December 8, 2009

Pieces of Me in December 2009

Was going to post this few days earlier, thought I left it till Sunday, then I didn't have time on Sunday... ah!! So here it is... sorry Shirley, it's few days late! Here we go...

So this month...

I like: the fact that when I go home after a long day of work or any other bad days, Rama (our new little puppy) is there to greet me with those sweet puppy eyes and a smile and a hug and it makes it all so much better...
I'm also liking Everyday Minerals foundation.

I don't like: watching horror or scary movies and walking home alone in the dark. Oh, and I hate it when my contact lenses go blurry or irritate my eyes and I'm left almost-blind for the day cause I don't have a spare pair of contact lenses. >_<

I want you to know: that I always strive to be better even in times that I seem not to care

I've planned: to save up for Sydney trip next month... and to slowly find my HG products. =]

I want to say to someone special: (sorta) that you suffocate me and I wish you'd understand... that you need to let me go sooner or later.

Thanks to the Toothfairy who started this game~


Manju said...

edm minerals is <3
a sidney trip, huh? sounds so exciting ^^

Toothfairy said...

wanna go to sydney! another long planned trip... :S

I like that you have a doggy... but I'm also jealous haha


DANA said...

@Manju: Yeah, I'm new to edm but it's already <3! Yeah, Sydney, hopefully I'll get heaps of photos and haul and I'll do a massive post on it. Hahaha. Sydney is only 1 hr away from where I live by plane, so it will be good. =)

@Shirley: Sydney is probably only 1 hour flight for me.. lol!! Don't worry, I'm sure later when you get a doggy it'll be cuter ;)

Leah said...

My dog makes a long tiring day bearable too.