December 21, 2009

2009 Beauty Favourites

Shifa @ Get Gawjus! blog did a 2009 Beauty Favourites, and I thought I'd do one here~ Thanks Shifa for the idea!

Also, this would be interesting, due to the fact that I've only started to get really into makeup just recently, just for the past few months, not even 6 months yet! I'm still a baby in the makeup world! So all of these would be my first favourites and I get to share it with all of you, YAY! I think I might do one for each categories (face, hair, lipbalm, mascara, skincare, yeah, the lot...)

Here they are~ (this will be a long list... )

Lucas' Papaw Ointment
I used to just use Bonnibell lipbalm or Chapsticks or even those Vaseline petroleum jelly, but this, this has made the difference and it lasted me for so long!! I'm not kidding! I've had this tube for more than 6 months and still going. It is multipurpose ointment, goes sort of a thick transparent cream that you can apply on anything from chapped lips to open wounds to dry skins to rashes to anything! I can't imagine running out of this now, have to at least have 1 at hand. So handy I even got my friend (a guy) to use it and he loves it too! =D

Swisspers Cotton Balls
Hahaha I know, but I've never felt cotton balls this soft!! Such softness I use it for my face now, I even prefer using this rather than the cotton pads to use with toner or makeup remover or anything! I have a massive bag of 400 and will definitely get more. Soooo sooofttt!! Love the feel of it. So fluffy and dense and just love it. =P

Lush Fresh Mask in Brazened Honey
If you're not surprised, I am. This was my first Lush mask and my first fresh mask and my first sort of mask in my skincare routine. I must say I'm impressed and I'm also surprised, because I used to not be able to stand the smelly Lush store but now I can't help but to enter everytime I walk pass it! This mask cleanses, unclogs my pores, refreshes and I find the scent quite soothing and refreshing. It leaves my skin smooth and soft and refreshed. So nice to apply especially because you have to keep it refrigerated. ;)

Lush Vanishing Cream Facial Moisturiser
I'm surprised again. This has to be my most expensive facial moisturiser but it was worth it. I'm liking my current condition on my face and it might be due to this moisturiser (among other products I use). I don't find it too oily or too greasy or too drying. It just gives the right balance of moisture and so I need not panic of looking like a disco ball or a sandpaper. ;) It leaves my face feeling soft, smooth and supple and evens out my tone. It also seems to soothe my slightly sensitive skin.

Neutrogena Rapid Clear 2 in 1 Cleanser / Mask
My first time using Neutrogena in, maybe about almost 10 years. I didn't know what to expect when I purchased this but I must say I'm impressed. My face has stayed clear and this is gentle enough to use everyday. What's not to like when this also removes the makeup on my face and thoroughly cleanses my pores and leaves a minty fresh feel that I like. Not drying like the previous Neutrogena products I used years ago. It doubles up as a mask since it has Kaolin in it. Very handy to have and I think I'll be happy to just carry this when I travel.

Sonia Kashuk Hidden Agenda Concealer Palette
I received this in a swap and for someone like me who has never had a HG concealer, this is my HG concealer!! It works wonders for me. It covers my red blotches effortlessly, covers my undereye, covers any blemishes, other concealers have not worked before, and this works! Is it because of the dark olive/green concealer? I think so! This is the only concealer palette with olive green instead of the minty apple green. Oh and for your information, it looks dry on the palette but it's very very creamy and super blendable. It goes on smoothly and just blends so flawlessly on my skin. Love it! Heard it's been discontinued, so I'm trying so hard to get backups now... =(

CoverGirl LashBlast Mascara in Waterproof formula & YSL Everlong Mascara Waterproof
Both hold my manually curled eyelashes (since they're normally dead straight facing down) and it does quite well in the volume and thickening and dramatising my eyelashes. It doesn't smudge throughout the day and my curl stays curled all day and night long!

Gorgeous Cosmetics Liquidlips Lip Gloss in Luscious
A cosmetic brand making a name for itself in the Academy of Makeup and so glad I have an access to the boutique in my city. I love this lip gloss, it's rather sticky but it lasts a long time and leaves my lips looking 'luscious' and healthy. Most other lipglosses tend to just disappear in a minute but this lasts.

Beauty Treats Facial Wipes in Green Tea
This was a cheap find of face wipes, for only AUD$4.99 this is something I purchased over and over again. It's made in Korea but the company is in the US. I've tried other face wipes but I still like to come back to this. Cheap, handy, and smells nice. It's also refreshing!

