November 21, 2009

EDM, Brazened Honey, Facial Cleansing Sponge & Rama

Warning: This will be a long post, lots of words, about several things with heaps of photos!! You've been warned... ~ ^^

1) First Order from Everyday Minerals
Hahaha, Kylie (my friend who uses EDM) has always been one telling me to get this... months ago... but somehow I was still unsure whether to get it or not, as I did not think mineral makeup would suit me... But how silly was I! I mean, just because some other minerals didn't work for me on first application does not mean edm won't work, right? Anyway, so I finally decided, "that's it... I'll try this everyday minerals that everyone's been raving about"... I mean, xteener loves it, my closest friend Kylie loves it, and tons of other youtubers love it, bloggers love it... Can't hurt to give it a go, yea?

And I'm so glad, no, I'm so... speechless for words that I had not tried this sooner. Hahaha... I know Kylie would be laughing right now... I can imagine her going "I told youuuu!!! Should've got it sooner, DANA!!!" LOL!!

So I ordered: * Flat Top Long-handled Brush * Try Me Free - Base Foundation in Medium

And delivery was quick, only took around exactly 1 week to arrive. =D Happy , happy ... And they came nicely wrapped...

Anyway, so the package arrived...
Opened it...
And these babies are now all mine!! (sorry, I've just used the brush for the first time today... hence the colour of the tips are beige rather than white... lol)

And these are the colours I received in the Try Me Free - Base - Medium:
* Medium Beige Neutral - intensive
* Medium Beige - semi matte
* Multi-Tasking Neutral - matte

* Light Medium - original glo

So far, I've used the Medium Beige Neutral and Medium Beige and I must say I'm loving the finish of these two... colour wise, I think they all seem to blend in with my skin tone... with my face... without looking like different colour to my neck or my body!! Amazing!! What do I do!? I don't know which colour to choose when it, later, will come for me to purchase the full size! Hahaha...

It is easy to use, you simply tap some powder on the lid, or any other big plate/palette if you like, and using the brush you pick up the powder by swirling the brush tips all over the powder and then buff it all on your face. Easy! Just keep buffing until you obtain the desired coverage. I'm so excited to use this now... and it just makes life so much easier compared to using liquid... primer, then liquid, then powder, yeah... not with everyday minerals!! One powder does it all!

Instruction says: Shake small amount of powder into the lid. Lightly dip your foundation, Flat Top or Kabuki brush into the mineral powder. Tap excess powder from the brush prior to application. Use sweeping and circular motions with your brush lightly all over brush and neck. Moisturise skin before use. To achieve a flawless finish, apply your mineral foundation in several light layers until you reach your desired coverage.

I used the Flat top brush for the first time today, and using the Medium Beige Neutral (Intensive), I applied it early in the morning, probably around 7am. I didn't have time this morning to take any photo, as I will explain later...

Then, at maybe around 2pm ish... I took a photo...

This was after hours of exposure to the sun ... for around 7 hours... and I can tell you it stayed like that for the next 5 hours... OH MY!! ^^

2) Lush Brazened Honey Fresh Face Mask

My first Lush mask and I really like it!! It soothes, it refreshes, cleanses, unclogs, it makes my face feels like baby's bottom... hahaha. Note!! This works for me, it doesn't work for everybody.

In the website... it says
Brazened Honey is detoxifying, and is made with 7 ayuverdic herbs to deep cleanse your skin and fresh chlorophyll to help repair the damage you've done.
Honey soothes and calms troubled skin and we also add a detoxifying infusion of sage, juniper and rosemary plus a squirt of organic lime juice. Parsley, ginger, coriander and cardamon help boost your circulation and restore some life to your face.

