October 27, 2009

Be Gorgeous...

Since I (and my friends) now know my first and last MAC makeover turned rather disasterous, I must say that I am very pleased with the complimentary makeup application I had today with... no other than...

A little bit about Gorgeous Cosmetics~
It is about looking fresh and natural, and still looking like yourself, and not as though you have painted your face or caked your face.
GC is the brainchild of renowned makeup artist and hairdresser, David McConnell. GC is the first Australian luxury cosmetics brand and first launched in 1999.
It has stores in Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney.
GC links with the Academy of Makeup.

My friend Kylie and I met up in the city today at... surprise surprise... LUSH!!
That's amazing and surprising for both of us, ... we used to hate LUSH! I mean, we would not even consider lingering or walking near passing the store, let alone checking out the products inside the store for farrrr longer than 15 minutes. Hahaha...
Anyway, fast forward to Gorgeous Cosmetics (I'll be shortening it to GC).

The girl, Deanna, was the same MA I spoke to yesterday. She is really really nice and honest, to be honest. At first she applied foundations on Kylie, tried on different shades, different coverage, see what worked under different lights. She even made us walk out of the store, carried a mirror, and told us to check out our face under the normal outdoor/sun light! No other makeup artist had made me do that! Oh, and another interesting thing I found today, she said that Kylie was more yellow and I'm half pink half yellow, more pink even. I was utterly surprised!! =O No one has told me that I have pink in my skin!! Well, everyone's been saying I'm yellow and I was blinded to believe I am and will always be, but I guess I was wrong. Oh so wrong, maybe that's why some foundations had not really worked for me. Hahahaha, you really do need the pro in this kind of situations, don't you...

Anyway, after Kylie was done with the foundations selection and compact powder selection, it was my turn. I was kind of nervous of what was to come, but I am so glad I came to GC today. Found my perfect colour, tried it, and the result is .... flawless!!
So, as Kylie said (quote): "Say No To MAC!" Hahahaha... no, we don't hate MAC, we just prefer GC. We still love some of MAC products, we just prefer GC base makeups. Both Kylie and I got the same package: 1 Compact Powder, 1 Sheer Brilliance Liquid Foundation, 1 Base Foundation Primer. Oooohh happy happy... so excited to try it tomorrow!
Oh, before I forget, I love the smell. Both the primer and the liquid foundation have this really nice smell to it that I never had encountered with any other foundations. When I finally can think of how to describe its smell, I shall edit this... I'm sorry I can't truly describe the scent here, but I must say it smells so so so nice.

The package ^^

And here's what my compact powder looks like, Kylie's compact has the logo on it, instead of the name, hahaha...
And here's my... finally flawless face! Kylie and I both are loving it at the moment.. we can't help but think.. "omg! flawless! omg!! this is so niceee... " hahaha...

The photo below is taken WITH FLASH!! Would you believe it? It's WITH FLASH!! And I don't look shiny or greasy =]

So, yeah, that's that. We're going back soon, thinking of getting the concealer and the custom eyeshadow palette (4 colours compact that includes: 1 blush, 1 highlighter, 2 eyeshadows, customised!) Or the lipstick... or... I will just let you know after our mini haul.
Oh we are so loving that little store at the moment...
A glimpse of what the store looks like in Brisbane. It's located at Macarthur Place, just across St George, corner of Queen St and Edward St, next to where the Arts & Crafts & Books warehouse is (the old Dymocks). <3 it!
Last but not least, even when I feel I'm flushed, my cheeks don't turn bright red, like with other foundations. So I must say, this foundation is indeed really good, it stays put and hopefully, soon I can tell you that I might just found my HG!! OMG!!

Have a blushfull day~


yzhuhuong said...

omigosh, bring me there! <3

DANA said...

hehehe, i sure will!!