December 26, 2009

My YSL Everlong Waterproof

YSL Everlong Waterproof Mascara in Brown
*My first wonderful brown high end mascara*

What it claims (on the website):
Innovation dedicated to seduction. Everlong Mascara is the first mascara that offers a double lengthening effect: instant make up result and long-term lengthening action. This performance is due to the association of a new generation moulded brush with an exclusive complex – the Lash Growth Booster – which favors lash growth.

Let's just have the photos do the talking~

Here's my eye... already curled with my Shiseido eyelash curler.
On the left I'm wearing Everlong, and on the right, no mascara, just curled.
Can you see how my natural eyelashes just point straight down? While the one coated with Everlong stays up and awakens my eye? ^^

Here's another take on my eye...
And here is with Everlong...
This is just the effect of the Brown one, imagine how it would be like with the Black version!! It's in my wishlist now, in my "To get" list. hehehe...

I find that the bristles do not clump on me, and I can easily apply as many coats as I want without any clumping or stickyness. It glides on smoothly and holds my eyelashes curled throughout the day!

Have you tried any YSL mascara? Which one is your favourite?

By the way, for those in Australia, Hope you had a really nice haul from the Boxing Day Sale!!!


coffretgorge said...

oh my gosh your lashes look really nice! no clumping at all! i have to try YSL everlong! ^_^

DANA said...

Hi Georgina!! Thanks for visiting my blog! I'm also very passionate about skincare and sunscreen!! =D Cosmetics, shoes, jewellery, bags, of course ;)
Thanks for the comment, and I'd say try Everlong in Black, when I was purchasing mine they ran out of the Black so I had to get one in Brown, but I think Black would be just perfect ;)

Toothfairy said...

I haven't tried this mascara, though I've always wanted to. I'm always scared that mascara's don't work on me, so I'd rather stick to the ones I'm used to. It's so difficult to find a great mascara for your lashes, as it's so different for everyone!


yzhuhuong said...

i need to try this mascara! nth is saving my eyelashes! and no curlers can save it too!

Bedalyz said...

Wow, the difference is incredible and the lashes look so natural with that mascara!!! Oh man, I love mascara and the fact that I can't see clumps at all (the enlarge pics show every little detail of your lashes) has me wanting this mascara right now!

DANA said...

Shirley, if you've found the mascaras that work for you, I'd say "stick with it!!" hehehe... ;) mascaras are indeed a hard one to pick. it's different for everyone!

YiiZhu!! We'll have to go for curler and mascara hunt for you, dearie!! I'd recommend the Shiseido curler (only if it fits your eye shape) and try a waterproof mascara and see how that works... ^^ see you sooonn!!

Beda! Thank you, thank you... It amazed me as well! I've never had such effect with any other mascaras so far, but I found that only waterproof mascaras work the best for me on holding the curl and to achieve the eyelashes I like. And this YSL has impressed me the most. I can't wait to get my hand on a Black one!! =D