December 4, 2009

Coming Soon

Hi hi hi!! Hope you've all been enjoying the holiday season and gifts shopping and Thanksgiving (those overseas, Australia doesn't seem to celebrate Thanksgiving) and etc...
I've been so busy working and been so tired that I don't have much time blogging, but luckily I finished work early today and stealing some time now to update you all with what's coming. What I have in mind on what to write anyway. Hehehe... I hope I don't bore you too much, with that being said, here are some of the things I plan on talking about:

*Sportsgirl About A Face Cosmetics Range Impresses Me (Eyeshadows, Brushes, Blush...)

*Everyday Minerals Flat Top & Kabuki Brushes (so far I only have the Flat Top, so I will let you know how these two compare once I've played around with my edm Kabuki brush) DONE - CLICK HERE for REVIEW

*Everyday Minerals Foundation Match (If I finally able to find my match) - =( sadly I still haven't really found my match... I'm still uncertain if the shades I have at the moment are the right shade!! =(

*Missha Pore Minimizing Mask

*A piece of Art from Me

*Will add more...

I hope you all have a lovely weekend!!



Tammy said...

Hi Dana!

Thanks for asking, I'm not always sure how useful my reviews are^^

The first batch of left and right photos I did curl my lashes beforehand but the second batch of left and right photos I didn't curl my lashes but they did curl on their own anyway. Personally, I found that if I didn't curl them with a curler, they curled a little messier so if you have the time and have your lash curler on hand, I'd definitely curl them first!

I can probably do about 4 coats before my lashes got weighed down, but generally, about 2-3 coats kept them the same as the photos all day long!

Hope this helps^^

Tammy said...

ps is that your pup? So cute!!

Toothfairy said...

danaaaa can I please please please borrow your doggy for christmas? please??? :P


Marce said...

OMG your dog is too cute. I want my dog to go back to being a puppy, LOL
Here in Argentina we don't celebrate Thanksgiving either, but I can't wait for Christmas! Yay!

DANA said...

@Tammy: Ooh!! your eyelashes curl naturally? mine doesn't! so I normally would have to curl them anyway. And yeah, he's our new puppy. Only 2 months old. =]

@Shirley: hahaha shirleyyyy, yeah if I could fed ex him to Netherlands or or maybe I could carry him if I go to Netherlands =P

@Marce: Aaww, puppies are always the best!! And ooh that's interesting, yeah, Australia just has the hottest Christmas, I think. We have images of Santa in singlets and shorts having a barbecue or surfing. Hahaha!


Mona said...

you need to submit that picture to cute overload!