December 19, 2009

My Current Skincare Routine

It's only recently that I decided to change over to Lush and Neutrogena skincare and the change to another skincare has never made me happier than the result of my current, new one. It's a blend of Neutrogena and Lush, would you believe it. Hahaha...

Note: What I will be reviewing briefly soon are based on my own experience of use, by no means a paid review.
Oh, and this will be very wordy...

Skin Stats:
*Combination *Normal to oily on T-zone *Redness around nose, and cheeks flush easily *Skin would redden when too much pressure is applied on it, such as rubbing too harshly *Pores on T-zone and cheeks *Blackheads on nose =( *Occasional dryness on cheeks and the bridge between my two eyebrows *Occasional blemishes/pimples/acnes (days when I eat too much peanut butter or too much deep fried food, which I eat very rarely anyway nowadays)

EDIT (02/01/10): My cheeks or nose would get super dry if I use too much 'acne products'... Oh and I can also get pimples if I get exposed to the sun too much with no protection, I've had the experience... I tan really really fast, mind you, and along with the tan, comes the blemishes... Hmm... oh and St Ives Apricot Scrub turned out to be way too harsh for my skin, I ended up with flakey cheeks and dehydrated dry skin (that every makeup artists frowned upon... they did!! they looked at me and said "your skin is dehydrated!" or "what have youuuu been using?" >_<) So it took a well one whole month or so to get it all balanced again I think...

Aaanyway, you get the idea. I used to have a lot of acne problems on my face. I would have those raised whiteheads all over my forehead and they never went away until my mum took me to a dermatologist (this was when I used to live in Singapore). Then I also used to have papules and pustules acnes on my cheeks and chin and yeah, YUCK! So anyway, over the years I always just trusted my mum on getting me whatever skincare she thinks best. Fast forward to only few months ago, I just became really BIG on skincare. I want a clear nice skin so much that it began to dawn on me that I really have to finally find the products. Skincare products routine. So I slowly bought items, one by one.

First I made the decision to give Neutrogena a second chance. I used to use Neutrogena many years ago and stopped for many years. And now that I'm back using it (a different formula, mind you) I really like it. I'm using Neutrogena RapidClear 2 in 1 Cleanser/Mask.

This mask works 2 ways. You can use it as a daily cleanser (which works great for me!) to help prevent breakouts, to remove dirt, excess oil and even makeup!!
Orrrr you can use it as a 5-minute mask to deep cleanse your skin.

Second I bought Lush Vanishing Cream Face Moisturiser. The most expensive face moisturiser I've ever purchased and I'm not regretting it! In fact, I'm going to need a 2nd tub soon. =)

Lush describes it as its "low-fat moisturiser": light, easily absorbed cream with minimal oil content. Helps acne-prone, oily skin and T-zone problems. With rose, lavender and witch hazel.
I was reluctant on purchasing this at first, one was because I'm never a fan of lavender scent, and 'cause I thought it was going to be a sticky, too gooey, too thick of texture that just sits on your face and doesn't do anything sort of moisturiser. But I decided "what the heck, I'd give it a go, I needed a moisturiser urgently" at that time. And I like it. I use it day and night and my face feels balanced (moisturised where it needs to be, and not overly moisturised where it doesn't need to be). Been using it a bit over a month now and loving it. Thought I was going to run out of it quickly, I was wrong too. You only a small swipe for your whole face! And I still have just about half the tub in there. Oh, and guess what? The Vanishing Cream hint of lavender/rose scent is growing on me and I actually quite like it now, I find it soothing.

Third, there was the Fresh Mask. I did a review on Brazened Honey and liked it, and I'm currently trying out Crash Course in Skincare, but I shall tell you more about it when I've used more of it. I've only used it once or twice. I wouldn't say it beat Brazened Honey, but anyway, leave that to another post. I'm still trying out different Lush fresh masks.

Fourth, the toner. Tea Tree Water did not work for me at all! But Eau Roma Water (which contains lavender and rose) is quite soothing and refreshing to my face. So I guess my face likes Lavender even though I don't particularly fancy the scent. But I like these two together, they compliment each other and the light scent of lavender and rose and other notes are growing on me =)

Fifth, I finally took the plunge and bought Dark Angels cleanser, and I love using it! Read my review on it "Not your average cleanser"
I alternate between the Neutrogena and this. Sometimes I use the Neutrogena first then this, the Neutrogena works better at removing makeup residue etc. And Dark Angels would be best in getting rid of my dead skins build up on my cheeks and clearing blackheads and pores on and around my nose. =)

So what I'm using now, are actually simply pictured here~
My face has never felt this good, this soft, this smooth, this refreshed and balanced. Somehow, with Vanishing Cream I need not worry that some areas might be too oily or too dehydrated. It does the balancing for me!

What's your current skincare routine? Any brand or product you swear by? Leave a comment!



Bedalyz said...

You know, reading your skin tats I thought: "wow, she's describing my skin". Thing is I'm 37 y/o and I still have acne, it's been worse lately mainly because stress and yes, I haven't been a saint with my nutrition *-*

I have to be very careful with what I use, because if I use many acne products my cheeks will get super dry. I'm in between products right now: Biotherm (cleanser+toner), Clarins Hydra Quench(moisturizer) and Clean+Clear Persagel 10 and Neutrogena Rapid Clear 2-in-1 Fight& Fade Gel (I alternate the use of these two products depending on the gravity of the situation).

I do promise I will be eating healthier this year, lol.

DANA said...

Hi Beda! Thanks for leaving comments! I love comments! =D

Wow, we have similar skin type! And my cheeks have undergone that dehydrated period as well, just not long ago my cheeks were super dry and flakey, it's weird.. cause makeup artists started telling me I have dry skin .. err... haha anyway.

Oh, I notice you mention Neutrogena Rapid Clear 2-in-1 Fight & Fade Gel, how does that one feel? Does it work? 'Cause I just recently bought the Rapid Clear Spot Gel (Visible result in 8 hours) and I haven't used it much.

I shall promise that too!! Eat healthy and keep it all balanced! ;)