December 18, 2009

Next Travel Destination: Pandora

How often do you watch a movie with blue humans-like aliens towering 10 feet tall over us and live in a world with flying mountains and reptilian-looking pterodactyl with double the eyes, double the wings, double or quadruple the size (called Ikran in Na'vi)? Or a romance between an alien and a human in an alien body? Now, that's Avatar... James Cameron's Avatar movie. Best movie I've seen in a long while. Packed with action, just enough emotions to get you into the mood, and humanity... and fascinating dreamy world that is out of this world!

Enter Jake Sully (Sam Worthington ^^), an ex-marine who reluctantly joins a mission in a world called Pandora where the native species are called the Na'vi (The People), 3 meters tall, iridecent smooth cyan skin, long tail, feline ears, massive yellow eyes that can rotate like an owl... yeah, you get the point. They're aliens... but they're civilized, human-like intelligence, but they live with bows and arrows, and are very ... I stress, very, spiritual. Their entire world is connected through a network that's channeled to the Mother Tree. Amazing!

I don't know what year it is but the scientists have managed to somehow create a Na'vi body that can be connected with the human brain, hence a human can operate the body, just like an "avatar" would be in online characters, except that this is real. The Na'vi are grown in the labs and specifically assigned to 1 particular person/human, as the making of this Na'vi requires the DNA of that person.

When Jake got lost in the woods on his first day encountering the forest, he met a Na'vi girl called Neytiri, (played wonderfully by Zoe Saldana),

who happens to be the daughter of the clan's leader. Although she was ready to kill him at first sight, she ended up saving his life and was assigned to teach him about their way of life and to learn how to speak like the native... or to ride an Ikran (bird!)

Their language is unique and melodic, sometimes it feels as though they're speaking South African or African ... with a hint of German... it's surprisingly quite enchanting... quite beautiful in its own way. The world that they live in, oh my my... if such world exists, I would definitely visit and I would not mind having a Na'vi avatar. =]

So without spoiling too much of the storyline. This is another level of Star Wars or anything I've seen before. I like how there's emotions but it's not too mushy that I get sick of it. A lot of actions and portrayal of how they live are quite beautiful and I'm impressed with how it turns out.

I give it 5 stars!! I want to watch it again or if there's a sequel, I'm so watching it! =D

Enjoy the movie!! Can't wait till more movies to come... but this... I'll always remember this movie. ^^

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