Kaolin, Talc, Fresh Lime Juice (Citrus limetta), Sage, Rosemary and Juniperberry Infusion (Salvia officinalis, Rosmarinus officinalis, Juniperus communis), Fresh Free Range Eggs, Honey (Mel), Glycerine, Fresh Fennel (Foeniculum vulgare), Ground Walnut Shells (Juglans regia), Peanut Oil (Arachis hypogaea), Bentonite Gel, Fresh Ginger Root (Zingiber officinalis), Fresh Parsley (Petroselinum crispum), Fresh Coriander (Coriandrum sativum), Ground Tumeric (Curcuma longa), Ground Cardamom (Elettaria cardamomum), Clove Bud Oil (Eugenia caryophyllus), Ginger Oil (Zingiber officinalis), Vetivert Oil (Vetiveria zizanoides), Juniperberry Oil (Juniperus communis), Perfume.

Note: The photo shown is taken merely to show the texture of the mask, please do ignore the orange lighting (it was at night) and if I took it with flash, it would all just appear white!

Texture is pastey, very natural, it feels as though someone from the village or a cottage in some countryside has just made it fresh for me. And since it is a fresh mask, you are meant to store it in the fridge, so I love how it feels against my skin when I apply it. It's refreshing!! Cooling!!

The Sales Assistant told me it'll last me 3 sessions, I've used it around 5 times and I still have tons left to do maybe another 3!!

3) Facial Cleansing Sponges

I bought this from an Ella Bache Salon I found accidentally in the shopping mall I work at. I was surprised that it even has Ella Bache at all!! So I got curious and went in, and saw this at the front counter and asked them about it, and I got curious so I bought a pack (contains 2). So far... I like it! I've used it to remove the Lush mask paste, my Neutrogena cleanser (that contains kaolin) and yeah, I really like using it now... compared to just my hands... It grabs onto the paste on my face really well and it's easy to use, really.

Alright, I'm rushing... this is such a long post, I apologise for that... but I thought I just want to put it all together.

Lastly but not least... is... Rama. (pronounced: RAH-ma)
You might be wondering, what is it? what is that? who?
He is...

this handsome guy...

Our new baby in the house!!!!Name: Rama
Born: 4th / October / 2009
Adopted: 21st / November / 2009
Current Age: 7 weeks old
Gender: Male
Breed: German Spitz

He's so adorable... so cute... and he kept going hyper then nap, then hyper then nap...

and before I go, I leave you to this photo... he was resting against the sliding door base, facing our backyard... the breeze!! the breeze!!
but that paw? o.O what's with that.. you are too cute.



Fifi said...

Hehe welcome to the EDM craze bandwagon! Nice to know it works for you as well. I love my edm foundations too. :)
Which formula suits your skin best?

Hmm I need to get myself some cleansing sponges!
And Rama is too cute :)

Manju said...

EDM is awesome xD
i'm crazy about it too lol

Toothfairy said...

huh... I love the doggie way better than all your other purchases! Rama is so cute!!! I'm super jealous! I want a doggie!!!! boohohohohoooo... Now you need to post more pics of him! He's SO CUTE!!! drools...


geli-pet said...

puppy love~! :D he's so cute.. :D

haven't tried EDM yet but i'm looking for the EDM flat top and can't find anyone who's selling here :(

DANA said...

Hi Fifi!! Well, so far I've tried three of them and liking them all, but I must say, I think I'm liking intensive and semi-matte the best, though I surprisingly quite like the original glo as well... I still can't decide which base colour matches me best. All 3 seems to blend in nicely!!

Hi Manju!! Hehehe, yeah, I'm a bit late, but I'm glad I've been introduced to edm.

Hi Shirley!! Hahaha, yeahh, Rama is so adorable... I'll post more photos up whenever I do a new post. ^^

Hi Geli!! Have you tried ordering from 'Cause there's no edm here in Australia either, I had to order it online. Hope you get one, cause it is such a really high quality brush! Doesn't shed, super soft! and amazing to use all over your face!


Mona said...

i'm oogling at his cuteness... TOOOOO PRECIOUS!

DANA said...

Hi Mona! =] he is just too cute, indeed!! How is your cat? If I remember correctly, you have a cat, yea?