Sally Hansen Extra Strength Extra Fast Polish Remover with Vitamin E
I accidentally found this at our local Chemist Warehouse and purchased it in its massive bottle (12 oz size) and this has to be the best nail polish remover (npr) I've had. It doesn't stink like the other npr I've had, and it doesn't leave white marks on my nails. It leaves it clean and smelling fresh. I think it also cleanses and moisturises my cuticles. I like this npr, if only I can find it again anywhere.

Everyday Minerals Products
I have to say "products" instead of a specific item because I've been impressed with all their products that I've recently purchased. The flat top brush is a staple now, and their foundation powder gives me flawless and fresh finish that I like, and the blush is so pigmented you need just a tiny bit then you can simply blend and buff it in... easy! Finding the foundation shade/match hasn't been easy, but I think I've narrowed it down to about 4-5 shades that I can wear at the moment. I think I can wear those other lighter ones in Winter. But for now I'm liking Intensive, Original Glo and Semi-Matte. I like Medium Beige Neutral, Medium Beige, Olive Neutral and Golden Medium (sometimes), and waiting on Buttered Tan and Beige Neutral. See how these two match up to my skin this week and I'll update you all on that. But so far, I like EDM!

MAC Paint Pot
I only have this in Bare Study but I love this paint pot range. I want more of it. Hahaha... If only there are paint pots in this Holiday edition I probably would have got some. This is really nice to just an all over colour on the lid, or as a base it works wonders! The eyeshadow lasts all day and night long and no creasing and it just is a beautiful lovely colour on its own! Easy to apply and blendable and I want more of it.

Kose CoenRich Q10 White UV Protector in SPF50+ PA++ Smooth Touch
I wish this comes in bigger tub. I use this almost everyday and in need of a new tube soon. It has really made a difference. My face hasn't tanned too much and I feel that my face is more protected and not easily damaged by the strong sun over here in Australia. I like how my face hasn't tanned too much because I tan way too quickly, I'm not kidding. And this sunscreen has made all the difference. It smells nice, nothing like the other sunscreens, it glides on smoothly on your skin and blendable and just smooth.

I'm getting more interested in doing eye makeup and slowly finding favourites. Some being Stila eyeshadows (very pigmented and soft and just so nice to apply), and Sportsgirl loose shimmer pigments (so easy to use and quite pigmented)... waiting for Pure Luxe eyeshadows and maybe I'll try the Coastal Scents 88 Palette, but we'll see what I find along the way with the smaller palettes or singles. :)

I find comfort in blushes. They make me look fresh, awake and not washed out or pale or sick. I just like them. I'm loving plummish shade at the moment, but slightly peach bronze would be nice too, or berry shade.

Eyeshadow Brushes & Brushes in general for makeup application
Enough said. I never used to use brushes until few months ago. I still need more eyeshadow brushes. =) I especially like the Angled Eyeliner Brush, as I love doing an inner corner colour... and I also love a fluffy dome shaped eyeshadow brush for an all over lid colour. I like a small dome shape blush brush and I love my Everyday Minerals Flat Top Brush.

OMG!! I know I pretty much listed my entire new collection of makeup, but here is someone who's new to makeup... so all of these are my new finding for this year! So they deserved to be mentioned. =)

What are your beauty favs for this year? Or if you're someone like me, who's only started to get into makeup, what are your current favourites or find? Leave a comment below or do a post and link it up ;)



Toothfairy said...

all time favourites:
cle de peau mascara
la mer
bobbi brown

new this year:
SABON, anything ginger orange! the smell is sooooo nice... soooooooooooo nice!


Manju said...

EDM and Mac paintpots are on my best of 2010 list too ^_^

yzhuhuong said...

i love dior eyeshadows and some from chanel! and my 88 palettes <3 and i MUST try covergirl's lashblast next year too ;) i havent found THE mascara yet :(

Tammy said...

Hmm I'm going to have to make a list too! hehe ooO have you done a review on the YSL everylong yet???

DANA said...

Hi Shirley, thanks for your comment! Ginger Orange? That's very Christmasey! hehehe

Hi Manju! Similar taste!! ;)

Yiizhuuuu!! thanks for the comment, yeah I still haven't got around to getting the 88 palette hahaha... I shall try more mascaras and I think waterproof ones really work better for me.

Hi Tammy! No I haven't done a review on YSL Everlong yet. Been really busy with work and family coming over and I will get around to it soon. Soonn!!! Just be patient... I have to take a good photo of the before and after. ;)

Merry Christmas to everyone and loves you alllll!!