April 25, 2011

Newfound Favourites as of April 2011

I would call this favourites but what kind of favourites, you would ask? If I say current favourites, then how come it doesn't include everything? So the dilemma... hence the word 'newfound' kindly inserted in, as these are the things that I have recently found to be quite impressive and can see myself using them in long term.

1) Vaseline Cocoa Butter Body Lotion with Vitamin E - Deep Conditioning
First we have body lotion. Now my skin is not overly dry and I hardly use body lotion especially in summer time, however, the winter is beginning to get dry as winter is creeping up fast, so an addition to my skincare routine such as body lotion would not hurt. After much debates whether I should fork out AUD$12.99 for an Aveeno I decided to go with Vaseline instead, which cost way cheaper and actually works so nicely I cannot believe I had not used them sooner!

I initially purchased the small bottle (200 ml) when Priceline was having a sale on it for only $3.79 or something I forgot... and I ended up loving it so much I use it all the time. I then saw Terry White is having a sale of the big bottle (750 ml) for only $7.49 (normally $10.99) and I knew I had to snatch one!

This goes on smoothly and non greasy, absorbs quick and has a gentle scent of cocoa butter that conditions the skin without leaving it sickeningly buttery. The scent does not linger long but just have a nice skin scent afterwards. I like that about it. Even though it's cocoa butter, it's probably the gentlest smell of cocoa butter I've smelled.

2) Shiseido The Skincare Night Moisture Recharge
Oh boy oh boy do I need the full size of this stuff! I'm using the tiny sample bottle and I can't get enough. I love how it feels at night and what my skin feels like in the morning. It is non greasy and it smells so nice and relaxing. It's emulsion sort of texture so it is on the runnier side without it being too watery, and it definitely absorbs into my skin very nicely. A definite upgrade in my skincare product!

3) Macadamia Healing Oil Treatment for Hair
Again, this is a nice surprise which I would like to purchase the bigger bottle of. I bought the mini 10 ml bottle (AU$7.95) to test it out first and I tell you... it lasts way longer than you expected! I've been using a small drop several times a week for the past month and it is still nowhere half the bottle! It is non greasy and makes my hair feels so smooth and soft and tangle free. It smells nice too without being too overpowering. You can use this as hair treatment just use a drop or two into your conditioner and use it as a hair masque in the shower. Or you can use it when your hair is damp straight after towel drying as heat protectant before you blow dry or use any hair styling tool. Or you can use it on dry hair =)

I bought this at Price Attack (Australia) - I'm pretty sure the other sort of hair stores sell them such as Hairhouse Warehouse, but I haven't really checked it out yet.

4) Beautycare Makeup Remover Pads
I purchased this pack of 2 from Kmart for only $2! Could I be more surprised and impressed at the quality! It doesn't fray, it doesn't break apart like most do, and there's 100 in 1 pack and it is so cheap at $2 for 2 you can't go wrong! Definitely recommending and will repurchase!

5) QV Gentle Wash
I was skeptical about this initially but how convenient it is to have this in the 1 Litre pump bottle. First time ever I purchased something in a litre pump bottle! I can use this for my body and my face. I actually quite enjoy using this as my face cleanser. I do use separate cleansing oil to remove my makeup before cleansing my face with this.

This gentle wash does not contain SLS (Sodium Laureth Sulphate) unlike the QV Gentle Face Cleanser does. This is also gentle that it doesn't dry out your skin and actually does slightly rehydrate, not amazing rehydration but it doesn't dry out my skin, plus you should really be using separate body lotion if your skin is way too dry.

One thing I notice though, the product runs slightly different in the small 250 ml bottle and the 1 Litre. It seems to be runnier in the litre pump bottle, and thicker consistency in the 250 ml bottle. However, both works the same, I had not seen any reactions or difference in the feel of the product.

This is inexpensive for 1 Litre, you can get them ranging from $14.95 - $19.99 depending on where you go and whether they have promotion. All chemists should stock them and of course Priceline does.

6) Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua Foundation
Again, oh boy do I need the full size of this! I've only been squeezing what's left of the little sachet I pulled out off a magazine. It so happens to be a shade that matches me perfectly - B30 (Beige - Sable). One thing about this is that it looks like my own skin when I wear it - quite undetectable that I am wearing foundation so as to give the impression that my face is just naturally flawless and I like that finish so much. Perhaps not something I'd wear if I know I'd be photographed and need heavier coverage but for nights or days I want to look like I'm wearing nothing at all... being face to face with someone so close that sort of encounters..? I'd definitely pick this foundation!

7) QV Lip Balm with SPF30
Fragrance free, non greasy, spf 30, non sticky, moisturising, and costed me only $3.99. Easy squeeze tube, hygienic. I like it, enough said.

8) Covergirl Perfect Blend Pencil Crayon in Black Brown
I came across this as an accident. I wanted to get the liquilineblast initially in brown but spotted this on further reduction as clearance and thought I'd give it a go, since I wanted a natural dark brown eyeliner for a daily natural look. This is perfect. The right shade of brown and it stays on all day. It is creamy enough without being smudgy or too runny. Set it with eyeshadow, curl your lashes and mascara and I'm good to go with no other eyeshadow colours on my lids. I don't know if they've discontinued this?

Well there we have it... My current staple products... recent finds whichever you may want to call it... what I've been loving lately...

What are your favourites lately?



SmolderPhloof said...

hi Cendana, I like the Shiseido cream too. I received a small GWP sized bottle, finished it and I think my skin's texture is better after I use that. As for Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua, I'm not a very big fan as it seemed quite sheer when I swatched it at the store. I have lots of redness and acne scars to be covered.


cendana for blushfully said...

Hi Rica! Glad to know you also find the Shiseido lotion to be something worthwhile for our skin! Oh and regarding the Vitalumiere Aqua, I wouldn't recommend it if you have lots of redness and acne scars, this would be a great foundation if your skin is clear, at least I think so. For controlling redness, have you tried using primer? Some foundations are better at this kind of coverage, but definitely not the Vitalumiere Aqua. Hope that helps, Rica!!


Angela said...

I love that Vaseline lotion! Smells lush and works really well.

yzhuhuong said...

the vitalumiere foundation is definitely my staple! gotta love the 50% sale on all CG items too!