April 25, 2011

Snippets of my 23rd Birthday Dinner

It was my birthday on Thursday 21st April. I turned 23.

This year I really did not do anything grand or party-ish, a couple of dinners are on raincheck, postponed till some other time. Meanwhile, on the night of my birthday, my two younger sisters decided to take me to this Japanese buffet restaurant called
Hirameki on Wickham St, Fortitude Valley (aka Chinatown).
Lunch - $19 per person Dinner - $23 per person

There's a chef behind the food table constantly making fresh sushi :) We were all really hungry that night and so you could see with the number of plates of food we had... I shall let the pictures do the talking.
Here's me taking all the sashimi off the rice hahaha

My two younger sisters ... one being a number "2" , the other one being number "3" and I turned "23" so here they are... lol making faces
It was a nice experience with friendly staff members and decent price range. They also have a menu you can order a la carte if you don't feel like a buffet. The food and ambience are rather mediocre and if you are after a more classier atmosphere I'd suggest you check out SONO (Queens St, Brisbane City) or Little Tokyo (Spring Hill, Brisbane). However, for a nice chill out casual Japanese buffet, this place is spot on, as it is located right on Wickham St - very close to Fortitude Valley train station and the bus and central of Chinatown here in Brisbane.


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FashionableAsians said...

Happy Birthday, looks like a great one. I've been seeing a lot of these Japanese Buffets popping up all over NY lately but I haven't tried it yet, I'm a tiny person so buffets are usually a waste for me xP