December 25, 2009

Everyday Minerals Flat Top VS Kabuki


Note: This is not a paid review, whatever I write is based on my own personal experience and my own opinions.
This will be a review on the 2 famous Everyday Minerals brushes: Flat Top & Kabuki (Dome shaped). I have both in the long handle (as opposed to the short stubby ones, even though these aren't even that long, but a really good size to hold)

Pros (of both):
*I didn't experience any shedding in both when I washed it the first time, no funny smell either and no shedding while using it either. No problemo!
*Dense, packed, and super super soft! Feels really soft, I'm not kidding you!
*Handles aren't too short or too long, but just right size to have a firm hold of
*Easy to clean, the colours just come off it.
*Picks up powder easily

*Not that I can think of right now!!

Which do I prefer?
Well it depends on what are you using it for.

What about applying the Mineral Foundation?

I'd say Flat Top to apply the Mineral Foundation. Because the flat top picks up the foundation and spread it evenly on the flatness of the hair, and I can easily buff the powder on my face and leaves me with a flawless finish. Beware of dipping in too much foundation, it may look too thick on a part of your face. Flat top tends to give you fuller coverage.

What if I don't want too much coverage?

Then I'd say go for the Kabuki, because it's dome shaped and that gives you less product on a particular area and you can use for lighter coverage for larger area. I use this for the finishing touches or when I use a base (Everyday Minerals Kaolin Powder Sunlight or MAC Transparent Powder). OR!! If in the end the blush comes out too strong, I also use this to blend in the blush more on my face so I don't end up having clown cheeks.

I hope this has helped whoever is new to Everyday Minerals and can't decide which brush to get. I personally have fallen in love with the Flat Top. Debating whether to get another one as a spare.

Have you used Everyday Minerals brushes before? If so, which one is your favourite?
Let me know by commenting ;)

Have a lovely lovely Christmas & I'll try to make another post before New Year!! How time flies, it's almost 2010 already!!!!

Signing out,


Tammy said...

Cool! I like your nails in this post :D

Sagu said...

I totally agree with you here! I love the Flat Top for applying my base, it gives good, natural-looking coverage. With Kabuki the result is too uneven to my taste.

P.S. I just found your blog, and I'm going to start follow it! Keep up the good work! :)

DANA said...

Thanks Sagu!! Thank you for following my blog and commenting! Very much appreciated ;)

witoxicity said...

I have the flat top brush too and I so love how super soft it is. I've been using it for a few months now and I love it! Great review, btw! :)

zara said...

Thank you soo much! I was having a hard time deciding but I definitely need more coverage so I will be buying the flatop.

Thanks Again =)

blushfully by cendana said...

Hi Zara! You're welcome, dear... I'm happy that it helped :) :)

asa said...

great review !

.blushfully. said...

Thanks asa :)