December 17, 2009

Not Your Average Cleanser: Lush Dark Angels

The name fascinates me. Have any of you watched the TV series Dark Angels? Hahaha... Well Lush Dark Angels Cleanser (AUD$15.95) is definitely not your typical cleanser - soft, smooth, foamy, frothy, white or off-white creamy cleanser. It's BLACK! Yes, it's charcoal black.
Lush describes it as designed for young people with oily skin, the velvety texture is sprinkled with black sugar and powdered charcoal to gently exfoliate and cleanse away excess oils. The soft black sugar and powdered charcoal would gently exfoliate your skin and removes dead layers... while an ingredient called Rhassoul Mud (originated from Morocco) acts as the natural detoxifying agent with acne-banishing properties.

Fact about Rhassoul Mud
Rhassoul Mud is known to be effective in keeping the skin smooth, clean and fresh due to its higher concentrations of trace elements like magnesium, iron, sodium, silica, potassium and calcium. The higher concentrations of these elements help in replenishing the minerals we might lack which may cause dryness. Rhassoul Mud has drying properties which acts as cleanser that can draw out impurities and toxins, which then helps in getting rid of excess oils and sebum, dirt and dead skin cells and results in more supple and smooth skin.

Back to Dark Angels, it also contains Avocado Oil to soften and moisturise the skin, and Sandalwood Oil, and Rosewood Oil to soothe.

Now what made me buy it?
Interesting looking cleanser which I seriously was considering to use to battle blackheads and deep cleanse my pores and to remove impurities and dead skin cells build up on the surface of my face especially around the cheeks areas. I also read a lot of reviews mentioning how good this cleanser is at removing blackheads and I've always dreamt of having clear, blackheads-free skin, so I thought I'd give this a go.

I've been using this for about a week and a half I think, almost twice a day everyday, I mix it with my Neutrogena Rapid Clear 2 in 1 Cleanser/Mask (contains Kaolin). I must say, I enjoy using this black cleanser. At first you think it might scratch your skin and leaves it with red blotches, as I would get if I were to use St Ives Apricot Scrub or any other harsh exfoliating scrubs. But No! I didn't get any redness after using this! Amazing! Even after I scrubbed pretty hard around particular areas, it is still gentle enough without causing my skin to react (my skin can get pretty sensitive when rubbed too harshly).

After Wash, Result is: My skin feels smooth and refreshed and no dead skins and deep cleansed and hydrated and really, it feels "soft" like that fairy floss you get in festivals. Hehehe...
It doesn't strip all the oils and leave your skin overdried, it somehow knows how much oils to strip and which areas to deep cleanse. I think I have a crush on Lush Dark Angels Cleanser now. I can even use it everyday and not feel dehydrated or having problems with dead skin cells build up. I used to have that problem with other exfoliating cleansers, but have no fear with Dark Angels Cleanser!

A little note on using this special cleanser. Squish a bit from the tub, about a small 5 cent or 10 cent size and sort of drip few drops of water over it and gently squeeze or mush the powdery charcoal, which then should end up as some sort of black paste. Which then you can apply on your face. I like to start on my nose (where most of my blackheads are) and spread to my cheeks (my pores area), and then my forehead and cheeks and chin... then scrub gently. scrub scrub scrub... now I like to leave it on for a bit as though a mask (maybe only around 5-10 minutes depending on how long it takes for me to scrub my entire body in the shower) and then wash it off. It won't harden like the other Lush masks do, but I just feel that if I let it sit on my face for a bit longer it would do its magic in deep cleansing my face. Hehehe...
Afterwards, I either use my hand to wash it with water, or I use my facial cleansing sponge to wipe it off. Then rinse with water. Towel dry your face. And TIP: USE TONER to remove any excess paste on especially hairlines, chin, neck, ear line, creases on nose anywhere!
And then get ready to MOISTURISE!! At the moment I'm using Lush Vanishing Cream Face Moisturiser, and I'm liking the result. My face is left feeling soft, fresh, clean, and smooth to touch. I think I will repurchase, however as it is my first ever Lush cleanser, I am still curious as how the other Lush cleansers would perform. So I might try different ones and if they don't amaze me, I'll come back to this for sure.

Cleansing your face should be fun with Lush Dark Angels!! ;)

Have you tried any Lush Cleanser? What do you think of it?


Kerri said...

I have used Dark Angels and really liked it. Also used Aqua Marina and that totally clears up any spots that I have it's seriously amazing. However because it's not for oily skin it doesn't help with oil control during the day. Right now I'm on Fresh Farmacy and really liking it. I was so afraid to try Lush but I don't think I will go back to regular cleansers after seeing such good results!

DANA said...

I was like that at first too! Scared to try Lush but now I love using the cleanser. I'll definitely try the others =) Thanks for the recommendations. Glad you find it lovely on your skin too! I hate getting reactions or break outs from products that don't suit your skin.


Fifi said...

oh wow, this IS new. but of course it's not available in Indonesia! *sigh*
glad that it works for you :)

and i answered your question about natasha on my last post ;)

DANA said...

Aaw, maybe the temperature can't hold Lush products that well, as most of them are made fresh, I'm not sure. But I must say, you have to try at least their Fresh Mask and the Cleanser when you get the chance. Or let me know if you really want to try some maybe we can work something out, Fif.. ;)