds me of my hometown, where I was born.

Here is the actual NARS website that shows the entire eyeshadow duo range

And here is the MUA (makeupalley) review on it (sounds irresistible!)
click here!

Price is definitely going to be very steep that will burn a hole through my bank account. But apparently it is very very good, highly pigmented and just an awesome eyeshadow for everyone to have. It looks like an eyeshadow that I could wear often too! Well... I'm still curious as to what made NARS choose to name it Surabaya...
Hey, Jakarta was not even in the list. Tokyo, Indian Summer, Brazil, Paris are among the list... How does Surabaya fit in? I'd love to know... as for now, I'm just loving the fact that it's called Surabaya. As simple as that.

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