April 17, 2011

Brisbane Beauty Bloggers Event

was today!!!!

I can't wait to share with you all what happened and how I had no more hands to carry the goodies bags that we went home with!

It was held at ORB Hair & Beauty Salon on the corner of James St & Merthyr Rd at New Farm. If those of you are wondering how to get there, catch the 199 bus from city or valley then stop at the 3rd stop on the Merthyr Road bus stop. How did I know this? Because I caught the bus to get there today.

Anyway, it was a success! I did not know what to expect and had no idea there were going to be all these goodies and oh there was this dip... ohmygoodnessliciousme!! You have got to try it. I was hooked from the very first bite... There were cupcakes that were just uber cute and pink... There were champagne, bubblies... what a place for a beauty blogger event to be held. I truly enjoyed it.

I will definitely talk more about it in my upcoming posts (+photos) and in the meantime I just want to give a brief update of what just happened today. A huge huge thank you to the following people who have made it happened:

Sarah from hipandhaute
Annica from hauteandstylish

and Nikki from Styling You for sharing her experiences and knowledge and advices on how to become a better blogger - definitely have much to learn from her!

Big thank you for Lauren from Cloud Nine who did amazing job demonstrating the hair styling products including the new "The O" styling system - more about it later! (Though, I didn't get a chance to try it. Lauren used the wide large styler to style my hair today). Lauren would definitely be the best person to ask anything hair styling!

Also to Kaitlin from Napoleon. She teaches at the Napoleon school in the city and did amazing makeup for all of us... flawlessly! That neon orange bright lipstick does work on everybody - wow!

Thank you to Deb - at Orb Hair & Beauty Salon - she was lovely...

So here I am, back in my little room, blogging away... and I shall be back soon!

Good night to all of you in Brisbane - you were all such gorgeous lovely girls, it was so nice to get to meet all of you. Thank you also to Sarah's mum for making those yummy cupcakes!

I can't say enough good things about what happened this afternoon... can't wait for more to come!



Hipandhaute said...

Ahh look at you!! Speed demon :) hehe thanks for this great little wrap up post. Was so great to meet u. And I will have to email you that dip recipe! Xx Sarah

LaVitaChristina said...

you are soo cute xxo

ashleyjayden said...

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