April 4, 2011

NOTW: LA Girl Metal Green

If you're after some pearly dark green nail polish - a cheap one at that... look no other than LA Girl nail polish. They have a huge range of nail polish but I'm specially liking this "Metal" range they have. One thing about it is that you do need a good amount of coats, maybe around 3 or 4 to get the opaqueness I like... or if you want it sheer you can do so with just 1 or 2 coats - this may be a good thing or bad thing depending on how you like the finish. I like them quite opaque.

This is my first time trying out LA Girl product and I have to admit that if they were not Made in USA (seen on the bottle) I probably have had my doubt and just passed on it. I was curious, y'see... made in USA and at such a reasonably inexpensive price... in the color I've been searching for? Well, well, well...!!!!

Price: 2 for $10 (at Groove stores, Australia)

What are you liking on your nails these days?
Currently, I like mine opaque... dark or nude... has got to be opaque. Totally digging colors such as this dark green pearl, milk chocolate beige nude or grey.

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