November 25, 2009

Tea Tree Toner - First Reaction

OMG!! I never knew, but I tried Lush Tea Tree Toner for the very first time yesterday and omg, I think I'm having reaction from it.

I'm seeing red bumps on my cheeks and forehead, and I'm having some break outs on the areas I applied the tea tree toner onto. My face just looks so RED!!!! AAHH!!
And tonight, I applied some on my forehead and now my forehead is itchyyyy!! Nooooooooooooooo!! Is it possible then? Am I sensitive to tea tree then? I guess I could be!! I just never knew, I've never used tea tree oil before, and this is not a good first try :'( *cries* ... and I have 21st parties in few days, no no no no no no!!! Have to get all these blemishes/break outs/redness cleared by then... Ahhhhh !!!!

So tell me, have you tried Tea Tree Oil? Does it work for you? What did you use it for?
Or, any of you has reaction to it? Are my reactions plausible... for tea tree allergy? I don't know >_<;;; I'm just scared now... hah!

=( I have to say, it was a wrong choice for me to pick the Lush Tea Tree Toner, but then, if I hadn't picked it up, I wouldn't have known that my face dislikes it... yea?

EDIT: went back to Lush and they gave me an exchange to a milder toner, Eau Roma Water... tried it for the first time last night, doesn't seem to have any reaction... More of a calming effect maybe... Let's just hope it's all good...
The Eau Roma Water has Lavender and Rose, and when she said them I went "EEKKK!! LAvenderr and Rose??" (thinking, omg, the smell!!! It's going to stink!! Both Lavender and Rose in 1 bottle!! KYAAHH!!) But.. it isn't so bad!! Can't believe Lavender is good for your skin... when the smell makes me sick... luckily, these aren't overpowering... as both of my current Lush skincare products have Lavender in them. (Vanishing Cream Face Moisturiser & Eau Roma Water Toner)

Tea Tree is NOT for ME!! (Now I know... the hard way... =( ... )



Fifi said...

ooh sounds like your skin simply dislikes it! throw it away!
i have yet to try tea tree oil. the one from body shop is temping but i heard that they'll dry out your skin so i skipped it.

Toothfairy said...

oh no! I've had that once too, though I wasn't red, but I did had tiny bumps on my forehead and super super itchy! I'm not sure what kind of allergic reaction it was, it could be the sun as well, but it was really bad, and didn't go away for months!


DANA said...

Hi Fifi...
Yeah, tea tree oil is supposed to be really good for skin treatments and all, but I don't know, it doesn't suit everybody, that I know now. Hehehe...

Hi Shirley!!
Ahh I've had that years ago, but this one is itchy only for few hours after the tea tree application. I didn't feel any itchiness the whole day, because I didn't use it in the morning. So I think it is definitely caused by the tea tree, not the sun.


Anonymous said...

you're not alone! i'm sensitive to tea tree too! I break out really badly from tea tree products that now i stay clear from tea tree oil. :P

DANA said...

hi kimoko!! thanks for visiting my blog!! yeah, i never used tea tree before and this is recommended to use alongside my face moisturiser, but wrong!! hahaha... now I know to stay well clear off tea tree!! ;) and I'm so happy cause you always mention any product that contains tea tree, so I'll know to stay away from them too!


Samantha said...

Oh no! It's just not ment for your skin. I personally love it but I've also used lush products that just didn't work for me.
I hope the new toner goes well!

DANA said...

HI Samantha! Yeah, tea tree isn't for me, now I know. And the new toner, Eau Roma Water, is working fine. No irritation, no redness, it actually helps calm the skin. But still not spectacular. ;)